Extensive QiGong movement, breathing and meditation course.
4.7 (851 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
7,250 students enrolled

Extensive QiGong movement, breathing and meditation course.

Tap into the power of your life energy (Qi) and bring focus, clarity, strength and health into your life.
4.7 (851 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
7,250 students enrolled
Created by Michaël Bijker
Last updated 6/2020
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What you'll learn
  • Tap into the power of your life energy. Learn powerful QiGong moving, meditation and breathing practices.
  • QiGong movements to create strength, health and inner peace
  • QiGong Breathwork to open up the energy system and cleanse mind and body
  • QiGong meditations to train the mind and create focus and inner peace
  • QiGong healing sounds to heal mind & body
  • QiGong self healing practices like 5 Healing Sounds Technique and Embryonic Breathing
  • Anyone that has life energy (Qi) can do this. That is the beauty of QiGong practice

The most extensive QiGong video course on Udemy. In this QiGong course, you will learn the wonderful techniques to develop strength, health, and inner peace.
The course consists of 20 easy to follow videos with movement, breathwork, and meditation tutorials and sessions.  After completing this course you will be able to do full sessions of movements, standing poses, breathwork, and meditation sessions by yourself.

QiGong practice is a lot more than just physical movements as you will discover in this course. Michaël Bijker will take you deep into the QiGong practice of breathing, movement and meditation. You will not only learn postures and movements to cultivate and open up the energy system, you will also learn how to tap into the power of the breath which is needed to go deeper into mind, energy training, and meditation practices. With the breathing tutorials, guided relaxation, and meditation sessions you will become able to understand and master the art of meditation.

Learn the practices to become master of mind and body that you can start doing by yourself to create a solid foundation for your physical and spiritual well being. 

In this extensive QiGong course you will learn: 

QiGong Postures & Movements

  • Warm-up

  • QiGong stance/ Horse stance

  • Making waves/ Grounding

  • Separating heaven & earth

  • Connecting heaven & earth

  • Turtle breathing/ Spinal breathing

  • Rising sun/ Whole body breathing

  • Pushing out from the heart center

  • Shooting bow & arrow

  • Sweeping arms

  • Pushing breath, moving Qi

  • Pulling down the heavens

  • Pushing up the heavens

  • Circulating the energy/ Heavenly circuit

Breathing & Meditation

  • Spinal breathing

  • Buddhist & Taoist breathing

  • Ocean breathing

  • 3 Stage breath

  • Snake breathing

  • Dragon breathing

  • Cosmic breathing

  • Root energy lock

  • 6 sounds Healing QiGong

  • Dan Tien/ Dan Tian (energy centers)

  • Standing meditations

  • Meditation explained

  • Guided Meditation sessions

QiGong Theory

  • Taoism

  • What is energy?

  • Inner cosmic smile

  • History of QiGong

  • Dan Tien (energy centers)

Healing QiGong

  • 6 Sound organ healing theory

(I believe these techniques should be available for everybody, money or no money. If you have no money to do the course you can PM me and we will find a solution)

Who this course is for:
  • Beginner to Advenced practitioner
Course content
Expand all 64 lectures 11:41:01
+ Learning the movements.
19 lectures 03:41:17

What is QiGong? In this video Michaël will give a short explanation about what QiGong is.

Preview 03:36

Some practical notes how to get most out of your QiGong practice sessions.

General practice notes

In this session you will learn: 

  • QiGong stance

  • Basic Warm-up

  • 'Rising Sun' / Whole body breathing

  • 'Turtle breathing'/ Spinal breathing 

  • 'Sweeping arms'

  • 'Shooting arrows'

  • 'Pushing up the heavens'

  • Standing meditation for lower Dan Tien

Learning the movements: session 1

Meditation is a very important aspect of QiGong practice. After doing a QiGong movement session, take time to feel what is happening in the body and mind and learn how to work with these energies.

Meditation after session 1

Keeping a gentle, kind and relaxed state of mind is SUPER important in QiGong practice (and in all aspects of life really :) ) In this lecture Michaël will explain why this is so important and how to apply this in your practice.

Preview 01:50

QiGong practice is much more than just moving the body and becoming strong and healthy. It is also about how to use the mind, awareness and energies to cultivate your spirit on a deeper level.

