Procreate: Draw, Sketch, Paint, and Design on Your iPad
4.6 (2,102 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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Procreate: Draw, Sketch, Paint, and Design on Your iPad

Learn how to draw on your iPad with this complete Procreate course! Bring your imaginations to life with digital art!
4.6 (2,102 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
27,479 students enrolled
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This course includes
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  • 46 downloadable resources
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  • Assignments
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What you'll learn
  • You will be confident using Procreate
  • Learn all of the tools and brushes available
  • Save and export your Procreate drawings
  • Import and create your own brushes
  • Improve your artwork with shading and advanced tools
  • Create video timelapses of your drawings
  • You should have an iPad with the Procreate application installed
  • You do NOT need any experience drawing or using Procreate to take this course

If you want to sketch, paint, and illustrate on your iPad, Procreate is the perfect app for you! 

And, if you want to learn how to use Procreate for your own digital artthis is the perfect course for you!

This complete Procreate course will teach you how to use the powerful tools and features so that you can bring your imaginations to life. With easy-to-follow tutorials and real-world examples, you'll enjoy learning while taking action.


  • Getting started with Procreate

  • Be confident using the canvas

  • Using basic tools & brushes

  • Adding shading with brushes

  • Working with layers

  • Adjusting colors

  • Creating videos and timelapses of your artwork

  • Importing and creating your own brushes


Procreate is the best drawing & illustrating account for iPad. This course was taught using Procreate we are all up to date and ready to create

It is powerful.

It is bold.

It is perfect for beginners.

It is perfect for advanced artist.

It is easy to use.


This course is a collaboration between Video School Online's Phil Ebiner & 7th Season Studios' Jeremy Hazel. Together, we've created top rated online courses on a number of other design and creative applications, and are excited to bring you this Procreate course. 

Our goal is to make this the best Procreate course on the market, and will do anything possible to add value for you.


If you're not happy with your course purchase, we have a 30-day 100% money back guarantee. There's no reason to hesitate in trying out this course.



Phil & Jeremy

Who this course is for:
  • Artists, designers, illustrators, graphic designers
  • Anyone who wants to sketch and draw on an iPad
Course content
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+ Introduction
3 lectures 08:01

This video sets the stage for the course and explains

  • Where to get your resources

  • How you can submit artwork to us for review if you choose to

  • What you can expect from the course and what we have elected not to cover

Preview 03:02

All downloads for the course are included in this one folder

Downloads for the course

Procreate is a "raster" based program, and as such you need to know what it can do....and what it cannot do, in this lesson : 

  • What is the difference between a raster based program and a vector based program 
  • What is a pixel, and why doe it matter when setting the size of my work 
  • Why is selection so important when working in a raster based image program 
  • What is pixelation and how can I prevent it in my artwork 
Preview 04:57

Setting you off on the right path for success and making sure you understand the software 

Basics of Procreate and Raster Based Programs
2 questions
+ Introduction to procreate and your first strokes- The New Skool Rose Part 1
9 lectures 47:21
  • In this lecture we introduce you to what the projects are we are doing, and WHY we chose the projects  we did

  • We are going to get you up and moving immediately to make a finished piece of art WHILE learning the interface fo procreate

Introduction to section 1

Learn the basic layout of procreate including

  • Brush size and location sliders

  • Erasing, smudging and drawing functions

  • Adjustment, selection and transformation functions

Unboxing and Opening Procreate

Learn to import images from your PC to ipad using dropbox

Importing media from your PC using dropbox

Learn to choose the right canvas size for your project and also

How to save the canvas for use in a future project

How to differentiate the color space for print vs digital

Creating a new canvas

Gestures make procreate super flexible and organic.....and gestures are a part of that ..use your hand to control the screen 

  • How to shrink and zoom your canvas 
  • How to rotate the canvas
  • How to undo and redo both for one step and multiple steps 
  • How to access the quick "copy / cut / paste" menu
Preview 04:52

In this lesson we cover the bare basics of brushes  including

  • How to adjust the 2 most important settings in brushes , Streamline and Taper to achieve a smooth line

The basics of brushes

IN this lesson we learn about layers, fundamental to all digital art programs, in this basic introduction we cover

  • How to add and remove layers

  • How to rename and lock layers

  • How to group and reorder layers how to see the opacity and change the blend mode on the layers

The basics of layers

In this lesson we start the rose project and take what we know about layers to set up a working file

  • How to line and pull a smooth line

  • How to set up a project file with separate layers for flood fill

  • How to work non destructively for maximum flexibility

Lining out your rose

In this lesson we learn how to manage the gallery and create

  • Multiple iterations of a file

  • A stack (a collection of files)

  • How to rename a file

Gallery management and line weight
+ The Basic tools of Procreate- The New Skool Rose Part 2
8 lectures 42:14

In this lecture just cover what to expect as we move closer to a completed project , in this section we cover

