Prepare Homemade Italian Lasagna in 5 Versions
4.6 (2 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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Prepare Homemade Italian Lasagna in 5 Versions

A Masterclass on preparing original Italian Lasagna in different versions starting from fresh pasta made from scratch.
4.6 (2 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
147 students enrolled
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What you'll learn
  • You'll learn everything I know about Lasagna making including my nonna's secrets and tricks! At the end of the course you'll master how to make fresh pasta with your own hands and how to prepare Lasagna to make your family and friends happy in all occasions.
  • You can use a machine to knead the dough, but I'll also show you how to knead with you hands. It's a great body exercise!
  • You can use a machine to roll lasagna sheets, but I'll also show you how to roll with a rolling pin.

Learn from a real Italian instructor how to make the original Lasagna at home! I have a motto that at the end of the course will become your own “Stay Hungry and Mangia Lasagna!”

From today on you’ll be able to make fresh pasta from scratch and amazing Lasagna in different versions to surprise and pamper your family and friends.

I’ll share with you my Nonna and Mamma’s secrets and tricks and open a world of opportunities to experiment with incredible Lasagna variations great for all occasions and seasons.

You’ll learn:

- how to make fresh lasagna pasta sheets at home following my nonna’s secrets and learning how to knead and roll by hand or with a machine,

- how to make fresh pasta also in green with spinach to use for different versions of Lasagna,

- how to prepare Traditional Lasagna with Bolognese and Bechamel Sauce,

- how to prepare Pizza Lasagna with Mozzarella and a dense Tomato Sauce,

- how to prepare Vegetarian Lasagna with Vegetarian Bolognese and Tomato&Ricotta Sauce,

- how to prepare a light and sophisticated Pesto-Shrimp-Mozzarella Lasagna with fresh Basil Pesto made at home following my mamma’s cookbook,

- how to prepare Pumpkin Lasagna and its gluten free bonus variation.

With my step-by-step instructions you won’t need fancy machines at home (but if you have them, you can use them all right!) because I’ll teach you also how to knead and roll by hand. Believe me: it’s much easier and much more fun than you think and also a great exercise.

Moreover, you'll find downloadable resources with the ingredients I use for each version of Lasagna.

It’s time to fill your fridge and freezer with Lasagna pans and also to experiment your own Lasagna.

Welcome to the Lasagna Makers Club: Stay Hungry and Mangia Lasagna!

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to pamper and surprise family and friends with an healthy and tasty homemade food.
  • Anyone that wants to prepare Italian most loved food at home in a simple and fun way. Anyone that loves to cook with fresh ingredients and to experiment.
Course content
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+ Introduction
1 lecture 05:58

I come from three generations of Lasagna makers and I can't wait to share with you all the secrets of my familiy's recipes! Once you master how to make fresh pasta from scratch you can experiment new versions of Lasagna: the five types I'll teach you in this course are suitable for all seasons!

Preview 05:58
+ Make Fresh Lasagna Sheets
7 lectures 28:39

Find out the ingredients to make perfect fresh pasta at home using my nonna's secret proportion between flour/s and eggs.

The Ingredients of White Pasta

If you don't have a kneading machine at home, I'll show you two different ways to knead the dough with your hands. Have fun and know that kneading is the perfect substitute of 1 hour at the gym.

Preview 03:05

If you plan on making a lot of Lasagna and fresh pasta at home, you should definitely have a pasta machine. It's very cheap and easy to use saving you a lot of time.

How to roll lasagna sheets with the pasta machine

If you don't have a pasta rolling machine no worries, watch my mamma's hands and learn from her expertise how to roll pasta by hand with a rolling pin (another a fantastic exercise!)

Preview 07:57

This is a very bonus lecture where I show you a secret that was passed to me from one generation of Lasagna makers to the other. Again is a super easy trick, but makes a big difference in the results.

My Nonna's secret before using your Lasagna sheets

Pasta can be made in many different colors, the two versions of pasta mainly used in Italy are the white one and the green one that takes its color from spinach.

The ingredients of spinach green pasta

Let me show you again how to knead and roll lasagna sheets using spinach green pasta!

Knead&Roll your green Lasagna sheets

With this test you'll realize if you learn all the basics of making fresh pasta at home.

Fresh Pasta Knowledge
1 question
+ Version 1: Italian Traditional Lasagna
4 lectures 08:23

Now that you know all about fresh pasta you are ready for the first and more traditional version of Lasagna stuffed with Bolognese and Béchamel! Sooo good and tasty!