QiGong Theory: "More than just a physical exercise"
Importance of warm-up
Just warm up session

A Qigong sequence: '5 opening movements' to open up the energy system.

Do a warm up session yourself before doing this sequence.

Preview 09:15

In this session you will learn: 

  • Basic Warm-up

  • 'Making waves' / Grounding

  • 'Holding a ball of Qi behind the back'

  • 'Floating hands, open heart'  

  • 'Pushing mountains'

  •   Standing meditation for middle Dan Tien

Learning the movements: session 2

Meditation is a very important aspect of QiGong practice. After doing a QiGong movement session, take time to feel what is happening in the body and mind and learn how to work with these energies.

Meditation after session 2

In this session you will learn the movements to cultivate and expand the energies of mind and body.

Qigong sequence 2: Expanding

QiGong is an energy practice. But what is energy? In this video Michaël will give you a clear and straightforward explanation about what energy in QiGong is and how to start using it.

QiGong theory: A talk about energy

In this session you will learn: 

  • Shorter warm-up

  • Perfecting the QiGong stance

  • Separating heaven & earth

  • Pulling down the heavens

  • Bringing energy into the Dan Tien centers

  • Standing meditation for upper Dan Tien

  • Opening the heavenly circuit

Learning the movements: Sequence 3

Another guided meditation session to bring the awareness deeper within and cultivate mind, body and consciousness on a deeper level.

Meditation after session 3

The 3rd QiGong movement sequence to open up, expand and harmonize.

Sequence 3: A body of Pure Energy

As most of us are already familiar with, there is a whole network of nerves, bloodflow and energy flow through the body. In acupuncture and acupressure the healer works with these systems. In this session you will learn that with gentle tapping and massaging you can greatly enhance the flow of energy through the body.

QiGong Self Massage

A very powerful practice to strengthen, harmonize and balance the energies on a very deep level. Just by standing still in certain special postures for longer periods of time you can use the awareness to cultivate mind and body.

Zan Zhuang - Standing Meditation

We will do all the QiGong sequences in one session. This is a very powerful QiGong to open up, energize and harmonize. This session will take about 30 minutes.  Don't forget to take some time after to sit and enjoy the fruits of your work.

Full QiGong sequence: 'Ocean of Energy' (new)
+ Breath work & meditation
16 lectures 02:53:16

How should one sit when doing the breathing and meditation practices? Michaël will explain you how in this video.

How to sit properly for breathing and meditation sessions.

In order to breathe properly, one should learn to connect with all different breathing muscles and feel how the deeper layers of the breathing system can be used as well.

Basics of breath 1 - Connecting with abdominal area (lower Dan Tien)

Learn to breathe deep and connect the breath with the nervous system to harmonize and balance.

Basics of breath 2 - Whole body breathing

Open up and expand both mind and body with deep proper breathing.

Basics of breath - 3 step breathing

In QiGong the contraction of the area around the anus and perineum is called `blocking the gates` or ´Anal Lock´. This practice is also done in Yoga where it is called Moolha Bandha or Root Lock. In this video Michaël will guide you to the process of applying this technique into some of the practices.

Root lock/ Anal lock/ Lower energy lock

There are different energy centers in the body. In QiGong there are 3 main energy centers called 'Dan Tien'. Learn more about them in this lecture.

Dan tien - Energy centers

In this video Michaël will explain how to breathe through the energy centers to activate, cleanse and expand them. A very powerful practice, however, you need to have a very focused and calm awareness to work with the subtler layers of your being.

Rising energy breath - Breathing into Dan Tien centers

This is a yogic breathing technique which is very useful to feel and connect with the upper Dan Tien center.

Connecting with the upper Dan Tien center - Bees breath

In this breathing session Michaël will teach a simple and beautiful breathing practice which is very helpful in balancing mind and body. Make sure you do it all nice and gently with kindness.

This is a video from the ´Breath Is Life´ breathing course that you can also find on Udemy. It is a wonderful breathing course that makes it very easy to cleanse and harmonize the mind and body.

Ocean breathing session 1 : Explanation and practical

In this session we will go a little deeper into the practice of Ocean breathing.

Ocean Breathing session 2 : Centering and opening

A very powerful spinal breathing technique in combination with `inner cosmic smile' technique to open up and cleanse the energy meridians in the body and bring mind into a deep meditative state.

