Public Speaking Mastery

Ultimate Guide To Turning Your Shyness To Boldness And Present Better
Rating: 4.4 out of 5 (162 ratings)
5,875 students
Public Speaking Mastery
Rating: 4.4 out of 5 (162 ratings)
5,875 students
Understand public speaking foundation.
Understand the benefits of public speaking and its application to everyday life success.
Develop a speech
Organize a speech
Understand the types of speeches.
How to say things the right way
How to use your body to communicate
How to use voice inflection
How to research your speech topic
How to get use and get comfortable with visual aid
How to persuade with power and confidence


  • You should be willing to use ideas shared in this course to create your own recorded speech or speeches.
  • You should be open to assignments and projects.
  • You should be willing to practice in order to get the best out of this course.


This course is created to help you improve and master public speaking skills. Whether you are a business owner, an entrepreneur, or a college student, you will learn practical tips that will help you become an effective speaker.

So, by the end of this course, you would have learned the following: the foundation to effective communicator, speech development and organization, how to get to the point, how to say it the right way, how to use your body to communicate, how to use voice inflection, how to research a topic, how to get comfortable with visual aids, and how to  persuade with power and confidence.

I approach this course in a way that will help you regardless of your level in public speaking. whether you are a business person, entrepreneur, or college student, you will learn a new skill or tip that will help you towards becoming an effective speaker.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is willing to overcome public speaking fear.
  • Anyone who will like to double his or her income through public speaking.
  • Anyone who wants to be an influence to others.
  • Anyone who is ready to be an effective public speaker.

Course content

1 section • 19 lectures • 1h 47m total length
  • Introduction
  • Benefits Of Public Speaking
  • The Foundations To Effective Public Speaking
  • Types Of Speeches Part 1
  • Types Of Speeches Part 2
  • How To Research Your Speech Topic
  • How To Use Voice Inflection Part 1
  • How To Use Voice Inflection Part 2
  • How To Develop Your Speech Part 1
  • How To Develop Your Speech Part 2
  • How To Develop Your Speech Part 3
  • How To Develop Your Speech Part 4
  • How To Organize Your Speech - Part 1
  • How To Organize Your Speech - Part 2
  • How To Organize Your Speech - Part 3
  • How To Get Comfortable With Visual Aid - Part 1
  • How To Get Comfortable With Visual Aid - Part 2
  • How To Persuade With Power And Confidence - Part 1
  • How To Persuade With Power And Confidence - The End


Speaker / Author / Coach
Lekan Ahmed
  • 4.2 Instructor Rating
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LEKAN AHMED is a distinguished toastmasters, author and personal development trainer who has continued to share his message on how people can be more, achieve more, and succeed more by looking inward and finding their life’s purpose. He is a best-selling author whose books include Igniting Your Smart Plugs: Discover Seven Secrets That Will Change How You Think and Act, Finding Your Place on Planet Earth, and The Unseen Dangers.

After his voyage from Africa to the United States of America in pursuit of his dreams and goals in order to afford him the promise he made to his parent that he would liberate them from poverty.

As the youngest child, Lekan was raised in poverty. At the age of five, he challenged his parent and questioned them why they were poor, but with no satisfying response, he decided to create a better life for himself and his parents.

He started working at the age of 9 helping his mother to sell bread on the street of Lagos, Nigeria. By 17, he got a job in the factory where they were maltreated, but forged ahead. By 21, he started his first company as an entrepreneur where he sold phone calling cards and operated a small Kinkos where people came to make phone calls, but soon, the business failed and he found another job in the bank as a cleaner, where he acquired the knowledge of stock trading through the help of his boss. He then went to college to study electrical engineering, but realized the need for leadership development among fellow students.

Lekan, with a few other students, decided to start an organization that focused on training students on becoming an effective leader. He has continued to use this medium to impact lives all over the world, from hosting is own events, to being a regular conference speaker.

Lekan is the founder of Lekan Leadership International and the Lekan Leadership Academy, the legendary personal development program for leaders and achievers.

He is recognized as a thought leader in human motivation. He has received many awards to his name.