Python Tkinter for making Graphical User Interface

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This is a project inclusive course for those who have just learnt basic python and want to explore the various libraries. Tkinter is the best library to make GUIs in python. This course will give you the necessary skills to make your own python GUIs(desktop apps) and even commercialize them


  • Basic knowledge of python will be very helpful


This course is for beginners who have just learnt python language as well as those with a keen sense of programming and design. Making GUIs is the basic step of design and this course gives you all the skills you need to make GUIs. It also inspires you to learn more and more features and make you own GUIs with creative color schemes and animations.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner python developers who are interested in designing apps

Course content

1 section5 lectures42m total length
  • Making your first GUI and adding features to the window
  • Find the Error
    1 question
  • Adding Labels and Entry Boxes to your GUI
  • The Button Widget and adding commands to it
  • Making a log in system that checks if you have an account
  • Adding a messagebox shows information and errors (continuation of lecture 4)


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Aryan Dawer is a 12th grader at Modern School Barakhamba Road, New Delhi, India. He is 17 years old, and very interested in Computer Science and Psychology. His passion for designing tools found purpose in his work with individuals with ASD. Previously, he has designed softwares to recognise emotions through tone and facial expressions to aid them in daily conversations. He is also an environmentalist and has co-founded DropCount, a water-saving initiative that uses innovative technology to save water. In his free time, Aryan likes to analyse tv show/movie/novel characters, and put himself in their shoes to enhance his logical reasoning skills as well as experience diverse situations.