Pricing Psychology: Best Pricing Hacks to BOOST online sales

Learn the Most Effective Pricing Hacks Based on Psychological Research + Improve Your Conversion Rate
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The Complete Video Course on Pricing Hacks
Most Effective Psychological Research-Based Pricing Hacks
Improve Conversions and sell more now with these hacks
Simple, easy-to-implement and effective pricing hacks you can execute right away
Improve conversion rates, average order value, boost product subscribers
BOOST your revenue by improving conversions through these pricing hacks


  • Anyone can learn and implement these pricing hacks


A complete Price Point Hacking Video Course that helps e-Commerce stores, digital products, SaaS businesses, and startups to improve conversion rates, average order value, boost product subscribers and your revenue through easy pricing hacks. All the hacks are simple and can be executed right away. SELL MORE NOW with the Most Effective Psychological Research-Based Pricing Hacks.

Who this course is for:

  • eCommerce Stores
  • SaaS Businesses
  • Digital product businesses
  • Online course creators
  • Course instructors
  • Ebook authors
  • Product Startups

Course content

1 section12 lectures36m total length
  • Introduction to Price Point Hacking Course
  • Pricing Hack 1: Reduce the left-most digit using prices ending in 9
  • Pricing Hack 2: Sort products by their pricing in descending order
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  • Pricing Hack 3: How to show a comparison price to improve conversions
  • Pricing Hack 4: Show prices in a smaller font size on the website
  • Pricing Hack 5: Get rid of the comma in your prices
  • Pricing Hack 6: Add low-magnitude keywords in the pricing
  • Pricing Hack 7: Use a lower price point for product bundles
  • Pricing Hack 8: Add the word 'SALE' with the pricing on discounted products
  • Pricing Hack 9: Make your free shipping threshold price based on your target AOV
  • Pricing Hack 10: Offer payments in installments to affect price comparison


Growth Marketing Consultant, Data-Oriented Digital Marketer
Rishabh Dev
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Rishabh Dev is an unconventional growth marketer who is exceptional at helping businesses grow online by building data-orentied growth marketing campaigns.

He uses the power of leverage, offbeat digital channels, OPNs, lean and agile frameworks to drive growth. He brings 10 years of marketing expertise, a lot of past decision-making data, and an extremely reliable experience-driven gut feeling for growth to the digital ecosystem.

Rishabh has worked with 60+ companies to strategize and implement growth campaigns in their marketing process.

From consulting Fortune 500 companies to helping startups achieve scalable growth, Rishabh consults all sizes of business and helps them achieve their growth metrics. He published his first book ‘101 ways to grow your startup’ and his online courses on marketing and growth are recommended or taken by teams at Oracle, National University of Singapore, NUMA, Java, Alcatel, Philips, Accenture, and more.

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