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Easy step by step guide - Exercises and more!
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Building Muscle
Building Width
Getting a healthier posture
Learn how to count calories and how to obtain a fit physique


  • English on a listening level
  • An open mind and a will to learn
  • Patience to work hard - and keep doing so!
  • Tools are optional and links for the best products are found in the training manual


This class will have its main focus on how to obtain a wider physique. This includes exercising shoulders, chest, back, abs but isn't limited to exercises only. In the course, I have included videos on how to get a better posture, how to think of nutrition and how to stretch correctly. The last mentioned is to support the main goal of achieving a more fit, wide, and complete look. Everything you need to know is given in the videos and the rest is written in the form of a training manual for you to follow! Some tips are given at the end of the videos, so make sure to watch everything. Enjoy!

To make the course simpler to navigate, I've divided it into 6 videos.

- Chest exercises using dumbbells, bar, and bodyweight

- Back exercises using bar and bodyweight

- Shoulder exercises using dumbbells, bar, and bodyweight

- Posture and stretches

- Macro's and dieting tips

- Ab exercises using bodyweight

The training manual

To further assist you as a student and the exercise program, I've uploaded a training manual which can be found attached below.

In the manual, you'll find the "set schedule" described in the course, which will help you progressively overload correctly (add weight responsibly) which is important in order to grow muscles. I've written a program for every muscle group and I've kept it short - enjoy ;)

Who this course is for:

  • Fitness Beginners and Intermediates
  • Students looking for exercise-drills to build width
  • Students looking to get in shape
  • Students looking to welcome fitness in their life for good

Course content

2 sections8 lectures42m total length
  • Welcome to my course!


Personal Trainer and Calisthenics Enthusiast
Marius Gram
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Hi, I'm Marius

I was born in a family of elite volleyball players, my twin-sister is a well-educated physiotherapist, so I guess you can say the passion for fitness and nutrition runs in the family.

For the past 10 years, I've been focusing on optimizing weight-training and nutrition for myself and a smaller group. I've focused on bodyweight training and reaching milestones as "The muscle-up" and  "The human flag" and which I aim to teach others to attain the strength and technique.