Python 3, be a paid scripting professional
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Python 3, be a paid scripting professional

Get paid for your python scripts, automate everything.
4.0 (171 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
1,975 students enrolled
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What you'll learn
  • write scripts to automate tasks
  • Handle objects in python
  • handle classes and constructors in python
  • take advantage of Python Standard Libraries in your code
  • edit every script that you found around the web
Course content
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+ Introduction to the Python
3 lectures 06:18

Have a course tour in this movie and take a look on what to do and how to set up for the best experience.

Preview 04:08

Python 3 - This lecture is to give you exercise files used in the python 3 course. We recommend that you write all the code by yourself and take a peek when your written scripts gives you some error. Feel free to edit the scripts and use them in your own projects.

Get your exercise files

Interacting a little with audio about what you will be able to do after this course.

What you will be able to do after taking this course.
+ Installation and introduction
6 lectures 54:44

Python installation can be a challenge by itself for some users. We will learn to install python as well as look at different IDE for write our scripts. WE will use Eclipse in this series. Eclipse is free and cross platform, available for WINDOWS, MAC and LINUX.

Preview 12:44
Python and Eclipse installation for WINDOWS

Python syntax might look a little Odd to the first time user. It has no braces to wrap up the code, we also have to take care of white spaces and indentation.

Getting friendly with python syntax
python takes indentation very seriously. We will discuss the problems that you can watch out for, caused by the indentation as well as look for the comments. On a quick note, comments can be used to quickly disable a few lines of code.
Indentation and comments
python gives you IDLE as graphical environment to write and test scripts quickly. Also there is a very small and almost negligible assignment in this movie. But don't neglect the assignment. Complete that and post in the discussion section.
Assignment and Idle for python

Python allows you write code that can make decisions based on true or false situation of the event. A straight forward code is not the code that we write in any situation. Let's have a close look in conditionals in python.

Conditionals in Python
+ Getting into Basics of Python 3
8 lectures 46:28

Python is very strict with some datatypes and sloppy with some. Some can be changed on the go while others need to be stick around, throughout the entire course of program.

Preview 05:39

Python numbers are easy to use. You will be dealing with lots of number and their calculation in python. Fortunately, python is very easy and powerful to handle numbers.

Numbers in python

Python is the most among the most powerful language that can handle and perform countless operations on python. What you are thinking to do with strings, is already being done and there is a default function out there.

Strings in python

Python is very rich in data types. Python List ,tuples and dictionary is among them. These data types allows you to add more flexibility to the code and makes programmers life easy.

List, tuples and Dictionary in python

Python don't have switch and case. But this not the limitation of the language. We can work around, if we need switch and case. Lets use dictionary and create a swith and case sinario.

Switch and case in python

Python has got all the looping features. While loop is among one of them. In this movie, we will print a very basic fibonacci series using the while loop.

While loop fibonacci series in python

Python is little tricky with for loop and adds a few advantage in the for loop. For loop is very smart in python and is known as for each loop. It automatically tracks the counter for you. Basically, it is now more easy to loop through any item, it may be strings or array.

for each loop in python

python gives us some loop control keywords. Break allows you to jump out of the loop while continue allows you to skip a few executions of the loop. Both should have a condition to match, in order to get in action.

Loop control
+ operation, datatypes & file and exception handling in python 3
8 lectures 57:18

Python allows you to perform various operations on numbers. Operations like addition, subtraction, modulus , multiplication are easy to handle. Just to get firiendly, use IDLE to quickly go through with these operations.

Operations in python

Python allows you to check multiple condition and deduce one boolean result from it. This can be done using AND and OR operations in python. Also range is among the top most useful function in the python.

BItwise and range operations in python

Python, being an object oriented programming language, takes strings very seriously. Immense power is being added for the strings in the form of function. Fortunately, eclipse gives us an entire over view for that.

String inbuilt functions

Python is fully capable to join and split string and this one of those common operation that you will be doing very often. This python tutorial will discuss about python join and split for the strings.

String joins and splits
python gives you a few features as in built to work on with list and tuples too. There are not as many as string but still we can work our way with these.
list and tuples in built functions

Python allows you to handle ordinary files such as text files very easily. Since everything is an object, it is very easy to open and file and perform operations like read, write and append.

handling ordinary files in python

Python also allows you to handle binary files such as Image files. You will have to take care a little about buffer size in this case. But gradually you will get into the habit of it. There are many third party libraries for it also.

handling binary files in python

Python take cares for error nicely. You can catch the existing errors as well as raise your own exception using try catch syntax of the python

try except - Taking care of exceptions in python 3
+ Functions, generators and Regular Expresion in python 3
7 lectures 45:00

Python gives you the facility to wrap the code around and make a reusable unit. This is known as writing functions in python.

