How To Quit Your Job - The Right Way
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How To Quit Your Job - The Right Way

A 5-Step Plan to Ditching Your Day Job
4.1 (43 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
698 students enrolled
Last updated 8/2016
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What you'll learn
  • Determine whether you really need to quit your job or negotiate improvements in your current situation
  • Conduct the necessary research to figure out your best career options
  • Craft and execute your exit plan
  • Quit Your Job and take the leap into a better life
  • What materials/software do the students need and what actions do they have to perform before the course begins?

Leave Your Soul-Sucking Job Once and For All! (But be smart about it.)

Get out of a job you hate (or just don’t love) and transition smoothly into a life with more freedom, money, and fulfillment. Learn how to:

  • Recognize your wake-up call

  • Craft your exit plan

  • Research your next career, and have fun doing it

  • Create your own dream job

  • Quit your old gig with confidence and class

“Oh, you hate your job? Why didn’t you say so? There’s a support group for that. It’s called EVERYBODY, and they meet at the bar.” ― George Carlin (also attributed to Drew Carey)

Sadly, this isn’t far from the truth: most people don’t like their jobs.

According to Gallup, 51% of people are not engaged at work. That means half of all working adults aren't happy in their so-so, vaguely tolerable job.

What’s even worse is that an additional 17% are actively disengaged, meaning they hate their jobs. We think these statistics are nothing short of tragic, and we want to help.

If you’re in either of these camps, but you’re ready to make a change, this course is for you. We’ll help you transition to a career where you can:

  • Be respected and valued for the work you do

  • Get paid what you’re worth

  • Use your natural talents for what you were meant to do

  • Have more flexibility, time, and freedom in your life

  • Help others and make a difference

Background and Overview

A few years back, a disgruntled flight attendant got on his plane’s public address system, shouted some profanities, and exclaimed: “I Quit!” He then grabbed two beers from the beverage cart, deployed the emergency evacuation slide, and dramatically exited the plane in style.

While it likely felt good in the moment and made a splash on social media, he faced a host of negative consequences including arrest and a $10,000 fine.

It was certainly a memorable way to quit his job, but if you’re looking for a more fulfilling career and life, it’s not the right way for you to do it.

With a simple-but-powerful five-step plan, and a collection of real-life stories of people who sought a better life by leaving an unsatisfying career, How To Quit Your Job provides everything you need to prepare for your grand exit.

Lessons are both educational and entertaining, and we put an emphasis on production value, so you’ll be engaged and delighted as you go through the course.  We’ve avoided giving you busy work while providing enough action steps and quizzes to help you make real progress.

We’ll get you out of the rut you’re in, help you focus on what you want to do, and lead you right up to quitting day. From there, you’ll be ready to fly.

Who this course is for:
  • This course is for anyone who is unhappy in their current job and considering a change. The big idea is that if you want want more freedom, money, and/or fulfillment in your career and life, you can start taking action today by following the steps you’ll learn here.
  • Students will be guided through an evaluation of their current situation and their best options for career change. They’ll gain clear insights into the various logistical, mental, and emotional considerations that go into leaving a job.
  • The course is divided into two main sections: a practical five-step plan for getting to your quitting day and a collection of real-life case studies to provide extra inspiration and motivation.
  • This is NOT a course on the details of starting or growing a business, although it does contain some high-level discussion and guidance. For more help with that topic, see our other Udemy courses Website Copywriting and Blog Post Ideas, and check out the many free resources at
Course content
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+ Start Here
1 lecture 03:17

Hello and welcome to “How To Quit Your Job — The Right Way: A 5 Step Plan To Ditching Your Day Job.” We’re excited to take this journey with you!

Preview 03:17
+ The Wake-up Call
4 lectures 10:42

What’s it going to say on your tombstone? Are you going to look back on your life and be proud of what you accomplished, or will you just have paid the rent?

Preview 03:43

Get clear on what’s wrong with your situation. The last thing you want to do is take the things you hate about your current job and carry them over to your next gig.

Preview 04:54

Download the quiz to find out how you really feel about your job. Then we’ll look at what to do with your results in the next lesson.

10 Signs You Need to Quit Your job

Analyze your quiz results and consider whether you’re running away from something or toward something.

Quiz Followup
+ Craft your Exit Plan
4 lectures 16:02

A goal without a plan is just a wish, and having a framework gives you the confidence to move forward.

The Importance of Planning

Take stock of your current financial situation and make necessary calculations and adjustments. Two versions of the spreadsheet are provided - one for the latest version of Excel, and one for older versions.

