Productivity Booster
4.2 (38 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
6,466 students enrolled

Productivity Booster

Be more productive using better Focus, Time Management,Organization and Efficiency
4.2 (38 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
6,466 students enrolled
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What you'll learn
  • Learn and Improve your Time Management Skills
  • Do more at Work
  • Complete Tasks Faster
  • Learn How to Focus
  • Completes Tasks more efficiently
  • Learn How to make better use of your time
  • NIL
  • Looking to do more?
  • Looking to manage your time better?
  • Looking to be more efficient?
  • Do you want to be more organized?
  • Want to focus better?


Productivity Booster

Today, it’s more important than ever to be extremely productive. There are so many things to be done and so little time. Productivity Booster will help you achieve all your goals, meet your deadlines, perform better, and this will let you have enough time to enjoy life more.

This is a comprehensive course that has three parts:

1. Time management

2. Power of Focus

3. Organization and Efficiency

All three parts are designed to help you achieve more in less time. Each of the parts have extensive information that’s easy to read and ready to apply immediately.

With this course, you will get more done, you’ll do it more efficiently and in less time! This means that you’ll perform better, you’ll feel better about yourself, and you’ll see improvements in all part of your life: home, work and free time!

What will you learn?

Time Management part of the course will teach you:

  • Why Time Management is crucial
  • How to clear that internal clutter
  • The drivers that keep us stuck
  • How to focus better
  • How to clear the clutter in your business
  • Time management checklist
  • And more….

Power of Focus part of the course takes things a bit further:

  • How to develop a better mindset
  • How to have more confidence
  • How to be more persistent
  • How to focus in life
  • How to focus in business
  • How to focus in sports
  • How to take control over your emotions
  • How to set your goals
  • How to take action
  • And much more…

Finally, Organization and Efficiency covers:

  • How to define your goals
  • How to get over the obstacles that stop you from becoming organized
  • The key success skills
  • How to become better organized
  • How to identify “Time Sappers”
  • How to replace old habits with new habits
  • Tips and tricks
  • And more…

Indeed, the above information is crucial to each and every person who knows that time is money, and that today, we need to keep improving ourselves constantly to be able to face the rigors of life better!

All three parts of the course teach you how to achieve just that, and even more. Each part of the course helps you understand your needs better, helps you understand what you need to do to become more efficient and helps you get things done in a new, better way!

The Productivity Booster course is going to help you get to new levels of efficiency, which in turn will help you:

  • Do more at work
  • Set up better goals
  • Complete tasks faster
  • Complete tasks more efficiently
  • Learn how to make better use of your time
  • And more…

This in turn will result in:

  • More efficiency
  • More free time
  • More money
  • More recognition
  • Higher self esteem
  • A happier you!
Who this course is for:
  • Workers
  • Job Seekers
  • Employers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business person
  • Students
  • Apprentice
  • Interns
Course content
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+ Introduction
1 lecture 03:36

Today, it’s more important than ever to be extremely productive. There are so many things to be done and so little time. Productivity Booster will help you achieve all your goals, meet your deadlines, perform better, and this will let you have enough time to enjoy life more.
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+ Time Management
15 lectures 40:38
Time management is really a complex issue of self-management where work needs to be captured, clarified, organized and reviewed in line with your purpose, values, vision, goals, and strategies. When these things are in line, you'll feel good about how you are managing time. Does that sound complicated? Maybe, but it’s not impossible.
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Did you ever find yourself frozen in time, having spent hours in front of your computer and not being able to account for anything that you did. If you have found yourself spinning your wheels, it could be for a couple of reasons. Either you were trying to do too many things at once, or you were concentrating on insignificant tasks and putting off the work you really need to do. Often, as entrepreneurs, we take on too many things, and since we are only accountable to ourselves in the short-term, many times we don't finish any of them
Preview 02:17
We all know that in order to be successful, we must take action. It’s simple, right? Then why is it so hard to do? Often it's because the tasks are boring or difficult, or something we just don't want to do. So, how do we overcome this? The problem is  that denial won't cause the task to go away. Procrastination won’t make it any easier; in fact, it will make it harder. So what do we do?
Preview 04:47
In psychology there certain things called drivers that keep us stuck. Most of us have one or more of them, but we are unaware of them. They are “be perfect”, “hurry up”, “try hard”, “please others”, and “be strong” They are the enemies of productivity. They create the exact opposite of what we want in our lives; they fill our lives with lack of accomplishment, vulnerability, and inter-personal difficulties: the last things we want. They can cause damage to our feelings, our relationships, our self-esteem, and even our health. They can wreak havoc with our business.
Drivers That Keep Us Stuck
Most of us get caught up in trying to accomplish trivial tasks. It makes us feel good. But what you make out of your business and your life is the outcome of what you focus on. So it's critical to focus on the most meaningful things in your business and in your life.

