Preparing for Pre-Calculus

Brush up on your skills before Pre-Calculus
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Build basic Algebra 2 skills that will be used in pre-calculus
Build basic Algebra 1 skills that will be used in pre-calculus
Build basic Geometry skills that will be used in pre-calculus
Build basic Pre-Algebra skills that will be used in pre-calculus


  • Basic Algebra
  • Basic Geometry


Are you ready for Pre-Calculus?  Are you sure you know what you got yourself into?  It doesn't matter if you struggled in Algebra 2 or thought it was a breeze.  Most students struggle with the the same concepts not because they cannot understand the material in pre-calculus but because they lack or forgot those previous skills taught in earlier courses. Repetition is apart of learning and in this course we will be making sure that you see the core topics covered in each section just enough to make it stick.

Who this course is for:

  • Students taking Pre-Calculus
  • Students preparing for Pre-Calculus
  • Students that will be taking Pre-Calculus


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I am a high school that is on a mission to improve math education. I was that student that sat in the back of class frustrated with the boredom of class and the lack of understanding. I made the decision to become a math teacher to make a difference in others lives. I knew that with the struggles I had I could relate well to students that struggled with math. With a weak math background I set out to get a degree in mathematics. In was a difficult journey and I worked very hard not just to pass my math classes but to have an understanding of what I was doing. I learned a lot about myself, mathematics and what it takes to be successful in class through my time at college. I want to pass along my experience to you the student so that may have your own success with mathematics.

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