Public Speaking For Millennials
3.7 (6 ratings)
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Public Speaking For Millennials

Public speaking is an essential skill to have for all millennials to succeed in their personal and professional lives
3.7 (6 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
405 students enrolled
Published 9/2015
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What you'll learn
  • Learn The Fundamentals of Successful Speaking
  • Implement Top Speakers' Tips and Tricks
  • Take Specific Steps To Become A Confident Public Speaker
  • Desire to Learn and Take Action

Imagine speaking confidently in any setting, being able to persuade your audience with charisma and skill. Is this possible for you? It is, if you're willing to learn and take action.

In this course, we cover the fundamentals of all successful public speaking, tips and tricks the best speakers use, tactics to overcome fear, and actionable next steps to get out there and start speaking. We also have interviews with top young millennial speakers that are sharing their secrets of successful speaking with you.

Most courses about public speaking are taught by older people that are out of touch with the millennial generation. This is a course by younger people, for younger people. As a millennial, public speaking is such a powerful skill to have as so few of your peers will be able to speak the way you can. The opportunities that come with this skillset are endless!


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Who this course is for:
  • Millennials Who Want To Be Able To Speak Confidently In Any Setting
Course content
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+ Why Learn Public Speaking
5 lectures 05:39

Thank you for joining our course on public speaking for millennials!

In this short introductory video we tell you what to expect from the course.

  • Fundamentals of Public Speaking
  • Tips and Tricks Used by Top Speakers
  • Interviews With Successful Millennial Speakers
  • Practical, Actionable Steps To Get Into Public Speaking
This will have many benefits to multiple aspects of your life- Your career, school, confidence levels, and more.
Please give us a 5-star review so we can continue to spread this empowering information to as many people as possible!
Preview 01:07

In this video, you'll learn about how learning public speaking will empower you to:

  • Give Powerful Class Presentations
  • Build Valuable Social Skills
  • Influence and Persuade In Clubs and Societies
Preview 01:28

Public speaking is an essential skill to have for every entrepreneur out there. In this lecture, we go into some of the reasons why, including:

  • Fundraising
  • Motivating Your Team
  • Sales
Preview 00:58

This video explains how you can use your skills as a public speaker to:

  • Ensure That Your Staff Take You Seriously
  • Fight For Your Team
  • Establish Yourself As A Leader
Preview 01:06

Public speaking will skyrocket your career if you put in the time and effort to learn and implement it. We go over some reasons why:

  • Get Noticed, Get Promoted
  • Build Influence To Facilitate Change
  • Establish Yourself As A Thought Leader
Preview 01:00
+ The Fundamentals Of Public Speaking
11 lectures 14:17

There are three main types of speeches that you are likely to use.

Without knowing them you will have trouble planning an effective speech and discussing your performance with others who can help you improve.

Preview 01:09

Fear is an emotion that even the best public speakers feel. In the video, we talk about how the most effective speakers deal with that fear. Hint: Mindfulness and experience are important pieces of the puzzle!

Overcoming Fear

If you don't understand your audience you are going to lose their attention very quickly! This video describes what to think about while preparing your speech so that you can keep them engaged.

Understanding The Audience

After watching this video you will be ready to:

  • Create Powerful Speeches By Breaking Them Down Into 3 Sections
  • Prepare Your Speech For Maximum Audience Engagement
Organizing Your Speech

In this video, we dive into body language, which is actually 55% of all communication (language is only 7%!) This is an essential topic to master, as no matter how good your content is, if you don't have good body language during your speech, it will fall flat.

Body Language

Um... Err... But... All of these 'filler words' make you sound unprofessional on stage and make it clear that you are a new speaker. You'll want to eliminate these mistakes from your speeches as soon as possible. Watch this video to learn how!

Filler Words

Emotional engagement is the fuel to the fire of a powerful speech. If you don't care about what you're talking about, the audience can tell. In this video, we show you how to engage your emotions in your speeches.

Emotional Engagement

Your voice can keep an audience engaged, or put them to sleep...

Depending on your tone you can show strength, or weakness...

Watch this video to learn how to manage your voice and keep listeners hanging on your every word!

Vocal Tonality and Range

The human mind loves stories. We go into the structure of an engaging story, and talk about why stories are essential to a memorable speech.


Making eye contact with your audience keeps people engaged with your message. Do it the wrong way, however, and you can appear weak. Or worse... creepy!

