Protecting Yourself, and your kids, Online

Ensuring you remain private and safe on the web.
Rating: 4.0 out of 5 (61 ratings)
6,001 students
Protecting Yourself, and your kids, Online
Rating: 4.0 out of 5 (61 ratings)
6,001 students
Feel safe when chatting or online dating
Setup and use a dedicated communication system with privacy in mind
Understand how easily people can track others online
Feel confident your photos won't reveal your location


  • How to use a web browser
  • How to use their smartphone

This course was created for people who chat online, use online dating, want to protect their privacy or are getting out of a bad relationship. We will learn how to protect ourselves from being easily tracked down online and how we can maintain our privacy while meeting people on the world wide web. Keep yourself safe.

Who this course is for:
  • Online dating participants
  • Online chat enthusiasts
  • People who want to protect their privacy online
  • Parents who want to ensure their kids are protected
  • People getting out of an abusive relationship or who have a stalker
Course content
4 sections • 15 lectures • 44m total length
  • Using an Alias
  • Creating a Google Account
  • Using Google's My Account Area
  • Setup 2FA (Two Factor Authentication)
  • App Specific Passwords for Google 2FA
  • Removing Location Information (EXIF Data) From Your Photos
  • Don't Send Photos You Use On Your Social Profiles
  • Disable GPS Photos on your iPhone
  • Send Photos Without EXIF on Your iPhone
  • Hiding Message Previews on your Lock Screen
  • Google Hangouts for making phone calls and chatting on mobile
  • Google Hangouts for chatting on desktop/laptop
  • Kik Messenger instead of texting
  • Private Browsing on your Desktop or Laptop
  • Private Browsing on your iPhone

Web Technologist
Kray Mitchell
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He's a devil's advocate, he's a strategic thinker, he's a technologist and he's an educator. Since 1997 Kray has been building websites and diving headfirst into the world of web and technology. From building websites to implementing technical solutions for companies of all sizes, he has designed for print, directed for TV, taught in the classroom and mentored the eager.

Kray loves to teach, speak and inspire. With an eclectic background in Information Technology, TV and Film, Graphic Design, he brings a wide range of experience and expertise to all his projects.