Preparing Your Horse For Success

Building a Foundation for Success With Your Horse
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Horse Training Techniques
Natural Horsemanship
Building A Partnership With Your Horse
Horse Communication


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Building a partnership with a 1,200 lb. animal can be scary if you don't know what you are doing.  This course will walk you through building a foundation for success, no matter what type of riding or horsemanship you partake in.

Taking some of the best exercises we focus on topics such as balance from both the ground and saddle, and giving your horse purpose.

Other things that you will gain from this course include:

• Developing confidence in you and your horse
• Learning about proper riding position
• Learning how to connect the reins to the feet
• Developing a good ‘whoa’ on your horse
• Finding ways to stay connected with your horse
• Developing a soft and willing partner

Learn what to do when your horse spooks, so that you can ride out with confidence.
Learn how to communicate with your horse effectively so that the two of you can be a team rather than opposition.

In this course, internationally-acclaimed Equine Clinician Steve Rother will show you how to be more successful with horses, no matter what your discipline or breed of horse. He shares his all-time favorite warm up and confidence-building exercises from the ground and saddle.  These exercises will ensure that your horse is properly warmed up and listening to you so that you can just enjoy the ride.

Known as the Horse Teacher, Steve is dedicated to all horse people who strive to teach their horses by educating themselves.  Winner of numerous colt starting challenges, Steve has helped thousands of horses and riders develop a more willing partnership.

Who this course is for:

  • Horse Owners
  • Horse Riders

Course content

2 sections12 lectures1h 57m total length
  • Preview
  • Balance
  • Separation with Stick
  • Separation with Flag
  • Rollbacks
  • Whoa
  • Turning Loose


Horse Teacher
Steve Rother
  • 4.6 Instructor Rating
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  • 277 Students
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Steve Rother is one of the country’s top horsemanship clinicians. He has travelled across the country over the span of multiple decades building his knowledge of horses and finding ways to impart that wisdom to the hundreds of people who look to him for guidance each year. Steve has created many horsemanship programs that help any horse and rider build their confidence together. His Excel with Horses program has helped people create stronger relationships with their horses and gives people the tools they need to work through any problem they may encounter. The methods he uses and teaches work for all breeds, within all disciplines, and he is dedicated to helping every rider, no matter their level of experience, get the partnership that they truly want with their horse.

Three-time undefeated champion of the Red Deer Mane Event Colt Starting Challenge, Steve has a special way with horses. His ability to teach both human and horse has earned him the title of Horse Teacher. Anyone can become a Student of the Horse; as Steve travels the US and Canada taking part in Expos and providing Horsemanship Clinics. Steve also provides more in-depth tutelage at the School of the Horse; where he hosts 3-10 day camps at the Horse Creek Ranch near Hunters, Washington.

Steve is always looking for new ways to bring horsemanship to anyone that wants to learn, and has created many DVDs and a book to help guide people to a better future with their horses. He maintains a welcoming community of like-minded horse people on both his Steve Rother Horsemanship Facebook Page and the Excel With Horses Community Facebook Group, where he provides tips and guidance to all who follow. Most recently, Steve has created a 30-Day Horsemanship Challenge which gives a streamlined and effective approach to getting results in only 30 days. You can sign up for One Ride Away and join others as Steve guides you through 30 days of horsemanship activities and exercises. The challenge includes daily training videos, a comprehensive workbook, supplementary articles, a members-only online community, and the opportunity to build a partnership with your horse that most people only dream of. He also recently updated his Horse Teacher University program that offers discounts to his camps/clinics and equipment, as well as access to over 120 training videos and so much more.

Steve can provide you with the tools to help you communicate more effectively with your horse and be the leader that they need you to be, which will then allow the two of you to work in unison as a team. If this is something that you have been looking for, or maybe something that you didn’t even realize that you were missing, Steve Rother Horsemanship is the place you need to be. Who knows what amazing learning experiences may be just over the horizon, make sure to join the journey so you won’t miss any of the great opportunities Steve offers. You may be only one ride away from having your horse be everything you ever wanted!