  • Selection

  • Transformation

  • Color

  • Brushes

  • Telling the story with line weight

Introduction to Section 2

Learn select in procreate, including

  • Freehand selection

  • Automatic selection

  • Adding and subtracting from a selection

Basics of Selection
  • Transformation is covered, including

  • Transforming uniformly

  • How to warp and distort , and what is the difference

Basics of Transformation
  • Adjustment layers are introduced, including but limited to

  • Application and adjustment of the layer

  • A brief overview of the layers involved

Basics of Adjustment

Practical application of a simple shade , including

  • How to direct the light on your image

  • How to set the blend mode of the layer to shade

  • How to shade with the softer opacity

Shading your rose and creating your shapes

We add color to the rose to bring it closer to completion, there are no new techniques, just a continuation of the workflow

Coloring your rose

In this one we finish the rose and add the textural details

Finishing the rose

Simply a short lesson on how to make a screenshot in Procreate 

Taking a Screenshot in Procreate
+ Lettering in procreate
11 lectures 50:36

Just a simple introduction to section 3 to help you on your way

Introduction to section 3 -Lettering in Procreate

In this section we give you an overview of the text layers in procreate

  • How to create and modify text

  • How to rasterize the text layer

  • How to adjust typography settings

Introduction to text layers in Procreate
  • Learn how to install fonts on procreate using the ipad

  • Learn how to install fonts that are zipped into procreate

Installing fonts in Procreate

Learn how to utilize Quick line in procreate to create perfectly straight lines

Set the time delay to enhance the line at just the right time

Learn how to choose the shape after enabling quickline

Quickline in Procreate

Learn to create a lettering brush in procreate

  • Create a new category in the brushes

  • Work with the shape and grain library inherent in Procreate

making a lettering brush

Create 3 lettering templates using the techniques of

  • Quick shape

  • Transform

  • Distort

Making lettering templates in Procreate

learn to utilize layer masks including

  • What a layer mask is

  • How to apply and reverse it

  • How luminosity affects what is shown and what is hidden

Layer masks in Procreate

Learn to convert images you make in ink into brush shapes to create custom brushes

  • How to make shapes with real world materials

  • How to convert the images into acceptable shapes sources

Making lettering brush shapes from hand made materials

Learn to:

  • Import brushes NOT made by you into your Procreate program

  • Export brushes you made to share with others

Importing brush sets

Learn to combine images to make a glitter effect in procreate

  • use layer masks

  • Utilize images

Making glitter effects in procreate

In this lecture we complete a lettering Project

  • Making the templates

  • Distorting the letters

  • Creating the composition

Final Lettering Project
+ Advanced Artistic techniques in procreate and building brushes
10 lectures 01:00:42

Just a simple introduction to section 4 where we do the brush building and cover some more advanced topics

Introduction to Section 4

In this lecture you will learn

  • What blend modes are

  • Identify the general behavior of blend modes

  • Feel confident that you can locate and try different blend modes within your art

Basics of blend modes in Procreate

Learn the DIFFERENCES between Alpha locks, clipping masks and reference layers

  • When to use each of them

  • How to use them in your art

Using alpha lock and reference layers and clipping masks

Learn to create and modify color palletes in Procreate

  • Learn to use the color picker

  • Import pallets from others

  • Export pallets  to others

Making Color Palates in Procreate

The objective of this unit is to feel comfortable with the OVERVIEW of the Brush studio

  • Learn the 3 sections

  • Get an overview of what each attribute is

  • Learn what attributes are applicable to the types of art you do

The brush studio explained

In this lesson we make a simple graffiti brush for use in Procreate

  • We modify  an existing brush

  • Make our own shape from existing brushes 

Making Spray paint brushes

In this lesson we make as tipple brush for shading in a more print look from a basic shape

  • How to select a shape source from the library

  • How to set spacing

making a stipple Brush

In this lesson we shoot a texture from nature and then back out a brush to meet your needs as a shader

  • What makes a good texture

  • How to make the texture seamless

  • Best settings for shading style texture brushes

Making a concrete texture Brush in Procreate

In this lecture we learn to make a stamp brush

  • What a stamp brush is

  • When to use it

  • best settings for it

Making stamp brushes in Procreate

In this lesson I cover SOME of the tools I use every day in my pipeline of work, these are not requirements, only awareness of other things out there for you as an artist

Additional resources i use in line with procreate
+ Animation in Procreate
8 lectures 41:12

Just a simple introduction to what we will be covering here in the animation section

Introduction to animation on procreate

In this lecture we start the bouncing ball project to teach you the fundamentals of animation in Procreate

  • How to set up the master group

  • How to structure the group to isolate your animation

  • How to sketch out the path fo travel for your animation

  • How GIFs work in FPS 

Creating the Bouncing ball image- Part 1

In this video we show you how to go frame by frame and plot the animation using the group we made in the earlier video

Creating the bouncing ball image-Part 2

In this lecture we do one more plot PLUS we distort the ball on impact to give the right illusion of materials and force

Creating the bouncing ball image- Part 3

In this video we finish and export the animation........all done.

Creating the bouncing ball image- Part 4

Working with the animation assistant ......we are anchoring to the animation we did with the ball....