Like so many other things in life, learning to focus comes down to making a decision that you will do it.

Learning to Focus
Have you ever spent any time studying very successful people? Do they seem to you to have something in common? There seems to be something about them, but it's somewhat elusive, not easy to define. Maybe you think it's all due to lucky breaks….? But have you ever heard the expression, "I find that the harder I work, the luckier I get." Something to think about, and, of course, it’s not just working hard, it’s also about working smart.
Developing a Plan of Action
We need to confront the clutter created by working with inefficient systems or no systems at all. You may like the idea of doing what you want to do when you want to do it and the way you want to do it, but your productivity, your sanity, and your bottom line may be suffering.
Clearing the Clutter in Your Business
The key to this inventory is to look at everything and, based on the time and money spent on each item, decide if it is a profit or loss to you. Answer these questions for each item in each categor
Checklist #1 Business Inventory
First, decide what your 20% items are. These are the important things you should devote 80% of your time to each day. Then, write down what you actually spend your time on. Many of us give in to distractions and jump from one thing to another without realizing it. Writing down exactly what you do forces you to confront it. That makes it easier to begin to change bad habits.
Checklist #2 How You Spend Your Time
This list will help you to operate on the 80%/20% Law. Maximize the 20% items and work on ways to minimize the 80% items. Fill out and print a To Do List for each day. At the end of the day, compare this list with Checklist #2 to see what you actually did during the day. Then, think of ways to manage the distractions that came up since they will inevitably occur in the future.
Checklist #3 To Do List
This checklist should cover your goals for the week, for the month, and for the year. It  should be all about the 20%, the important items that will create the success you are looking for in your business. Remember, these are goals, not to do items. Record them by week, month, and year and revise them, at least the weekly goals, at the end of each week.
Checklist #4 Action Plan
Here are 20 Tips that will help you Save Time
Top 20 Time-Saving Tips
Here are some Tools that will help you save a lot of Time
Productivity Tools You Will Love
Still on the fence about time management? Okay, goal setting, to-do lists, limiting activities, prioritizing, and outsourcing, to name just a few items on the list -- it all seems like a lot MORE to do, not a time-management plan. So let's review why you should practice time management anyway.

