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Design and Analysis of Algorithms using Python, Python, Searching, Sorting, Algorithms
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Searching and Sorting Algorithms


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An Algorithm is a sequence of steps to solve a problem. Design and Analysis of Algorithm is very important for designing algorithm to solve different types of problems in the branch of computer science and information technology. This tutorial introduces the fundamental concepts of Designing Strategies, Complexity analysis of Algorithms, followed by problems on Graph Theory and Sorting methods. This tutorial also includes the basic concepts on Complexity theory.This tutorial has been designed for students pursuing a degree in any computer science, engineering, and/or information technology related fields. It attempts to help students to grasp the essential concepts involved in algorithm design.The readers should have basic knowledge of programming and mathematics. The readers should know data structure very well. Moreover, it is preferred if the readers have basic understanding of Formal Language and Automata Theory.The important aspects of algorithm design include creating an efficient algorithm to solve a problem in an efficient way using minimum time and space.

To solve a problem, different approaches can be followed. Some of them can be efficient with respect to time consumption, whereas other approaches may be memory efficient. However, one has to keep in mind that both time consumption and memory usage cannot be optimized simultaneously. If we require an algorithm to run in lesser time, we have to invest in more memory and if we require an algorithm to run with lesser memory, we need to have more time.

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  • Introduction
  • Algorithm and Complexity
  • Characteristics of Algorithm


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