2020 Complete Public Speaking & Presentation Skills Course
4.4 (51 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
839 students enrolled

2020 Complete Public Speaking & Presentation Skills Course

Public Speaking doesn't have to be Scary... Learn TOP Public Speaking Tips & Hacks, Become a Confident Public Speaker.
4.4 (51 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
839 students enrolled
Created by Jimmy Naraine
Last updated 4/2020
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What you'll learn
  • Practical Strategies, Techniques and Methods for Overcoming Fear of Presenting
  • Get Access to Top Quality Videos: all filmed by a professional movie crew
  • Learn How To Feel Comfortable on any Stage
  • Learn How To LEAD From the Stage and Influence Groups of People
  • Anyone is welcomed to take this course. You don't need any public speaking or video presenting experience
  • Even if you have experience presenting, you will get a lot of value from this course
  • You need to be willing to implement the tools and strategies presented here
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Are you afraid of public speaking?
There is a big chance that at some point in the future you will need to present on a stage or in front of a camera., especially if you are an entrepreneur or business professional. Putting yourself out there can be very scary. However, with the right preparation it can become just another powerful skill that will help you to unlock new opportunities in life.

Learning how to be a captivating speaker is a game changer for any person serious about their business and you know what? More and more people understand it. However, they don’t take any action. Why?
The answer is: LIMITING BELIEFS and that F word... FEAR.

You may be thinking:

“Presenting is just too scary”
“I wouldn’t look good on the stage or camera”
"I don't know what to say"
"What if people will reject me? what if I make a dumb mistake?"
"I have no idea how to start"
and so on...

All of those thoughts are simply limiting beliefs. They are just your perception of reality. The good news is that virtually anyone can make dramatic improvements in their ability to present. The crucial ingredient is the willingness to take that first step. You are not on your own though.

In this course I will help you to smash the fear of presenting and will teach you some of the most powerful strategies for delivering great presentations. Please look at the curriculum and watch the FREE preview videos to find out whether the content is right for you (and whether you like my teaching style).

The ability to speak with confidence, conviction and charisma is something that can revolutionise your business. Just think about all the golden opportunities you are missing out on because of not putting yourself out there! On the flip side, how would it feel to become a bulletproof presenter. How would it feel to have the ability to speak to any crowd anywhere, any time?

Imagine that you get an invitation to speak at a conference thinking: “perfect, I’m gonna smash it and get new customers for my business”.

How would it feel to know that instead dreading team meet ups, you can feel excited about them, knowing that you will captivate and positively influence your team?

How would it feel to know that you can deliver a sales pitch to potential clients with confidence?

How would it feel to know that you can accept any video interview appearance with excitement, knowing that you will exceed all expectations.

Finally, how would this new found confidence and skills impact your leadership? How much more power would you have as a leader?

This comprehensive course will serve as a blueprint for making it a reality. Before signing up, don’t take my word for it. I want you to o ahead and see the free preview videos and the curriculum to see exactly how this course will help you to become compelling and confident presenter.

I’m excited to see you on the other side.


Who this course is for:
  • Managers, founders, CEOs and any professionals with aspirations to get into management roles
  • Anyone who wants to become a more confident and compelling presenter will benefit from this course
Course content
Expand all 30 lectures 02:08:46
+ Introduction
5 lectures 35:40

(Attached: Special PDF & summary)  Welcome to this public speaking course for professionals. I made this course with business people in mind, but it will help anyone who struggles with presenting. In this video I will share with you why I created this course and how to complete it in the most effective way.

Presentation skills is something that absolutely anyone can acquire. However, rather than "reinventing the wheel" it's much better to follow a proven system. This is exactly what I'm offering you in this course.

BONUS: you can download my free Confidence guide that I'm sure you will find helpful on your path to overcoming fear and building stage confidence.

Preview 02:54

(Attached: Lecture Summary & Special PDF with important self awareness questions)
Many people are surprised when they find out, but I used to be panically afraid of public speaking. I still remember those times when I couldn't summon enough courage to simply get in front of 5 people, let alone a big audience. As a teenager I suffered from social anxiety and this definitely did not help.

However, over the years I discovered powerful tools that enabled me to transform. It wasn't easy, but the outcome was worth all the effort. In this course I'm not just teaching common sense tips, but I'm actually sharing with you my real life experience.

Watch the video to find out more about my journey and I hope that it will inspire you.

Preview 07:15

(Attached: Full Lecture Summary PDF)  QUICK Win Video so you can get the most important tools ASAP in case you have a presentation coming up today or tomorrow.

QUICK WIN video Part 1

(Attached: Full Lecture Summary PDF)
Second part of the QUICK WIN video.

Preview 11:31

(Attached: Full Lecture Summary PDF) I'm aware that this statement sounds counter intuitive and your first response may be: "come on, Jimmy, I am far from a public speaker!" However, I'm sure that after watching this video you will reconsider and hopefully it will change how you perceive public speaking.

