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This course will help students preparing for Competitive Examinations & Job Seekers, as time and work problems are one of the most asked topic in competitive exams. Various types of aptitude problems on time and work are explained with solutions. More similar courses are to follow this one, hence please stay tuned.

Using shortcut, tips and tricks, these problems can be solved quickly and easily in few steps at the competitive exams and government job exams.

Different types of problems of time and work problems are discussed here with the intention to help students understand concepts easily and make them solve any type of problems on time and work problems without difficulty. This course will serve as a guide to understand the different representations and different phrasing by which the problems are made unique.

Different types of time and work problem we will be discussing in this course are:

Using Fractions

Using Percentage

Using variables

Using Numbers

  • If A can do a piece of work in n days, then A’s one day’s work = 1/n

  • If A’s one day’s work = 1/n, then A can finish the work in n days.

After completing this course, any doubts related to the session will be answered promptly and discussions regarding the session are much appreciated. Any suggestions of topic for future videos and tutorials are welcome

Thank you all for your support. Lets Learn together.

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Engineering Graduate with passion for problem solving and preparing students for competitive exams. Simple explanation and step by step walkthrough for problems helps in easy understanding. Passionate in teaching young mind towards their success and help them achieve their goals with ease. Have mentored several students in both academic studies and quantitative aptitude training