Getting started with functions

Python functions is a long topic of discussion. This movie will take passing multiple arguments into account. Now you will be able to pass n number of arguments as well as set default values in them

Multiple arguments

Python has got KWArgs that can handle dictionary like arguments in any order. This is a useful way to tackle the multiple argument, passed in any order.

KWArgs parameters in python
Python allows to return a value by the functions, this can be a number, a string or hybrid of any data type too. You may want to process that data further, so printing the data is not a good choice.
Return of functions

Python can save a lot of memory. This can be done via generators. If you are not too much concerened about the memory then other way of writing code will work fine to you too.

generators in python

Python and regular Expression, when these two are combined, this killer duo can be unmatched. Most of the scripting is dependent on regEx and python has got a few modules that can simplify the task.

Regular Expression in python

python, not only can search for a patter anywhere, it can also replace or do further processing on that data. We stringly recommend to read more about re module.

Searching and replacing with re module
+ Object oriented python 3 and dealing with database
9 lectures 01:10:25

Python being an Object Oriented programming, if we don't talk about classes and objects, that would not be a fair thing to do with python. Let's learn and talk about objects and classes in python.

Classes and objects in python 3

Python functions when are written and grouped under any class are known as methods. methods also have a default parameter known as self.

methods and constructors

Python getters and setters looks like adding pain, in the first look. But they give more control to the application. Everything can be monitored and debugging process becomes easy.

Getters and Setters in python

Inheritance is the ability to grab all the properties and methods from a pre written class. Most of the time we just add a few functions and inherit from existing class.

inheritance in python

Decorators is a special syntax to write methods using various keywords like @property. This again may look like adding senseless code but gives immense control and gives the ability to look functions just like properties.

Decorators in python

Python Standard libraries allow you to import modules and use those functionality straight away. We would recommend to at least take a look on all of them, so that you can have an idea, where to look for what you are looking for.

Python Standard Libraries

When Python Standard Libraries fails or are not present to fulfil the task that you want to do, then you might want to look at PyPi. Let's have a look on adding third party libraries

Third Party Modules in python

Finally lets tackle the database. Although python is capable of handling most of the database but for simplicity, we will use sqlite3 which is very common now a days and friendly too.

Database - Sqlite3 and python 3

Thanks for watching the course.

outro and thanks
+ More updates
2 lectures 23:38
web scraping using python
Web scraping in python part 2
  • Download Eclipse but lecture will discuss, which eclipse and how to install it
  • Use python 3, any latest version will work
  • Platform like Windows, Mac will not be a problem.

Update 06/02/2016 : Eclipse and python 3 installation setup added for WINDOWS

Python is top most language in the scripting world. Python is fully capable of handling automation tasks as well as to further level such as data analysis, web development such as Django or even penetration testing. All starts with basics of python.

We will target 3.x version of python, which is entirely new branch of python. Most people are moving towards this branch as it is purely object oriented and have been designed from scratch. According to official statement, python 3 will only be supported in the future and official site will soon discontinue the support for 2.x branch. Everyone is switching to this new python and it’s a right time for you to get started.

This course is not a course full of jargons, as we understand that power point and too much high end programming jargon words can make you sleep easily. Course is a full hand on practice with a small touch of fun.

We will start from installing python 3 on a MAC and Windows and will at configuring Eclipse. Eclipse is a cross platform IDE that is available for Windows and MAC and helps us by code suggestion while writing code. It’s a professional way of writing code. Further we will explore python data types, conditionals, loops and some keywords like “break” and “continue”. Further we will explore python strings in built functions. Next we will tackle files and learn to create a copy of image file in python. Further, we will move towards Object Oriented and will look at classes, objects, and inheritance.

Finally, we will handle database and will also talk about saving memory using decorators.

All the exercise files are already included with the course.

There is separate video to help you to download the exercise files and set them up on your system. This course will be a life changing experience for you. Videos are fun to watch and our special techniques will help you to reach towards the end of the course.

Let's meet up in the course!

Who this course is for:
  • beginners in programming
  • web developers
  • system administrators
  • No Prior programming knowledge is needed, but if you have, it will certainly help
  • University students will be able to complete their assignment using this course