Quick Introduction guide to DP-900 Azure Data Fundamentals

DP-900 Quick Concepts Review
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DP-900 data fundamental concepts
Understand relational data concepts
Understand non-relational data concepts
Understand data analytics concepts
Describe different provisioning methods


  • No background is required but data knowledge would be helpful


Microsoft Azure is the fastest-growing cloud platform. Companies all over the world are looking for data engineers capable of dealing with massive quantities of data to extract insights and present them in a understandable and interactive way.

Topics covered:

Describe core data concepts (15-20%)

Describe types of core data workloads

· describe batch data

· describe streaming data

· describe the difference between batch and streaming data

· describe the characteristics of relational data

Describe how to work with relational data on Azure (25-30%)

Describe relational Azure data services

· describe and compare PaaS, IaaS, and SaaS solutions

· describe Azure SQL database services including Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL Managed Instance, and SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machine

· describe Azure Synapse Analytics

· describe Azure Database for PostgreSQL, Azure Database for MariaDB, and Azure Database for MySQL

Describe how to work with non-relational data on Azure (25-30%)

Describe non-relational data offerings on Azure

· identify Azure data services for non-relational workloads

· describe Azure Cosmos DB APIs

· describe Azure Table storage

· describe Azure Blob storage

· describe Azure File storage

Describe an analytics workload on Azure (25-30%)

Describe analytics workloads

· describe transactional workloads

· describe the difference between a transactional and an analytics workload

· describe the difference between batch and real time

· describe data warehousing workloads

· determine when a data warehouse solution is needed

Who this course is for:

  • Data enthusiast looking to increased their data knowledge

Course content

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