Rails Ecommerce App with HTML Template from Themeforest

Ruby on Rails PRO: Create Custom Ecommerce Application with Template from Themeforest Website
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Build custom Ruby on Rails e-commerce application
Use static HTML template for your Rails app
Use Active gem to create Admin section
Integrate BrainTree Payments into Rails
Deploy to Heroku with your own domain name
Use free SSL certificate from CloudFlare


  • Basic understanding of the Ruby on Rails framework
  • Basic knowledge of HTML/CSS
  • Have a Ruby on Rails setup on your system


This Course involves two primary targets: that is how to efficiently work as a full-stack developer by applying a unique theme from Themeforest, along with showing all stages of developing of a real e-commerce application with Ruby on Rails Framework.

To whom the course is intended

If you have basic knowledge of Ruby and Rails and you want to go to the next level - this course is definitely for you! A skillful developer can pick up solutions to a challenging task that the author had already encountered.

How to get the highest benefit from the course.

There’s nothing wrong with imitation. Feel free to replicate. It is an good way to polish your skills and confirm your knowledge.

After watching it I advise you try to write a code yourself. If you find another solution, that will be great! If you admit errors just draw your attention to. Take your time to rewind, mind the details. There is no hurry. This video will always be at yours. What you have to do is to understand the code you write. 

Besides that, Rail is an incredibly friendly and easygoing community. So let us pursue its principles. If you have something to share do it!. Whether you find an error fix it. Have any questions – ask them. I promise to search solution so that nobody feel to bump into a wall.

However, try to do it yourself. If you find own solution you will get much more than an appropriate answer. You will get own experience that is far more invaluable.

We will use next Frameworks systems and libraries:

  • Ruby on Rails version 4.2
  • ActiveAdmin administration framework for your Rails app 
  • Figaro gem to securely set your environment variables
  • Paperclip gem - easy file attachment management tool
  • BrainTree API for accepting payments in your store
  • Heroku service to deploy our application
  • Puma Web Server

Take this course if you want to create e-commerce RoR applications like pro. 

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for developers with a basic level of Ruby on Rails experience


full-stack dev
Evgen Obraztsov
  • 4.3 Instructor Rating
  • 69 Reviews
  • 2,447 Students
  • 1 Course

Web development is fun. Websites provide us a good chance to share ideas, impressions, and emotions; to set up a huge profit companies, or in no time spread news. Being a master of this provides a real success!

Earlier I had considered web development a good hobby, until the war began in my country. Because of battle action I was forced to flee native city and break new ground. It was that time I learned this splendid Ruby and incredibly handy Rails. The knowledge of them allowed me in comparably short time to earn money as a freelancer and support my family. Thus Ruby and Rails have become a motive power for my new profession.

The following step was the launching of the project Ruby on Rails PRO due to which I share a practical guide with people wishing to master Rails via examples.

I had read tons of references as well as watched videos about Ruby and Rails. However, when performing an order for a customer, I understood that such examples as “creating a website from scratch” at least involves basis. Only working with certain projects, fixing lots and lots of bugs and dealing with gaps in knowledge, help you to step from the beginner to paid professional.

Together with it I was lucky to have been a mentor at Coursera Ruby on Rails Web Development specialization by Johns Hopkins University (special thanks to Kalman Hazins). It was this event I realized how wonderful it is to help someone to find solutions and share own experience. However, to obtain good knowledge as well.

Hence, the main target of the project is to initiate courses that very closely concern app creation with regard to real development environment.

As for me, I keep on learning! And the same I wish to you

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