Quantum Crystal Healing (2) - Develop Your Intuitive Healing
5.0 (3 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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Quantum Crystal Healing (2) - Develop Your Intuitive Healing

Take crystal healing to the next level; learn how to authentically dowse, develop your crystalline matrix & shape shift.
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5.0 (3 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
40 students enrolled
Created by Sonya Wilkins
Last updated 6/2020
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What you'll learn
  • How to care for your crystal collection including cleansing & energising techniques, both indoors and outdoors.
  • How to integrate your crystal collection and their healing abilities into your every day life and home.
  • Essential grounding and centring techniques to assist authentic dowsing and all types of energy work.
  • Detailed guidance on how to 'dowse' using crystal pendulums to tap into your body's intuitive wisdom.
  • How to step the 'Ego' aside in order to gain authentic, intuitive guidance while dowsing.
  • How to connect your unique energetic blueprint with your chakra set of crystals using 'Journeying Meditations'.
  • How to develop an inner 'Crystal Matrix Resource' within your energetic body and amplify its healing power.
  • How to harness the powerful energy in your 'life passions' and amplify crystalline energy within you.
  • How to 'Shape Shift' crystal stones and use them for distance healing with the Quantum Field and your Matrix.
  • Ideally, you will have completed 'Quantum Crystal Healing (1) - Ignite Your Healing Potential'.
  • You will need a full chakra set of crystals & 1 quartz pendulum (please refer to my crystal shopping list for guidance).
  • Ideally, you will already own some crystals and use them in your home and/or on your person.
  • You will come with an open mind and willingness to tap into your 'Supernatural Powers'!

Expansive Learning:
This crystal healing course gives you the theory and practical tools to develop your knowledge and application of crystals in the wider context of the cosmos and its amplifying powers. If you are new to crystal healing, this course will both broaden and deepen your understanding of their healing power. If you are experienced in energy healing, this course will connect you with your 'supernatural powers' and enable multi-dimensional healing by tapping into the quantum field of possibilities and your own crystalline matrix. (Read more detail for course 2 further below)

Different Learning Styles:
I design my courses so they satisfy people who like to learn 'actively' by practical demonstrations you can follow; people who like time to reflect and embed learning, through a well paced curriculum with opportunities to journal; people who are pragmatists, so like to try things out and see how they respond; and finally people who are theorists who enjoy supportive documentation and the science behind each subject.

How to gain full benefit:
Please note, if you wish to gain complete knowledge of how to use crystals for your own healing in life, you will need to work through all 3 separate courses in the collection 'Quantum Crystal Healing':

(1) Ignite Your Healing Potential

(2) Develop Your Intuitive Healing

(3) Apply Deep Healing For Life

You are of course, able to select any of the 3 courses as stand alone learning, however you may find there are gaps in your knowledge in order to fully benefit from all the topics I talk about.

What I will cover in Course 2 ~ Develop Your Intuitive Healing
Now that you have 'Ignited Your Healing Potential' from course 1, OR you have come to this course with an existing knowledge of energy work (allowing you to fully trust your intuition and you have experience using crystals in some personal way); I invite you to DEVELOP your intuitive healing FURTHER.

I will start sharing practical ways in which you can care for your crystals (to cleanse and energise them) and also how you can integrate them into your life and home. I then go on to teach you how you can tap into your innate wisdom by dowsing with crystal pendulums. This will further develop and grow your confidence in terms of trusting your intuitive healing. Then, the fun really begins as I invite you to connect with each stone using a powerful crystal journeying meditation. This is the first step in connecting your personal energetic blueprint with your chosen stones. Furthermore, I will teach you how to grow and develop your internal crystalline matrix and ultimately connect with the quantum field of possibilities to shape shift energy and distance heal with crystals!

By the end of this course I hope you will come to realise how 'supernatural' you really are...

I look forward to sharing this valuable knowledge with you.