Time Management - Conclusion
Lecture Notes - Time Management
66 pages
+ Power of Focus
11 lectures 47:34
Focusing is a skill that you can learn and improve upon for the rest of your life. Most people never approach optimal focusing because they don’t know how. By the end of this eBook, you will have an understanding of how to focus for peak performance in a specific area or in regard to your overall life goals. Then you can begin to use this knowledge to achieve mastery over your life. Absolutely.
Power of Focus - Introduction
The drive must come from within, but it can be learned. This motivation is a powerful source of energy which will give you the willingness to persevere, to endure discomfort and stress, and to make the necessary sacrifices of your time and energy to realize your goal
Focus in Sports
A life of meaning. Knowing that your life matters is the most important thing. We both have friends who have everything in life and they're miserable - they're missing a life of meaning. Meaning comes from two things. Happiness comes from progress. If you can do something where you're growing and because you're growing, you have something to give to other people that's meaningful - insight, love, caring, something - then life is rich. Happiness comes and goes. Happiness isn't here every moment, and happiness isn't all it's cracked up to be. Meaning is. Some people have gone through horrible times, but if they can contribute to other people, their lives are rich."
Focus in Business
In order to attain personal power in your life, you need to focus on your mindset, feelings, goals/decisions, actions, and analysis and modification of the results from your actions. The rest of this book will show you how to focus on those things to attain personal power in sports, business, and life.
Focus in Life
Looking into your own conscious and subconscious mind is a fascinating journey that takes a lot of courage. If you do it successfully, you can control every aspect of your life.
Many times people see emotions as things they have no control over or they look at emotions as things to avoid at all costs. Managing your emotions is critical to being able to focus for peak performance. Emotions are nothing to be afraid of; they are something to be managed.
A goal is any positive objective that you intensely desire and intend to pursue until accomplished. It gives you a direction to move toward and inspires you to keep moving. Each goal gives you clarity; your goals, taken together, give you a way to assess your progress in life.
You might think that if you have a strong core philosophy and a good attitude that taking action is inevitable. For some people, it is. For a lot of others, taking action is still a problem. Have you ever wanted to do something very, very much, but you still couldn't bring yourself to do it? You are not alone. Here are the main reasons that happens.
Taking Action
Focus is the key to living life at peak performance level. How well you use your mind to take action toward your goals will determine your success in life.
Power of Focus - Conclusion
Great minds have purpose,
Others have wishes

Bonus: "Winners and Losers"
Lecture Notes - Power of Focus
99 pages
+ Organization and Efficiency
11 lectures 41:50
Success does not always come to the most intelligent or talented people. It doesn't always come to the hardest working or most creative, either. The truth is that success is the result of persistence, focus, and organization. It's all about how well we manage our time.
Organization and Efficiency - Introduction
Before you put into practice specific processes for achieving your goals, you need to do two things: first, get a realistic picture of yourself so that you can decide what you are capable of; and, second, decide what you want your goals to be.
Who Are You Really?
Now that you have a clear, positive assessment of your personality, let's define the set of goals that best suit you. Remember that success is fulfilling your potential in your own eyes, not according to anyone else.
Defining Your Goals
It's common for people to have a problem with one or more of the following behaviors when trying to organize a task or project. If you are aware that you are prone to any of these, you can combat it by confronting your attitude and taking proper action.
7 Common Obstacles to Efficiency
At this point, you should have an appreciation of your unique, real value, you've defined your goals, you've recorded your daily activities for a week, and you've analyzed your time log to find time sappers that you can remove or reorganize to become more proficient.
Key Success Skills
Now that you've taken a look at your personality strengths and weaknesses, your personal and professional goals, common obstacles to efficiency, and some success skills, it's time to set up your first action plan.

Organize for Success
Time sappers are all the distractions and interruptions of any kind that take you away from working on your priority tasks and projects. Studies have shown that the things that kill your efficiency fall into four areas
Guidelines for Identifying Your Time Sappers
One problem with trying to achieve better organization and become more efficient is that old habits have a very strong pull on all of us. Whether it's good for us or bad for us, we get comfortable with our old routine and our old ways. Change is difficult, and it's even harder when we think that we're giving up something we like.
Replacing Old Habits with New Habits
Here are some Tips that will help you be More Efficient and Better Organized
General Efficiency and Organizational Tips
Take a minute to celebrate your successes. As you see your business begin to improve and your days flow more smoothly, that is a celebration in itself.  Acknowledge your growing skills. This reinforces your self-esteem. Reward yourself in some way. Put yourself first. This has taken great effort, effort you'll continue to make in the future. Accept any compliments you receive.

Organization and Efficiency - Conclusion
Lecture Notes - Organization and Efficiency
99 pages
+ Conclusion
1 lecture 04:35

In this conclusion, find about the 10 easy ways to improve productivity

Productivity Booster - Conclusion Video