In this video we describe how to use eye contact to show strength, be more convincing, and keep your listeners connected with your message.

Preview 01:55

Everyone makes mistakes, and as a public speaker, that can sometimes be hard to swallow. In this video, we talk about what the best mindsets and approaches are to making mistakes while public speaking.

Making Mistakes
+ Public Speaking Tips and Tricks
4 lectures 05:13

Have you heard of the speaking trick called 'The Ball'? Most people have never heard of this technique, but we've all unknowingly seen it used by powerful politicians and CEOs. Watch this video and add this secret technique to your public speaking arsenal!

Preview 01:08

The pause is an underutilized trick which is in the arsenal of all quality speakers. Watch the video to find out how to use it to maximum effect!

The Pause

A major mistake that new speakers make is assuming that, because they are on stage, they are the only person who should be heard. Droning on like a dry lecturer, their audience is half asleep before their speech is half over!

By engaging with your audience you can keep the energy high and share your message on a more personal level. This video reveals the best ways you can interact with your audience!

Audience Engagement

Contrary to popular belief, you don't always need to dress professionally while giving a speech. Watch the video to find out why!

Preview 01:12
+ Interviews With Successful Millennial Speakers
11 lectures 20:57

Chirag Kulkarni is a serial entrepreneur and international public speaker. He shares valuable wisdom and distills his extensive public speaking knowledge in these videos. Here are some links to his web presence:

Chirag Kulkarni: Introduction

In this video, Chirag talks about how public speaking has helped him in his life.

How Public Speaking Has Helped Me

Chirag talks about why learning how to speak in public is so important for millennials.

The Importance Of Public Speaking For Millennials

Chirag talks about the most important skill to have when speaking in public.

The Most Important Skill In Public Speaking

Chirag is speaking from lots of experience when he teaches us, in detail, how to get paid lots of money to speak.

How To Get Paid To Speak

Chirag talks about why confidence is so key to public speaking.

The Importance Of Confidence

Chirag gives his highly memorable "C-C-E" formula to a successful speech. Knowing this formula is pivotal to creating powerful speeches.

The Secret "C-C-E" Formula

When we were learning to speaking public, Conrad Cheeks was the president of the Toastmasters Club that we were active members of. As president of Toastmasters, Conrad was able to lead the club to becoming a "Distinguished Club." Conrad has been speaking for years and has great advice to share in these videos. In this video, Conrad talks about how public speaking helps him in his life.

Conrad Cheeks: How Public Speaking Helps Me In My Life

As president of the Northeastern University Toastmasters Club for years, Conrad has seen many dozens of millennials go through his club. In this video, Conrad talks about how Toastmasters can help speakers at any level of experience.

How Toastmasters Can Help Speakers

Conrad has seen Toastmasters Club members progress fast, and slow. In this video, he teaches us the way to become a skilled public speaker- fast.

How To Become A Better Speaker- Fast
Conrad believes that the most important thing to do as a speaker is to be yourself on stage. That might sound simple, but it's a deeper concept that it seems. In the video, Conrad elaborates on the topic.
Be Yourself On Stage
+ Next Steps For Speaking In Public
5 lectures 05:15

Toastmasters International is a necessary resource for millennials who want to become effective public speakers. Here's why you should join and the what you can expect as a member. Get started as a new member by visiting

Toastmasters Club

Want to get paid to speak? How would you like to share your passions with people who can help turn your dreams into reality? This video shares the top venues where you can be seen by people who matter.

Other Venues For Speaking

Public speaking will have a massive effect on your career. It will help you position yourself as a leader in your field and prepare you for executive positions in any company. Also, have you seen how much you can be paid for a 1-hour talk?

Speaking As A Complement To Your Career

No amount of reading will prepare you to be an effective public speaker without on-stage practice, but there are a few books that can drastically decrease the time you spend improving your skills. Watch this video to learn which books can shave years off of your learning curve!

Books To Read

Thank you so much for joining us during this course! Now it's time to take action...

  1. Visit to find a speaking club near you.
  2. Buy and read 1 or 2 of the books mentioned in the last video.
  3. Practice with a friend who also wants to improve their public speaking!

We're really glad you were able to learn with us here on Udemy. If you felt that you got value from this course, please leave us a 5 star review so that we can help others participate in the training you just received!

Wrapping Up