Best Wishes,

Sonya :-)

Who this course is for:
  • Everyone who has completed my first course 'Quantum Crystal Healing (1) - Ignite Your Intuitive Potential'.
  • Everyone who has some experience using crystals for personal healing or in the home.
  • Everyone who wants to explore the technique of dowsing with crystal pendulums to gain an authentic approach.
  • Everyone wanting to get a deeper level of connection with their own set of crystals through meditative practice.
  • Everyone curious about the 'Crystal Matrix' and crystal 'Shape Shifting'.
  • Existing healers who want to grow and develop their crystalline matrix and experience shape shifting.
Course content
Expand all 24 lectures 05:31:22
+ Introduction
3 lectures 10:00

This personal message will help you to put into context how this course (2) fits within the trio of Quantum Crystal Healing courses...whether you have already done course (1) or not.

This course builds on the knowledge and practical experience you have gained in course (1) but it is also a valuable stand alone course, particularly if you have some experience of using crystals for personal chakra balances and live with them in your home.

You will need a basic set of chakra stones (7 or 8) and a quartz crystal pendulum in order to follow this course material and gain maximum benefit. Please find my suggested crystal shopping list attached as a resource within this lecture.

How to gain full benefit:
Please note, if you wish to gain complete knowledge about how to use crystals for your own healing in life, you will need to work through all 3 separate courses in the collection 'Quantum Crystal Healing', namely:

(1) Ignite Your Healing Potential

(2) Develop Your Intuitive Healing

(3) Apple Deep Healing For Life (coming soon - mid July 2020)

You are of course, able to select any of the 3 courses as stand alone learning, however you may find there are gaps in your knowledge in order to fully benefit from all the topics I talk about.

Preview 03:41

In this lecture I put all 3 'Quantum Crystal Healing' courses into context, explaining how they fit together as a cohesive trio. I summarise the main focus for each course so students can understand how they interrelate and their suitability to study any of the three courses. This video is useful if you are contemplating one or all of the courses as you can then understand the flow of information you will be taught.

Preview 03:04

In this introduction video I explain where the inspiration for this course comes from and how I feel energy healing is an essential part of our modern lives going forward. I describe in more detail what you will be learning in course number 2: 'Develop Your Intuitive Healing' and how this will benefit you in your life moving forward.

Preview 03:15
+ Caring For Crystals
2 lectures 38:08

In this lecture I teach you how to cleanse your crystals in the home environment with various tools and easily accessible materials. I explain the pros and cons of each technique and which crystals respond best to particular cleansing techniques based upon their properties. I also introduce 'Trivortex' products as an alternative way to cleanse crystals. These products may be particularly beneficial to therapists managing in their busy energy work practice.

Cleansing Crystals Inside the Home Environment

Welcome to my garden where I talk through the different ways you can harness the cleansing and energising properties of the four elements: water, fire (sunlight), earth and air to help care for your crystals. I discuss the benefits of different approaches and which crystals are suited best to the different methods.

Cleansing Crystals Outside Using the Four Natural Elements
+ Integrating Energy & Crystals Into Your Life
2 lectures 22:38

In this lecture I walk you through some of the rooms in my own home where I display my crystals, to demonstrate how they can be integrated into your own life. I talk about how certain crystals self cleanse the energy in a room, how powerful crystals may demand their own space and I cover some of the attributes associated with particular stones. For example crystals that help reduce electromagnetic energy from technology in the home environment.

Integrating Crystals Into Your Life and Home

This video shows how you can use musical instruments and energy tools to clear the energetic space in a room. I thought this would be a useful bonus video to share, as although it's not using crystals specifically, it demonstrates how energy is cleared around material objects and within our homes, using the same principles for cleansing crystal stones.

Bonus Lecture ~ Room Clearing Using Sound
+ Dowsing Using Crystal Pendulums
7 lectures 02:34:02

This short lecture reminds everyone how important it is to ground, centre and protect your own personal energy before you engage with energy work or healing work. This is equally important before this dowsing section of the course. Students from course number 1 will already know these techniques, but for new students, I invite you to learn them using the demonstration video in the next lecture and supporting documentation below. I strongly suggest all students, both existing and new, do this before going further in this course.

