Python Crash Course for Ethical Hacking | Beginners | Part 1

Learn Python Basics and get ready for IT Automation, Data Science and ML, IT administration, OpenCV and Ethical Hacking.
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Learn to code in Python
Coding Fundamentals
Programming Logics
Competitive Approach


  • Must have some basic knowledge about Computers
  • Should have a PC/Laptop with good internet connection
  • Be ablel to understand English
  • Some basic knowledge in mathematics



Features of this Course:

This is a Crash Course, so feel free to watch it at least twice so that you are good with the concepts.  Also do practice what you learn, by completing the projects given on my YouTube and Telegram Channels.

By the end of this course, You will be confident enough to write basic programs in Python which will lay the foundation for helping you progress in your Python career.

This course will help you get started with advanced courses for Machine Learning, Cybersecurity and System and Network Administration where python will be your primary language.

NOTE: In case if you feel that I am going too fast or in case you find any topic hard, there's always an option to watch the video in half the normal speed.

This course will cover the following topics: 

►Introduction to Programming

►Introduction to Python


Fundamentals of Python


►Data Types



►Loops and Conditions

►Classes and Objects


Glimpse of Advanced Python



Popular Python Libraries

►Numpy - Data Science

►OpenCV - Image Processing, Machine Learning

►mySQL-python - Databases and Backend

►Matplotlib - Data Visualization and Representation

►OS - Network and System Administration and Automation

►Pygame - Game Development

Job Opportunities in Python

►Python Developer

►Junior ML Engineer

►IT and Network Administrator

►Ethical Hacker

Mini-Projects for Placement guidance.

►Provided along with this course

So I hope you enjoy my course. Feel free to share your reviews after completing it.

Who this course is for:

  • Entry level python programmers
  • Students outside IT and CS departments
  • People who are curious about coding
  • Students with a competitive programmer mindset
  • Python Hackers and Junior Machine Learning Engineers
  • IT administrators and Data Science enthusiasts

Course content

2 sections15 lectures1h 36m total length
  • Power of Python Language in IT Automation


Python Programmer and Web Developer, Ethical Hacking Trainer
Adithya E S
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