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Python for Beginner by Hack Caesar Cipher
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The Caesar cipher, one of the most famous cipher in history
Python from beginning with : if, for, string, function. All essential knowledge in order to hack Caesar cipher
Python programming to encrypt message use Caesar cipher rule
Python programming to decrypt Caesar cipher message
And How to completely hack the Caesar cipher, so every secret are reveal


  • This course train python from beginner and for beginner


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This course will show you how to use Python to HACK one of the most famous cipher in entire history : Caesar cipher.

Step by Step you will learn :

  • Essential of Python : 

    • How to do branching in python with if statement and example

    • How to do loop in python with for statement and example

    • How to do text processing in python with string data type

    • How to group the code in python with function.

  • How to encrypt message use Caesar cipher : manually and automatically with Python code

  • How to decrypt message which already encrypted : manually and also with Python code

  • Finally, how to completely HACK the Caesar cipher 

This course will be 100% hand-on and show you most basic and important thing. Welcome !.

Who this course is for:

  • People want to learn python to solve a real problem


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As said by Andrew Ng "AI is the new electricity", in very near future AI will take a very important role in our world.

so, That is reason why I do and teach deep learning. My principles of teaching :

- Start from simple

- Move on step by step

- Explain concept, idea in simple, clear way with visualization

- Practice with code

- Build and apply to real life projects

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