Productivity in Excel using ExTool

Learn how to be a champion at work with cloud-powered Excel
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At the end of this course, students will be able to master their Excel skills by learning both basic and extended functions using the ExTool Application. Through this mastery, work efficiency will increase and result in a more productive, positive work or educational environment.


  • Students will need the Excel software and will also need to download the ExTool Add-on Application from the ParaTool website. It would be helpful to know the basic Excel functions, but not necessary.


This course will include Excel topics such as working with templates, workbook and worksheet management, page setup & printing, range tools, formulas, and file & folder management. Each virtual lecture includes a visual demonstration along with audio or written commentary. At the end of the course, users are exposed to case studies—practical applications that are useful in both a workplace and educational setting. Students should take this course if they are using Excel in their daily lives—especially if they are manually completing redundant tasks with large amounts of data. Excel itself can seem very complex and not so user-friendly. By completing this course and learning the ExTool functions, users can execute basic and advanced tasks automatically and, therefore, more efficiently.

Who this course is for:

  • Students that use Excel in their daily work or education should take this course, no matter his or


CEO at ParaTool
Zhenyu Zhu
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Dr. Zhenyu Zhu is a senior data analyst, database specialist, and seasoned structural engineer. Hehas 20 years of experience using Excel with advanced data analysis and presentation functionalities and 10 years of programming experience with multiple languages—including Excel VBA. Over the years, he has served as the lead analytical engineer for multiple landscape bridge projects, most significantly the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. During this time, he also implemented a cloud-based platform to facilitate data communication between multiple disciplinary workers of the design and construction project. The cloud-based platform has, hence, extended to other industrial fields and served as the infrastructure for all of the apps discussed within this course.