  • How to use the animation assistant to speed up the workflow

  • How to adjust the animation assistant

Using the animation assistant in Procreate 5

In this video we make motion masks in procreate for use in video editing applications including topics like

  • What a motion mask is and what it is used for

  • How it works on luminosity

  • How you can use it if you are a video editor

Making motion masks for video with Procreate

In this video we show you how to make a write on text animation in Procreate for use in video editing

  • How to structure  the canvas

  • How to choose a color so it keys out

  • How to control animation and reveal speed

Making write on text reveals in Procreate for video editing applications
+ Working with Images in Procreate
7 lectures 40:39

Just a simple introduction to the projects we will be performing in Procreate in this section

Introduction to images in Procreate

In this lesson we create T shirt mock up using an IMAGE

  • How  to select the image in Procreate

  • How to isolate the image

  • how to add an adjustable layer to change color

  • How to export it

Making a T shirt Mock Up in Procreate

In this lesson we start the process of distorting the image in a surrealistic piece of art

  • How to select the image

  • how to transform the image

  • How to copy and past selections as additional layers

Laying out the initial photo edit and distortion

Learn to use the selection tool with the transformation tool to add and adjust foreground and background images

Photo project Lesson 2- Warping and distorting the arms

Learn to utilize adjustment layers to add interest to the image …..

  • Sharpen the image you want to draw the viewer to…..

  • Blur out that which you do NOT want their viewer to focus on

Color adjustments and pinch/ punch
  1. Learn to dodge and burn non destructively

  2. Apply a painterly texture

Dodge and burn and applying painterly texture

Finish the image for export

  • Apply a vignette made from splatter brushes

  • Apply a texture to call attention to desired features

Finishing and texturing
+ Final Project- using Procreate to create a T-shirt image
11 lectures 58:46

In this section we put it all together, and so I wanted to take a moment just touch base and introduce you to the final project

Introduction to the project in this section

In this lesson we begin the workflow by

  • Placing the image on the canvas

  • Warping the image to give it a new School style graffiti look

Laying out the canvas and warping the image

In this lesson we utilize the lining brushes to tell the story of the image

  • What line weights to use for the outside and the inside

  • How to add dynamic line profiles

Inking the image

In this lesson we will :

  • Lay in  the base layers for the image

  • How to construct a pallet

Laying in the base colors

Utilize the darker tones to tell the story of what the viewer should pay attention to

  • Set the blend mode that works best

  • Learn to tell the story of the piece by where you place the darks

Blocking in the darks

In this lecture we add in the lights

  • What blend modes you can choose from

  • Where to place them

Adding in the lights

I this lesson we FORM the shapes using lines….to augment the darks and lights applied in previous lessons

Adding detail Strokes

In this lecture we add some texture to the elephant

  • Utilize the blend modes to make darker variants

  • learn where to add texture and how to balance it against the need for smooth areas

Adding texture to the elephant

As we get close to finishing in this section we will

Make the top dark spots, just a bit darker and the light a bit brighter

We will add in hard white highlights

Adding extreme values to the elephant

In this section we add the background and export the image as a PNG

Finishing and adding background

In this section we

  • Import the image from the previous lessons

  • Warp it onto the Tshirt

  • Export the image for a finished product

Adding the elephant to the T shirt image
+ Outro and Thanks
1 lecture 00:54

Just a quick thank you for finishing the course .......enjoy

Outro and thank you
+ Introduction
5 lectures 24:24

Well you have unboxed it and started it up, in this lesson you will learn:

  • The major 3 sections of the User interface for procreate
  • How to navigate at a high level in the software and set yourself up for success in later lessons 
Preview 06:31

Your canvas is your workspace in procreate and setting it up correctly from the start is crucial to success 

  • How to open a new canvas in procreate
  • How to select form the 4 basic default sizes in procreate 
  • How to set-up a custom canvas size in procreate 
  • How to save a  custom canvas size for later use 
Creating a new canvas

File management is covered in procreate 

  • Learn the difference between a stack and a file 
  • Rename a stack
  • Add and remove files from a stack 
  • Rename / select/ duplicate and delete a stack 
  • Rename/ select/ duplicate and delete a file 
File Management in Procreate

Making sure you know the basic terms used by the program 

Canvas and File Management in Procreate
2 questions

This lesson covers the basics of getting files from your computer to the ipad through the use of dropbox 

  • How to add a folder to your dropbox for your ipad activity 
  • How to add a file to your dropbox 
  • How to access the dropbox file in your ipad interface 
  • how to export the file to your ipad for further use 
Preview 03:28

We want to get you up and creating as soon as let's create a portfolio for all  your amazing work you are going to create. In this lesson we are going to show you how to 

  • Import a photo into Procreate

  • How to use the gestures to resize the image 

  • How to add a layer 

  • How to use soft shading tom force perspective 

  • How to export to jpeg format once your art is completed 

Building your first Project in Procreate
This is an assignment folder....this one will be for the platform created in the previous lesson
Assignment folder for the Procreate Platform
1 question