Python NumPy For Your Grandma

So easy, your grandma could learn it!
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NumPy for scientific computing in Python


  • Basic knowledge of Python


Wanna learn NumPy?

Look no further. This course covers everything from how to install and import NumPy to how to solve complex problems involving array creation, transformations, and random sampling.

Course Structure

The course is presented as a series of on-demand lecture style videos with lots of animated examples, code walkthroughs, and challenge problems to test your knowledge. Go as fast or as slow as you want.


The course has a heavy emphasis on understanding NumPy, as opposed to rote memorization. ...But don't take my word for it. Check out the free lecture videos in the course curriculum below!

Who this course is for:

  • Python developers interested in scientific computing and data science

Course content

5 sections31 lectures1h 57m total length
  • 1.1 Introduction


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Ben Gorman
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Hi I’m Ben. I spent five years doing actuarial work for an insurance company before ditching the cubicle and opening up my freelance machine learning consultancy, GormAnalysis. Now I build predictive models for companies spanning a range of industries including insurance, ecommerce, tech, real estate, and others. I'm also a Kaggle Master, for whatever that's worth..

I've been blogging about technical machine learning topics for years, but since I personally prefer learning from videos, I decided to upgrade my blog into video format. You see, these courses are not intended for you; they're a reference for future me, when I forget how things work. But you can use them too, for a small fee :)