Professional Video Production

Pre- Pro- and Post-Production Essentials
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Students will learn how to plan "video production events and projects".
Students will learn how to use an "interchangeable lens camera".
Students will learn how to use "advanced camera controls".
Students will learn how to "perform post-production".
Students will learn how to how to "light various scenes".
Students will learn how to "record and monitor audio".


  • No previous experience is necessary.
  • Some familiarity with photography, cinematography, videography and project management; will help students get the most out of the "professional video production process" that is presented in this course.


In the 21st century, many companies require advanced visual communications to connect and spread information about their products and services to the rest of the world.  Visual communication is a skill that is both essential and in demand. This course focuses on the specifics of how to use a leading edge camera platform, a DSLR-like camera, to its full potential so that you are then able to succeed in shooting a professional quality video project. The nature of the project, documentary, film, music video, corporate video, business video, educational video, and so on is not what is essential. The core skill of using your camera effectively is something that can be taken with you and applied to make media of any type as required in your future endeavours.  

After taking the course, you will be able to shoot any type of video and most importantly, will be able to avoid many of the production mishaps that can happen when doing live recordings of audio and video. Even if you have used many cameras before, in many projects, production is something that must constantly be learned and relearned so as to maintain the skills at high level, and thus ensure every new production is as good or better than the last. Specifically, you will also learn about the pre-production, production, and post-production process. You will learn about directing, camerawork, lighting, video editing, sound editing, and other key aspects to media creation. Remember, these skills will help you to become or stay a quality media producer. 

The skills will help you connect your vision to the ever increasing number of people in the world who connect visually through smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers and smart TVs. As a media producer, you have the opportunity to reach an ever increasing browsing population in one of the most effective forms, video. 

Who this course is for:

  • This course benefits anyone who wants to produce "high quality video", which include many types of content professional such as; website publishers, marketers, entrepreneurs, social media experts, musicians and many other types of artists and technicians which work online.
  • This course teaches the "foundational video production steps" through the presentation of a unified, complete and easy to understand "professional video production process template".
  • This is a course for students to learn interesting and useful "video project management and video production techniques and insights".
  • This is a course for those interested in how to use a "professional interchangeable lens camera (ILC)" such as a "mirrorless", "DSLR", or "DSLR-like" camera.
  • This course reveals professional production techniques relating to camera work, lighting and audio recording; recommendations and takeaways practiced by professionals in the film industry.
  • The lessons presented will help students to avoid the "pitfalls and mistakes", which can compromise a production.
  • Intermediate and professional videographers will benefit from a review of this material, especially if the review and refresher is done after a lengthier break from "video and project tasks" and before the "commencement of a new project".
  • This is a guide for "intermediate video producers" to recall "important media related lessons learned from their past work".


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