As Strange as it Sounds You Are Already a Speaker and Here's Why
+ Confidence
7 lectures 26:15

Confidence, confidence, confidence... isn't it something that every single person wants more of? In this section, I will share with you my favorite tools and strategies for building confidence that will help you to go out there and share your message.

Introduction to Confidence Section

(Attached: Full Lecture Summary PDF)       We all have our identities. Unfortunately, most of us have a negative self image. This is often a result of negative programming during our childhood. The good news is that identity is something you can consciously shape and in this video I will show you how.

Having a powerful identity will have a huge impact on your success as a public speaker, but not only that... it will increase the overall quality of your life. 

I hope that you will enjoy this video.

Preview 05:18

(Attached: Full Lecture Summary PDF)      Have you ever seen 30 grown ups standing at the edge of a 12m cliff shouting "I AM A SPARTAN!" and jumping in? If yes, you probably saw me with my friends :) In this video I will teach you how to use the power of mantra in order to face difficulties and uncomfortable situations. This of course includes speaking in public:)

Get into the Winner's State with a Powerful Mantra

(Attached: Full Lecture Summary PDF)     Trying to please everyone is one of the biggest mistakes you can ever make. In this video I will explain why and how to stop engaging in this counter productive activity.

You CANNOT Please Everyone

(Attached: Full Lecture Summary PDF)     Acceptance is something most people don't consider when talking about confidence, but it is one of the fundamental things you need to handle. Here's why

The Power of Acceptance

(Attached: Full Lecture Summary PDF)       Let's talk about the F word now... Everyone experiences fear and there is a good reason for it. Most of us try to run away from it, however, why not learn how to dance with it?

Why Are We Afraid?

(Attached: Full Lecture Summary PDF)       Do you ever have moments when you feel like you are not good enough? Perhaps, you start pondering what you've accomplished and suddenly the inner voice kicks in: "it's all an illusion, you don't deserve it. You are not that great, you were lucky..."

If you resonate, you need to know that you are not alone. I myself experienced an imposter syndrome that prevented me from getting on stages. Quite frankly, it almost ruined my life and in this video I will share with you how I managed to fight it off...

Preview 07:29
+ Practice & Content Prep
8 lectures 25:31

In this section we will focus on content prep and practice. I will share with you my fav strategies without overwhelming you. Please remember that the most important thing is that you take action.


(Attached: Full Lecture Summary PDF)      Defining your audience is the first step you need to take whenever you are about to get on any stage.

Define Your Audience

(Attached: Full Lecture Summary PDF)       Storytelling is powerful and you need to embrace it. In this video we will delve deeper into this topic and get you started on the journey of storytelling.

The Power of Storytelling

(Attached: Full Lecture Summary PDF)      In the previous video we talked about storytelling so let me share with you one :)

The story I'm about to share is far from comfortable, but it taught me many great lessons and I believe that you will find it very valuable.

Running From the Stage Story

I know that filming your practice may sound scary, but if you want to become a next level public speaker you need to embrace it. Here is why... (and HOW)

Why You NEED TO Film Your Practice Rounds

Here's a very clever strategy for practicing your content and delivery. I'm using it to this day.

How To Practice in Social Environment

Let's talk a little bit about something that is a little bit "out of the box", yet powerful.

Out of the Box Practice Routine

In this video I will share with you my top tips for getting your slides right.

Thoughts on Slides
+ Engaging Your Audience
4 lectures 12:55

Addressing the "pink elephant" is one of the most powerful strategies you can ever use as a public speaker. Here's why...

Address the Pink Elephant in the Room

What to do when there are not enough people in your audience?

What if There Are Not Enough People?

As simple as it sounds, sticking around after your speech is one of the best things you can do for yourself as this is when the biggest opportunities will present themselves. Here's why...

Stick Around After the Speech

Let's talk about something that every presenter wants to do. As a public speaker, you want to mage sure that you engage your audience and leave them with a massive breakthrough. In this video I will share with you exactly what I've learn on my journey and I'm sure that you will find it valuable.

How To Engage Your Audience?
+ What I Wish I Knew Before
6 lectures 28:25

In this section I will share with you all types of things I wish I knew back in the day when I got started with presenting. Also, this section will be updated with new videos in the future.

What I Wish I Knew - Section Introduction

This is one of those questions I get asked the most so let me address it. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced presenter I will share with you how you can get more stage time.

How To Get Speaking Gigs

The title may sound mysterious, but it's actually very simple (not easy though). In this video I will share with you exactly what you can do to get 10x more value out of any conference AND land new speaking engagements.

Preview 04:55

In this video I'm sharing a lesson I've learnt the hard way...

Why You ALWAYS Need To Film Your Speech

In this longer video I'm sharing you 5 Strategies for becoming a better stage host.

Ultimate Tips for Being a Great STAGE HOST

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Preview 00:51