Do a 360-degree Inventory

Assess your mental and emotional state, your physical well being, and your support network - all important considerations when thinking of making a major change like quitting a job.

Check Your Emotions

Decide when you’ll give your notice, based on either a certain amount of time in the future, or on the timing of an upcoming event.

Pick a date

Time to decide when you'll give your notice!

Quit Date
1 question
+ The (Fun) Research
7 lectures 30:16

Will you build a massive empire, run a one-person show, keep working for another company, or something that combines multiple roles and projects?

Four Types of Career

How clear you are on your dream career will determine what you need to focus on: execution, evolution, or exploration.

So What Do You Want To Do?

Recently there’s been a backlash against the old advice to “follow your passion.” It can work for some, but be careful...

Should You Follow Your Passion?

The Ikigai diagram and the art of discovering your ideal career. Thanks to Michael Paton for letting us use his awesome version of the chart!

Discovering Your Career

Expanding on the Ikigai diagram: additional factors in determining your ideal career

Defining Your Craft

This process is all about balance. Part of maintaining balance is considering the costs and realities of your new career.

The Real Research

Some people act on impulse and get in over their heads, while others use “research” to put off taking real action. Where’s the balance?

How Much To Research
+ Hustle and Flow
6 lectures 17:11

Cut out unnecessary distractions. Use your discontent with your current job and your excitement about your new direction to fuel your discipline.

Finding the time

Master the art of the side hustle - try out your new gig while you still have the security of your old one.

Take a test drive

How can you tell if you’re passionate enough about your new career to really go for it?

The case of true passion

Cultivate multiple streams of income in order to give yourself added security and versatility.

The portfolio career

Get a website up and start building connections and a following online.

Get online

Are you getting positive signs that your new venture has legs? Analyze what the market is telling you and decide how to proceed.

Go with the flow
+ Quitting Day
1 lecture 06:38

Your glorious ascent doesn’t need to leave a trail of destruction in its wake. Take your leave with class, and attend to all the details.

Making a graceful exit
+ Case Studies
11 lectures 06:53

When we asked for stories of people quitting their job, we actually got more than we could put in the course! In this lesson we’ll give you some quick notes from a variety of professionals and entrepreneurs, before we move on to the full case studies in the following lessons.  

About the Case Studies

Meet Naomi Less, a multi-skilled facilitator, educator, and musician from New York City, who both performs and creates tailor-made trainings and educational experiences for all ages.

Case Study #1: Naomi

Meet Joanna Penn, an award-winning, New York Times best selling author, who has sold 450,000 books in 74 countries and 5 languages.

Case Study #2: Joanna

Meet Alan Paluska, the President of a logistics company in Atlanta. While his career transition mostly follows the traditional narrative, there are definitely some twists and turns.

Case Study #3: Alan

Meet Carla and Emma Papas, two amazing Australians also known as the Merrymaker Sisters.

Case Study #4: The Merrymaker Sisters

Meet Dan (not his real name). He was a teacher for many years, working his way from a substitute to a Teacher’s Assistant to teaching college-level courses. He was never completely sure it was his calling, but there were aspects of the job that he liked. Then one day, everything changed.

Case Study #5: Dan

Meet Nick (not his real name). He worked for a Fortune 500 company, putting in 60-80 hour weeks before realizing he was just working to pay his bills. He decided to move to New York and start his own business, and that was when everything changed.

Case Study #6: Nick

Meet Andy (not his real name). After a wake-up call incident with his current company, he went out on his own and had his best year ever in terms of income. On the way he may have burned a bridge or two...

Case Study #7: Andy

Meet Kevin. He was a national sales manager for an environmental services business, with a nice car, good salary, and perks.. and a lot of frustration. He quit without having a plan, but overcame several challenge to launch his own business and grow it from nothing to seven figures.

Case Study #8: Kevin

Meet Nathan. He was working at a major cosmetics company, and for the first 3 years it was awesome. But then came the inevitable corporate shuffle, and everything went to hell. Nathan (eventually) went to Brazil...

Case Study #9: Nathan

Meet Phil. He told me, “I don't do anything without a plan. At least nothing major.” But while he had a plan for exiting the corporate world after a reorganization, he had to put his plans on hold just 2 months later.

Case Study #10: Phil
+ Conclusion
3 lectures 01:07

If you’ve had your wake-up call, get out there and craft your exit plan, do the fun research, work that side hustle, and mark your quit day. You can do it!


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