Puppet Pin Rigging in After Effects

Animate 2D cartoon characters in After Effects!
Rating: 4.7 out of 5 (138 ratings)
9,079 students
Puppet Pin Rigging in After Effects
Rating: 4.7 out of 5 (139 ratings)
9,083 students
Rig and animate 2D characters using the base Puppet Pin Tool


  • Basic understanding of the tools and timeline in After Effects

In this course I will take you through the process of rigging and animating a character using the Puppet Pin Tool in After Effects. Throughout the course we will be importing a PSD file, grouping layers, applying pins, and creating a simple animation. More specifically, main topics for this course include:

  • Overviewing character setup and design

  • Importing multi-Layer assets in After Effects

  • Assembling main body parts into compositions

  • Adjusting Expansion and Density for puppet meshes

  • Creating multiple meshes

  • Creating animation with the pins

  • Polishing animation

  • Exporting animation

Who this course is for:
  • Students interested in animating
  • Students who want to learn character animation
  • Animators looking to add new tricks to their workflow
Course content
5 sections • 16 lectures • 1h 19m total length
  • What You Will Learn in this Course
  • Designing Your Character
  • Assembling Your After Effects Comps
  • Exploring Puppet Pin Options
  • Precomposing Main Groups
  • Creating Multiple Meshes
  • Readying Your Layers
  • Animating the Jump
  • Animating the Landing
  • Animating the Wave
  • Polishing the Jump
  • Animating the Character in Scene
  • Further Animation Polishing
  • Adding Stiffness with the Starch Tool
  • Exporting Your Animation
  • Final Thoughts

Freelance animator and screencaster
Chad Troftgruben
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I have spent several years learning different kinds of software while freelancing personal and commercial projects. Along the way I have collected a bunch of useful knowledge that can be translated into engaging video tutorials. So while I continue to create zany animated adventures, I want to share with you what I have learned. 

I have worked for several companies over the years creating eLearning content. Some of these include: Smith Micro, Virtual Training Company, Packt Publishing, Train Simple and Pluralsight. 

My animation is freelance based and isn't as well known as my eLearning content. I have a few animation projects I currently have my hands in. In addition, I work for others who need animation assistance.