Productive Vacations for Entrepreneurs

Tips and Techniques for Getting the Most out of Your Time Away
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Better prepare to be out of the office, for whatever reason, so that they create more success in their business.


  • You should own your own business. It can be just you or you can have a staff.


Vacations and entrepreneurs may not mix, but getting out of the office can be one of the best things for your business.  That said, days out of the office won't help if you don't have a plan for the office for that time.  This brief course pulls together tips and techniques for the small business owner and entrepreneur who needs to take time out of the office, but is afraid of what will happen when he or she does.  The "vacation" of this course is not necessarily time on the beach, in fact, these approaches will work with any plan to focus on specific projects, not just one where there is sand between your toes.

Who this course is for:

  • The overworked small business owner

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Business Consultant and Coach
David Chaumette
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David Chaumette wants to live in a world where entrepreneurs can grow their business without getting bogged down in the things they hate.

Over the years, he’s been featured in publications ranging from the Houston Business Journal to TMZ and ESPN, including his work as a consultant and coach to small business.  

When he’s not advising his small business clients on their next moves, you can find him at a baseball game.

His next book — New World, New Day: Succeeding as an Immigrant Small Business Owner — hits the shelves in November 2017.