Snake & Dragon Breathing - Spinal Breathing.

An explanation about Qi and breath and the importance of making breathing more than just a physical practice. There will also be an explanation on the importance of experiencing  vs 'knowing with your mind'.

A deeper understanding about breathing and Qi

We are going a little deeper into the meditation practice now. It is good to understand that meditation is not just a relaxation exercise. In this video Michaël will explain the technique of Vipassana meditation. Vipassana means : To see reality 'as it is' .
This is very important to keep your practice real and don't get caught up in creations of your own mind.

Vipasana meditation theory

A guided meditation to observe reality as it is and watch how the mind creates it's perception of it.

Vipasana meditation - Guided meditation session

It is very important to know how to control your breath, however, it is also very important to let go of control of the breath. In this session you will learn to breathe more than just air and also learn to let go of the control of breathing.

Cosmic Breathing Theory

A deeply meditative session to let go of the breath and let the awareness go deeper within.

Cosmic breathing & meditation session
+ Taoist breathing techniques
8 lectures 53:53

In this video Michaël will explain how to make a breathing practice more than just moving air in and out of the lungs. Learn to breathe more than just air; breathe energy and awareness and move this energy with the breath.

QiGong/ Taoist Breathing practices explained

Read more about the QiGong breathing practices to make your practice go deeper.

QiGong (Taoist) breathing practices

Breathing from the foundation of your being, the belly. In this video Michaël explains what it means and why this is important.

Part 1 - 'Buddhist Breathing' explained

A breathing session to connect with the lower energy center.

'Buddhist Breathing' session

Another way of breathing towards the 'foundation' in the belly. Learn to move the awareness and energy into the lower Dan Tien center.

Part 2 - 'Taoist Breathing' explained

A Taoist breathing session to bring more connection and awareness to the lower Dan Tien center.

'Taoist Breathing' session

An embryo is constantly being given energy and nourishment by the mother. Learn how through breathing you can nourish and energize with very calm gentle breaths. 

Part 3 - 'Embryonic Breathing' explained

A complete movement - meditation - breathwork session from the 'Life Design Course'. A course to tap into the true power of mind and emotions to realize your full potential and create a beautiful life for yourself and others. Search Michael Bijker Life Design Course on Udemy to find the course.

'Embryonic breathing' session: Breathing Life Energy
+ Healing QiGong
8 lectures 42:00

In Qigong practice there is a wonderful method of sound healing. Through making certain types of breaths with sound you can start to harmonize, strengthen and purify the internal organs.

QiGong sound healing practice
QiGong Healing sound theory lecture 1
Healing sound theory lecture 2
QiGong 6 Healing sounds: Healing session
Internal organs diagram
Internal organs: A QiGong perspective on functions, emotions and healing.
What is the "Triple burner"
+ QiGong theory for deeper study
5 lectures 49:21
Qi - Jing - Shen. The three Jewels
QiGong, Tai Chi, Kung Fu and Yoga. What they have in common
Origens of QiGong
Many different styles of QiGong
Deeper insight on Daoism
+ Extras
8 lectures 02:41:13

A talk about how you can cultivate your mind like you would cultivate a garden to make it flower and give good crops.

Theory: Your mind is like a garden, learn to cultivate it.

There is a lot of power in cultivating gratitude. Learn to cultivate this everyday.

Cultivating gratitude

Feel gratitude for everything and everything becomes a blessing to you.

Embracing everything in life

A deeply relaxing meditation session to harmonize mind and body and expand consciousness.

'Universal Being' - Guided meditation session

A guided breathing meditation to bring the awareness deep within and cleanse the mind and energy system.

'Breathing life´- Guided medittion

A guided meditation session to clear the layers of tension and blockages that obscure the light of the heart.

'Opening up' - Guided meditation

A guided meditation to bring healing into mind and body.

´Healing mind& body´- Guided meditation

This is a complete QiGong/ Yoga - Breathwork - Meditation session from the Life Design course. A course to tap into the true power of mind and emotions to create a wonderful life for yourself and others. Search Michael Bijker - Life Design Course on Udemy to learn more about this course.

Complete session from Michaël's 'Life Design Course´