Planning Made Easy with Fun and Free Online Tools

A Comparison of 3 Free Tools that you can start using today!
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Choose the right tool for planning your next project
Understand the difference between visual and folder style planners and where to use each style
Discover how much you can plan just using free online tools


  • Students should already have a project in mind so that they can begin to use their tool of choice right away.


Planning Made Easy and Fun with Free Online Tools

Do you love creating and managing products or do you dread it worse than going to the dentist?

There are so many great free tools online today that can help you succeed with any project and take the dread away. In this course you will learn about 3 very popular tools and find out what each one does well.

Just because it’s free, doesn’t mean it will work for you. I have chosen three great tools that get a lot done with just the free version so there is no need to pay for upgraded versions. I will also help you to see which tool would work best for you based on your tastes and your style of working.

Design your project so that you can take action and remain motivated.

  • Learn which tools have the bells and whistles you need to make project planning fun for you instead of something you dread.
  • Discover the power to progress tracking to keep you motivated and get your projects done fast.
  • Uncover ways to use color to organize your tasks and your progress on those tasks.

Enjoy the simplicity of these tools.

  • Tools should never add to your feeling of overwhelm. Each tool you use should make your life easier and help you get out of the planning stage and into action quickly. I have chosen each of the tools reviewed in this course for their simplicity. After watching the overview of each tool, you will be able to make an educated choice and then get up and running with the tool right away.

Course Structure

  • Each lecture has been designed to be short and sweet. I want you to get the main point without a whole lot of rambling. The point of this course is to get you off and running on your project.
  • The Introduction will set the stage for what to look for in a planning tool.
  • The 3 sections that follow will give you and overview and screen shots of each tools so that you can see it in action.
  • The Wrap Up includes a comparison chart so that you can quickly see the pro’s and con’s of each tool plus a video lecture that gives you recommendations on which tool is right for you.



If this course doesn’t meet your expectations, you can get your money back. However, I know you will love the simplicity and common sense approach. You can reach out to me anytime you have questions, want support or want to share your success. I am just a quick message away.

Now is the right time to change the way you plan your projects!!!

Click the Take the Course button today and let’s get started.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is meant for students who have projects they want to get working on but who have struggled to wrap their head around an effective system for getting things done.
  • This course is not intended to teach you how to plan but rather how to use tools to plan the project you already have.

Course content

5 sections20 lectures1h 0m total length
  • What will you get out of this course?
  • You will enjoy the simplicity of this course design
  • Why I created this course to help you
  • How did tools make the cut for this course
  • What tools must have in order to be useful for you


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