PyCharm for Power-Developer
4.0 (82 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
379 students enrolled

PyCharm for Power-Developer

Optimize Pycharm's strength to develop application easily.
4.0 (82 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
379 students enrolled
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What you'll learn
  • Create high-quality code with PyCharm
  • Recognize the different methods of using quotes to contain your text in the print function
  • Understand how to create a project with the Flask microframework
  • Navigate through the source code of a project and the source of python libraries
  • Improve your code quality with Lens Mode and Intentions
  • Use Python with database and web technology development
  • Discover how to write, refactor, test, and debug Python code with PyCharm
  • Understand how code completion works in PyCharm for Python and JavaScript
Course content
Expand all 25 lectures 02:13:40
+ Hello PyCharm
5 lectures 24:16

This video provides an overview of the entire course.

Preview 04:24

This video gives a general introduction of Python and you learn to create a project.

   •  Understand Python

   •  Study Python 2 versus Python 3

   •  Create a project in PyCharm

Starting a New Project: Python Versions and Interpreters

This video aims to teach you PyCharm’s Lens Mode to navigate errors and warnings.

   •  Understand PyCharm’s Lens Mode

   •  Demonstrate with the sandwich shop example

   •  Add functionality to the project

PyCharm’s Lens Mode: Navigating Errors and Warnings Throughout a File

This video is the second part about the global infrastructure of AWS and it covers the availability zones.

   •  Create a Python class object

   •  Learn to fix errors with PyCharm’s intention actions

   •  Demonstrate with the sandwich shop example

Intention Actions: Making the Most of PyCharm’s Suggested Solutions

This video aims to access and demonstrate the use of Python Interactive Console.

   •  Learn about Python Interactive Console

   •  Study how to use Python in the script function

   •  Demonstrate using an example

PyCharm’s Python Console
+ Python Packages, Virtual Environments, and Version Control
5 lectures 29:13

This video gives an overview of the Package Manager and how to add packages in Python.

   •  Study Python packages

   •  Learn to use packages with the help of example

   •  Add Python packages using PyCharm’s Package Manager

PyCharm’s Package Manager

This video aims to teach you PIP and how to use it.

   •  Learn to access PIP in PyCharm

   •  Update packages in PyCharm

   •  Install multiple Python Packages at once

Pip Installs Packages

This video is a demo video to create a virtual environment in PyCharm.

   •  Study about virtual environments

   •  Create a virtual environment in PyCharm

   •  Understand data processing issues

Setting Up Virtual Environments in PyCharm

This video aims to explore the Anaconda and Conda environments in PyCharm.

   •  Explore Anaconda

   •  Understand the Conda package manager

   •  Demonstrate the Conda environment in PyCharm

Anaconda and Conda Environments

This video aims to show the use of version control in PyCharm.

   •  Learn about version control and Git

   •  Create a new project and push to Git

   •  Explore Git commands in PyCharm with the help of an example

Integrating Version Control
+ Creating Quality Python Code
6 lectures 30:07

This video is an introduction to PEP8.

   •  Learn about the PEP8 style guide

   •  Demonstrate PEP8 with an example

   •  Customize PyCharm’s style guide

Preview 05:50

This video takes you on a deep diveinto PyLint.

   •  Learn to install PyLint

   •  Run reports

   •  Compare the code with previous versions

Exploring PyLint

This video aims to explore and discover the PyCharm Debugger.

   •  Learn to add break points and launch PyCharm’s debugger

   •  Deploy example to View variable’s current values, data types, sizes and so on

   •  Explore the Step Over, Step Into, and Step out code functions

Discovering PyCharm’s Debugger

This video aims to show the use of assertion and unit tests in PyCham.

   •  Understand the use of assertions

   •  Explore unit tests

Assertions and Unit Tests

This video aims to configure and run tests.

   •  Understand testing frameworks

   •  Learn to acquire a framework with PyCharm

   •  Set the appropriate runner in PyCharm

Configuring Test Runners

This video aims to create dynamic templates with Ninja.

   •  Learn about PyCharm’s file templates

   •  Explore popular Python template engines

   •  Demonstrate using an HTML template

Making Dynamic Templates with Ninja
+ Python, JSON, and SQL
5 lectures 25:44

This video gives an introduction to JSON.

   •  Learn about JSON

   •  Demonstrate with an example

   •  Compare an object in JSON to Python

Introduction to JavaScript Objects

This video aims to explore JSON files and shows how to read, extract, and save data.

   •  Learn to read a JSON file

   •  Demonstrate how to extract data from the JSON object with an example

   •  Save data to a JSON file

JSON and Python

This video aims to explain the use of database and shows how to create it.

   •  Understand the need for a database

   •  Create a database file for our local machines

   •  Demonstrate howto insert data into an existing database file

Creating a Local SQL Database

This video aims to demonstrate an example of connecting a remote database.

   •  Create a SQL server with GearHost

   •  Learn to obtain the necessary tools to connect to that server

   •  Deploy an example to connect a server with pyodbc

Connecting to a Remote Database

This video aims to explore different SQL queries in Python.

   •  Learn the typical syntax

   •  Understand the common commands

   •  Deploy example queries in Python

Queries in SQL
+ Flask and Web Development
4 lectures 24:20

This video aims to explain what makes an API restful.

   •  Understand RESTful APIs

   •  Explore important API commands

   •  Deploy an example for connecting to an API


This video aims to set and run a web framework called Flask.

   •  Introduction to the Flask framework in PyCharm

   •  Demonstrate how to print “Hello World” in a web app through PyCharm

   •  Deploy an example to launch an app through the command line

Introducing the Flask Framework

This video will demonstrate how to create a Hello World Web App.

   •  Create a demo web app

   •  Learn to use POST and GET

   •  Expand the web app using templates and static directories

Hello World Web App

This video aims to combine Flask and SQL to make an even more powerful application.

   •  Demonstrate and create web app login page

   •  Explore SQL Alchemy

   •  learn to organize user with Flask Login Manager

Tying it All Together: Flask and SQL
  • A fast-paced guide to help you set up your development environment and explore PyCharm's first-rate text editing tools in an engaging, friendly, example-driven way.

Python is a beautiful and fast-growing language used to develop programs to efficiently analyze data, create eloquent software solutions for real-world problems, and design original web apps. PyCharm brings the robust and mature tools that you would expect from Visual Studio or Eclipse to Python development and provides you with a one-stop shop for all of your development tool needs.

In this course, you’ll learn how to improve your code quality with Lens Mode and Intentions, refactor and debug code, and perform unit testing with the PyCharm test runner. Along the way, we’ll work with SQL databases. Further on, you’ll learn to integrate Python with web projects that include HTML and JavaScript and build a project with the Flask microframework.

By the end of the course, you’ll be well-versed with a terrific tool for Python development—PyCharm—and be able to do everything expected of a Python developer.

About the Author

Melissa Dale is a Research Assistant at iPRoBe Lab. She is currently working with Python in Computer Vision and Machine Learning. Her previous research has focused on Software Engineering with a focus on design patterns and how they evolve over time. For her research, she has had the opportunity to explore using multiple languages including Python, Java, and Statistical R.

Who this course is for:
  • The course is targeted at Python dev who would want to learn how to test, maintain and evolve their software with PyCharm