Presenting: A Beginner's Course

Improve confidence, fix common errors, amaze your audience and be the best presenter you can be.
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Improve your presenting skills in 30 days with 15 minutes of practice everyday
Learn what common errors are and improve them very quickly
Several steps to practice to achieve mastery in presenting
Gain knowledge on how to improvise and use it effectively
Video analysis to further help you understand the importance of different presenting skills


  • No tools or previous knowledge required, start the course and learn


Straightforward, easy to understand and as simple as they come.

This course looks to improve your presenting skills by improving very common mistakes and utilizing different techniques to further enhance your skills. I'd recommend this course for anyone who is a beginner to a novice to presenting, intermediate and expert levels are welcome, however this course is very simple.

Look your audience in the eye.

Confidence has always been a problem with presenting, by taking proper steps to practice and several confidence-booster tips, you will eventually be able to speak your heart out any time you present.


This course is designed to ensure that beginner's can gain the most benefit from the topics that it covers. With practice comes permanent, and this course encourages you to spend time practicing good productive habits so that you may succeed in your presentations.

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Who this course is for:

  • Anyone looking to improve their presenting skills
  • People that are looking to get good information on presenting
  • Anyone that likes simple solutions and straight-forward advice

Course content

5 sections6 lectures1h 19m total length
  • Introduction


All-Purpose Instructor
Ray Kabir
  • 3.5 Instructor Rating
  • 90 Reviews
  • 3,996 Students
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