Preview 02:13

This video is taken from course number 1 'Ignite Your Healing Potential'. This is a useful resource to duplicate so that new students on this course (2) can benefit from the information shared and demonstrated within it. You will learn how to ground, centre and protect your energy in preparation from all healing and energy work. I suggest you print the document in the resource section (below) to accompany this demonstration so you can make notes as you go along and familiarise yourself with the process in detail.

Demo From Course 1: Grounding, Centring & Protecting Your Energy Before Dowsing

In this lecture you will come to understand what dowsing is and how the practise has evolved over time. I will explain the reasons why quartz crystals can be used to dowse and how they are in effect acting as an extension of our own innate subconscious wisdom. I will look at some scientific research to help us debate the validity of the process and also discuss the importance of 'stepping Ego aside' in order to attain authentic answers and responses to our questions when dowsing. I summarise ways in which we can help Ego to step aside in preparation for learning the dowsing technique in the next lecture.

I reference the crystal shopping list from course 1 during this lecture, so please find this list as a supporting document in the resources below. You may like to use this list to purchase the stones you need for dowsing and the rest of this course, and course number 3, if you are a new student.

Preview 12:50

In this lecture I demonstrate how to use a quartz pendulum to perform dowsing. I show how you connect with the pendulum initially, then how to ascertain a 'yes', 'no' and 'I'm not sure' response. I discuss ways in which to 'step Ego aside' to ensure authentic responses and then how to dowse on particular questions using closed questioning and scales.

I reference the crystal shopping list from course 1 during this lecture, so please find this list as a supporting document in the resources below. You may like to use this list to purchase the stones you need for dowsing and the rest of this course, and course number 3, if you are a new student.

Dowsing Techniques Using Crystal Pendulums

This detailed lecture gives you lots of ideas about how to use a crystal pendulum. I go through all the steps to prepare your dowsing experience and also how to 'step your ego aside'. I then demonstrate an alternative dowsing method which cuts out the potential risk of 'ego contamination'. By the end of this lecture you will be primed with everything you need to know so you can develop and grow you intuitive healing and dowsing capabilities.

I've attached below within the resources, two of the summary images used in the lecture, showing check list points on the preparation of dowsing and stepping ego aside. Also supporting documentation is attached, sharing written explanations of the process of dowsing so you can follow it in your own time when practising the method.

Alternative Dowsing Techniques Unhindered by Ego

This demonstration shows how two students connect with chosen pendulums and go through the preparation steps in readiness for dowsing. Although this covers the same points in previous lectures you may find it interesting to see how others respond to the process and also pick up useful tips from their feedback.

Instructor & Student Demo: Preparations for Dowsing

This demonstration shows how two students test out the idea that other people can potentially influence the motion of a pendulum from a distance. They also use their pendulums to answer questions, showing their increasing ability to connect with the piezoelectric force held within their bodies and allowing this to be transferred into the quartz pendulum (acting as a conduit for their innate intuition). This demonstration is again useful for students to watch as they can gain more insight into the different responses people get when learning to dowse. It will help to build confidence for those of you who are new to dowsing and wish to pick up some tips from others learning first hand.

Instructor & Student Demo: Energy Interference & Question Practise
+ Making Personal & Lifelong Connections With Your Crystals
5 lectures 56:16

In this lecture you will understand the link between all the knowledge you have acquired in the course(s) so far. Now you have ignited your healing potential, you understand the fundamentals of energy and how you interact with the cosmos as a crystalline being; you can now start to connect your unique energetic blueprint to your chosen chakra set of crystals using the power of meditation.

Preview 10:35

In this lecture I explain the process for mediating and journeying with your set of crystal chakra stones. This is an important element of this course. It is the key to developing your intuitive healing and growing your internal crystalline matrix. I suggest you enjoy taking time to complete your 7/8 meditations before going on further in this course (in order to gain maximum benefit of the material shared and truly develop your intuitive healing abilities).

