Public Speaking Essentials with Television's Kathy Le

Public Speaking made easy with practical and effective skills and concepts that will allow you to elevate your speaking
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Understand why people fear public speaking and learn some of the top proven skills and strategies to help manage anxiety.
Learn how to speak with more clarity to get your message across accurately to your audience.
Learn how deliver and communicate in a compelling way by utilizing proven strategies.
Learn to use your body language and facial expressions to elevate your delivery in any speaking setting.
Examine why understanding your audience is integral to finding success as a public speaker or presenter.
Learn how to be more calm, clear, and concise in business and professionals settings.


  • There are no requirements or prerequisites for taking Public Speaking Essentials. This course is geared to providing students with introductory skills and concepts to get them started on their public speaking journey.


Public Speaking Made Easy

Lets face it...

Public speaking is one of the most important skills we can have in our locker to achieve success.

But an estimated 77% of the population experiences some form of anxiety with this soft skill - something needs to change!

This is exactly why I have created my brand new Public Speaking Essentials on-line course.

Public Speaking Essentials will teach you carefully selected skills and concepts that will help you improve your public speaking skills right on the spot.

The course is divided into five quick and easy-to-digest modules. You will be taught why people fear public speaking and are provided some tips to help you diminish yours anxiety around public speaking. The program addresses the technical side of public speaking and will teach you  an effective technique to you be more concise and compelling when you speak. Furthermore, you will learn about the importance of understanding your audience before you speak or deliver any presentation.

What you will learn:

  • learn how to overcome fear and anxiety

  • how to captivate an audience

  • the power of the pause

  • how to speak with clarity

  • mastering non-verbal-cues

  • how to understand your audience

Together we can kick all the self-doubt and neves to the curb.

Gain immediate life time access today!

What do you got to lose?

Who this course is for:

  • Public Speaking Essentials is for the student who realizes that polished public speaking skills is a powerful tool to help them achieve their personal and career goals. The program provides basic concepts and tips to help the student kick off their public speaking journey on the right foot. It sets the foundation that will allow the student to be able to build and achieve a higher level of speaking efficiency and proficiency.


Executive Speaking Coach at Spark Your Speaking
Kathy Le
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I’ve been speaking for a living on TV for more than a decade and have had the privilege of emceeing, moderating and being the keynote speaker for more than 100 events. My career has been incredibly rewarding as a TV journalist and also as a host, helping various non-profit organizations. I’ve presented in front of countless groups with my largest audience being about 10 thousand! It’s been a fun journey and I’ve learned so much along the way.

To be completely honest, I was an incredibly shy child and growing up I was terrified to even raise my hand and talk in front of people. When I look back on the introverted and quiet kid I was, I’m proud of how much I’ve grown. I am living proof that anyone can improve their public speaking skills and use it towards achieving their goals in life and in their career.

Public speaking is an essential skill and I’m grateful to be able to pass this knowledge on to others.

I have a wealth of lived experience to draw from and have helped many of my students elevate their public speaking, overcome fear and craft their messages in a clear and concise way.

But beyond that, I specialize in helping people discover their authentic voice and coach them to bring that part out on the stage (whatever that stage is for you.) This ability will not only elevate your public speaking but will set you apart from others. Your uniqueness and authenticity are your gifts.

If you’d like to learn more about enrolling in any of our courses or have any questions feel free to reach out.

I look forward to teaching you!