Bolognese sauce is the masterpiece of Italian culinary tradition, it is prepared with soffritto and meat and in this lecture you'll learn how to cook at its best.

Preview 03:27

Béchamel is a French sauce, but in Italy it is used a lot to prepare pasta baked in the oven just like lasagna. See how you can prepare it at home in very few moves.

Let's prepare Béchamel sauce

Layering your Lasagna is a fun and rewarding activity: after you bake it in the oven (350F/180C for 30 min, grill for 5 min) you'll taste paradise! And remember you made it yourself!

Assemble and cook your traditional Lasagna
+ Version 2: Pizza Lasagna
4 lectures 07:10

I have a very difficult question for you: do you prefer pizza or Lasagna? if you have think about it, it means that you love them both so why not to learn how to make a Pizza Lasagna?


The first main difference with the traditional Lasagna is the use of a special tomato sauce instead of Bolognese sauce. Learn how to make it.

Prepare Special Tomato Sauce

First of all a short remainder on how to make béchamel sauce, then let's assemble our Pizza Lasagna with white pasta sheets, tomato sauce, mozzarella and béchamel. Bake at 350F/180C degrees for 30 minutes.

Make Béchamel and Assemble your Pizza Lasagna

How do you like your pizza? Think about a composition and make you Pizza Lasagna with mushrooms or ham or pepperoni, or olives or whatever you like!

Your Pizza Lasagna and ...variations
+ Version 3: Vegetarian Lasagna
3 lectures 08:17

Do you feel like having a great vegetarian pasta dish? Prepare this Vegetarian Lasagna with Vegetarian Bolognese Sauce and a light Tomato Sauce with Ricotta Cheese.


Vegetarian Bolognese is super healthy, but also super tasty and easy to make. The Tomato Sauce is even easier: mix Tomato Sauce with Fresh Ricotta Cheese and your are ready to assemble your Lasagna.

Vegetarian Bolognese and Ricotta&Tomato Sauce

Of course to assemble a Vegetarian Lasagna I'm using Spinach Green Lasagna Sheets. Let's layer the Lasagna, cook in the oven (350F/180C for 20-25 minutes) and dig on this fantastic dish!

Assemble and cook your Vegetarian Lasagna
+ Versions 4: Shrimp, Pesto and Mozzarella Lasagna
4 lectures 09:50

This version of Lasagna with Basil Pesto, Shrimps and Mozzarella is very light, fresh and sophisticated. You can prepare it for your work lunch box or for summer parties with your family.


Learn all the secrets and tricks I found in my mamma's cookbook on how to make the original Basil Pesto. The light green color is the key to success!

Preview 04:16

Let's see together the ingredients we need, how to prepare mozzarella and how to cook the shrimps. You can use either fresh or (like myself) frozen shrimps.

Prepare Shrimps and Mozzarella

We have our ingredients ready: fresh basil pesto, cooked shrimps, mozzarella, grated parmesan and white pasta. It's time for layering and bake at 350F/180C for 20 minutes.

Assemble and Cook your Shrimp Lasagna

A small test to help you remember my mamma's tricks for preparing the best fresh basil pesto

Fresh Basil Pesto Knowledge
1 question
+ Version 5: Pumpkin Lasagna (plus bonus idea)
4 lectures 07:21

In this section you'll find TWO different version of Pumpkin Lasagna, one made with pasta and the other completely gluten free (using butternut squash). They are perfect for your winter parties and celebrations and everybody will ask you for the recipe!


First of all, for both variations of Pumpkin Lasagna you need to prepare the pumpkin and the butternut squash. Bake the in the oven, seasoning with garlic and rosemary, for 20/25 minutes at 340F/175C.

Bake the pumpkin

For the first variation of Pumpkin Lasagna I'm using white pasta, pumpkin cubes, toasted hazelnuts and a soft cheese. Bake at 350F/180C for 20 minutes and grill for 5 minutes.

Assemble and Cook your Pumpkin Lasagna

As a bonus idea for your Halloween parties or whatever occasion you prefer: if you want a lasagna version without fresh pasta you can try a lasagna made with sliced butternut squash, béchamel sauce and grained hazelnuts (bake at 350F/180C for 25 min, grill for 5 min)! Enjoy

Gluten Free Sliced Squash Lasagna
+ Stay Hungry and Mangia Lasagna
1 lecture 00:52

Contact me if you need to ask me anything or if you want to share with me your experiments. Now we are all part of the same club! We are LASAGNA MAKERS and we have our motto: Stay Hungry and Mangia Lasagna :)