Please reference the 'Crystal Shopping List' below if you still need to purchase these stones in readiness for this section of the course. Also find the 'Crystal Journeying Meditation' attached for you to use every time you want to connect with a chosen crystal stone.

Meditating & Journeying With Your Crystals
This assignment provides a reflective framework for you to journal your findings after you meditate with each crystal in your set of Chakra stones. The questions are designed to encourage inner thought and contemplation; to develop a personal view of what healing properties each crystal offers you.
Journalling Your Meditation Experiences
10 questions

In this lecture I explain what the crystalline matrix is and where it is held within our bodies, how it relates to the magnetic forces in our cosmos and other environmental factors. I then describe the relationship between our internal crystalline structures and how they are influenced by our internal make-up and thoughts. I describe the pathway flow of magnetic energy through the Aura, Chakra system and Meridian Lines and how we can start to spring clean our personal crystalline matrix in readiness for its further development into a lifelong resource.

Understanding The Crystalline Matrix

In this lecture I explain how we can start to utilise the knowledge we have gained from the previous lecture about what the crystalline matrix is. I explain how it is influenced and affected by both external and internal forces and how with this awareness we can start to 'spring clean' our matrix energy, so putting ourselves in the best possible place for quantum healing. I talk about the different frequency waves we can tap into and how they affect the crystalline matrix developmental process e.g. gamma rays.

Growing & Developing Your Crystalline Matrix

In this short video, I summarise where we've got up to in the course so far and how I am starting to merge the learning from course (1) with the new learning in this course in order to develop your crystalline matrix. It's important that you have started to 'spring clean' your energetic blueprint, so enabling the next phase of your development with energy healing. When you reach this point in the course, you are also ready to start learning about shape shifting!

Interlude & Catch Up Video
+ Shape Shifting Crystals Over Space & Time
4 lectures 41:01

In this lecture I introduce two concepts in the Buddhist tradition describing how we typically 'evolve' during personal development and how these two methods can be catalysed by 'Shape Shifting'. I talk through the theory of shape shifting and how this visualisation technique can be used to harness and transform energy within us to 'morph' experiences. This opens the door for transformative personal evolution and development within our lives.

The Theory of Shape Shifting

In this lecture I describe how Albert Einstein saw our human ability to 'imagine' as a power to access transformation in our lives. I discuss how we can surrender to the process of visualisation and imagination to connect with the 'Quantum Field' of possibilities; becoming creative 'children' again and manifesting what we desire in our lives. This lecture is about engaging your inner child and your innate creative and curious being - taking the leap to further develop your intuitive healing within.

Accessing the Quantum Field of Possibilities with 'Imagination'

In this lecture I demonstrate how you can take one of your 'passions' in life and use the positive life force energy created by your passion to 'Shape Shift'. I use the analogy of dance and how this can raise vital energy within your crystalline matrix to amplify this positively charged energy, then visualise, emote and imagine this energy invading a 'weak' area in your life. Whether that be a weaker skill or ability you would like to improve in; or it may be a painful memory you wish to transform; or a physical ailment causing pain that you wish to relieve with an 'injection' of life force energy.

Demo: Shape Shifting in Motion

This lecture brings everything together from the second part of this course and shows you how to engage your inner crystalline matrix and the quantum field for distance healing with your chakra set of crystal stones. I explain how you can use your inner crystalline matrix as a resource that you can tap into anywhere, anytime, anyplace. Because you have connected with your chakra stones through meditation and journeying and you understand the concept of shape shifting, you are now able to 'call in' any crystals that you need even if they are not physically with you. This is very useful, particularly if you are away from home but need to engage specific healing with specific stones that you may not have with you. This is a practise you can carry with you for the rest of your life...

I reference two previous meditations from both courses (1) and earlier in this course (2) so for your convenience, I have attached them again in this resource section below.

Engaging Distance Healing With Your Matrix and Crystal Stones
+ Course Completion
1 lecture 06:20
Well Done & My Thank You Gift To You ~ The Crystal Shape Shifting Meditation