仁和太极内功静桩 1.胎儿桩 Tai Chi Internal Skill - Fetus Stance

用实感内功定心猿拴意马,内练功效更佳 Renhe Tai Chi Internal Skill is more effective with the real feeling.
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不空谈入静,而是以实感定心猿拴意马,功效更佳。Practicing your internal skills with being sentience, you won't be vague or uncertain.
胎儿桩中透源泉心法可养血滋阴,活跃周身血液循环。The mind-leading training of Tou Yuan Quan can nourish blood and Yin and activate the blood circulation of the whole body.
胎儿桩中周身游心法可增强卫外免疫功能,有助于预防新冠肺炎。The mind-leading training of Zhou Shen You can enhance immune function and help prevent new crown pneumonia.
胎儿桩中长时间屈膝可增强下肢肌力,健脾壮气,延缓衰老。Bending the knee for a long time can enhance the muscle strength of lower limbs, strengthen the spleen and Qi, and delay aging.


  • 对学员没有特殊要求,适合全人群 There are no special requirements for students, suitable for the whole population







Who this course is for:

  • 学练过其他太极拳内功的习练者 A practitioner who has learned other Taijiquan internal skills.
  • 希望提升自己水平的太极拳教师 Taijiquan teachers who want to improve their level.
  • 希望提高自己太极拳修炼层次的习练者 Practitioners who want to improve their Taijiquan cultivation level.
  • 从事运动康复的医学工作者 Medical workers engaged in sports rehabilitation.
  • 希望通过太极拳养生保健的习练者 Practitioners who hope to maintain health through Taijiquan.


Taichi Master from Chinese mainland with 7Dan in Kungfu
Jiping Zhang
  • 4.6 Instructor Rating
  • 20 Reviews
  • 1,369 Students
  • 24 Courses

Mr. Zhang Jiping,Tai Chi Master from Chinese mainland, is a disciple of Mr. Feng Zhiqiang (1928-2012), and a descendant of Chen Style Tai Chi for 11 generations, the Secretary General of the International Hunyuan Tai Chi Federation, the vice president of Jilin Martial Arts Research Institute, the wrestling instructor of Jilin Judicial Police Corps, with the 7-Dan of Chinese martial arts.

Mr. Zhang Jiping provides high-quality online courses to Tai Chi practitioners. The courses are "Hunyuan Tai Chi 24 Forms",  "Hunyuan Tai Chi Cannon 32 Forms", "Hunyuan Tai Chi 48 Forms", "Hunyuan Tai Chi Cannon 46 Forms", "Hunyuan Tai Chi Sword", "Hunyuan Tai Chi Saber", "Stance training", "Basic of Tai Chi Kungfu", "Tai Chi boxing and kicking", "Joint-locking up skill", "Tai Chi Tumbling and Wrestling", "Tai Chi hitting pile".

In view of the foreign Tai Chi Teaching lagging behind the Chinese mainland for 30-40 years, Mr. Zhang Jiping presents Hunyuan Tai Chi to friends from all over the world for the first time, to help them improving their level of Tai Chi and synchronizing with the development of Tai Chi in China now.

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