No sketch watercolor poppies

In less than 13 minutes
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Unleash your creativity and get comfortable using watercolors to paint beautiful poppies


  • Basic knowledge of watercolors


This is a very short, quick and fun lesson to explore watercolors while learning to paint poppy flowers with confidence and ease. With minimum materials and within short time you can paint these flowers and bring joy to yourself or someone who loves poppies. This is just a glimpse of how fun watercolors can be and with practice, patience, and dedication you can learn more and create more fun art.

Have you ever seen watercolor art and been mesmerized by it? Did you give watercolors a try but was intimidated by it? Or you started using watercolors and love it and want to learn more about it. This short course is for all of you, those who love watercolor and want to create beautiful florals to use in patterns, prints, or just paint flower art. For those who want to give it a try and its encouraging for those who want to give up but are taking one more try.

It is not in depth but just go with the flow kind of a quick tutorial.

So, come dive into the ocean of watercolors with me where I will help you swim through it with ease and fall in love with it! Lets create beautiful art together.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner and Intermediate Watercolor enthusiasts and learners
  • Children or adults who want to explore watercolors
  • Anyone who picked watercolors but felt demotivated or overwhelmed should give one more try
  • Flower lovers

Course content

1 section7 lectures32m total length
  • Materials
  • Skills that can help
  • Let’s Begin
  • Add the Stems
  • More Color and More Petals
  • Now lets take it till the end.
  • Full lecture in one place


Creative Artist . Patient Teacher . Daring Storyteller
Prachi Gangwal
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A bit about me:

I was always an artist and a storyteller who got educated to become an Engineer. I have worked as a water resources Engineer for 4 years but the calling in me to serve the young or the old pulled me to different pursuits. 

So, I went on to volunteer at preschools, teaching young beings to incorporate healthy living through art and stories. I mentored abused women and helped with curriculum making for the organization. I became a certified wellness coach, self published five story books for children, worked as a professional photographer and part time art and after school activity teacher.

As an artist, I have tried various mediums and have also explored  wood working, jewelry designing and photography to express my creativity. But once I overcame my fears of watercolor, which intimidated me for many years, it has become my all time favorite creative outlet. it is my meraki. I find watercolors magical and soothing not only to release stress or as a medium to express but the pigments, colors, water, brushes all together create an enchanting land where if you let go and trust your intuition with a little guidance, you will see magic happening!

As an art and wellness coach, I have taught age group of 3 -18 and adults.  From volunteering to teaching at studios and schools, to running summer camps for 8 week straight, I have experience with all mindset of children and adults. And we all are unique hence I completely believe in making learning unique to all my students, as much as I can.   

Continuing with teaching, the pandemic of 2020 challenged me to adapt to online teaching and I have had a successful art teaching experience since summer of 2020.  And online art courses are my offerings to continue spreading the love for watercolors especially.

I like to think of myself as a student of life and hence I have an open mindset even while I teach as its an energy flow and my students always have something to teach me as well.  You can follow me on Instagram under the name of pranamusings where I share my creativity of words and art. 

Why take one of my courses:

As a self taught artist, I understand exactly what the stumbling blocks are in learning watercolors.  I have experienced what any learner would feel about their creative work from being anxious, critical, overwhelmed, dissuaded or frustrated perhaps at times.

My teaching experience along with my learning experience has helped me shape my courses to be positive, friendly, relaxed and easy for anyone to take.

I believe in helping each individual to find a comfortable level with art to enhance not only their creativity but over all mindfulness that art can therapeutically provide.