Basic Excel Questions for Job Interviews
4.3 (9 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
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Basic Excel Questions for Job Interviews

Learn Excel Skills and Job Interview Questions Simultaneously
4.3 (9 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
1,674 students enrolled
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What you'll learn
  • Complete the knowledge test at the end of the course in order to gauge the knowledge they gained during the course.
  • Have confidence in their ability to answer common Excel interview questions.
  • Have a better understanding on how to use Excel in your day-to-day work.
  • Reduce the amount of time it takes to develop future Excel spreadsheets.
  • Students should have knowledge of basic Microsoft Excel before starting the course.
  • Students should have access to a Excel 2013 in order to complete the lecture exercises on their own.
  • Students should be willing to learn Excel in a new way.
  • Students should be curious about the subject to expand on what is taught during the course.

Microsoft Office contains a power tool that is being used all over the world. Excel is used by numerous companies and individuals for tasks ranging from a basic task list to advanced financial operations.

Don't let the concept fool you, this is a complete course for those missing to learn more about Excel.

During the demonstrations for each lecture, the question is not only answered through series of exercises, you will often get more information than the question itself.

An example would be this question:

What is Autofill?

A very easy question to answer with a very short answer. In this course, the demonstration to answer this question has 29 Exercises with a total of 36 steps.

Easy question and answer, but fully demonstrating this feature take a few minutes. I do not simply want to answer the question and provide a quick demonstration of 1 or 2 different things you can do with this feature. I want to give you enough knowledge to not only answer any interview questions you may have about this topic, but to discover how you might be able to use the feature during your daily work with Excel at your job.

Using this new way of learning a technology subject, you will gain the confidence you need to “ACE” common Excel interview questions you may get during your next job interview and get the job or promotion you deserve.

What will I learn?

Interview2Learn's basic Excel interview questions course contains 40 basic questions with provided answers that you can use during an interview. I also provide videos with me working through each answer so that you can fully understand each answer.

Workbooks and exercise PDFs are provided so each student can work on the exercises at their own pace. Giving you the workbook with my sample data and the steps allows you to try on your own and if you get stuck - go back to the lecture video and watch me work through it.

There is also two downloads at the end of the course with every question in this course. The first download are only the questions. This gives you a chance to try them yourself.

The second download is the questions and the basic interview ready answers. Let's you practice how you would answer the question during an actual interview.

And because you have the demonstration videos and manuals and you have taken the time to go through each one on your own - you'll be able to answer each question with confidence during your interview and go further into the answer if the asked.

Not interviewing for a new job, but still need to understand Excel?

No problem, in order for you to understand the answer to the interview questions we provide very detailed explanations and demonstration exercises. Following along with the explanations and explanations will give you the knowledge you need to put Excel to work for you immediately. The interview questions serve to “bind” the knowledge you obtain for common scenarios you may find on the job. Instead of a simple “Next Slide”, you get a question you to think about. It is this process that will make the information stand out in your mind the next time you encounter a similar scenario while working.

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who is about to sit through an interview for a job that might use Excel should take this course.
  • Anyone who is struggling to work through basic Excel spreadsheets should take this course.
  • Anyone who wishes to learn a few tips and tricks to speed up your spreadsheet development.
  • Anyone who wishes to get a better job but can't because of a lack of basic Excel skills.
  • Anyone who has no understanding of Microsoft Excel should not take this course until they have a basic understanding of Excel.
  • Anyone wishing to fail their next interview and stay at their same job because they couldn't answer common Excel interview questions should not take their course.
Course content
Expand all 44 lectures 02:24:47
+ Introduction and Requirements
2 lectures 04:09

Learn all about this exciting new way to learn Excel. Our series of interview questions are designed to help you pass interviews asking common Excel questions and at the same time give you the knowledge needed to use Excel on your daily job.

Preview 02:52

What do you need to know in order to begin this course? What software is needed? Anything else?

This lecture will let you know the details of the course and how what you need to know and have before beginning this course.

Preview 01:17
+ Interview Questions Part 1
20 lectures 01:20:55

Learn what to do when you can't see the data in your cells.

Preview 01:41

Move around your spreadsheet and still see header rows and columns

Preview 01:24

Hide your rows and columns from view to clean up your spreadsheets

Preview 03:12

Sort your data how you want it and not how you have to enter it

Preview 10:47

Need a row or column in the middle of your data? Find out how with this lecture.

Preview 03:51

Make your text more readable by wrapping it around in your cells

Preview 03:49

Bring two or more cells together

Preview 01:58

Show all your data in a quick and easy way

Preview 01:28

Let Excel complete a sequence of data or fill cells for you

Preview 13:03

Copy the results of a formula and not the formula itself

How do I copy the value and not the formula to another cell?

Make a sentence or name from multiple cells

How can I combine two text cells together to create one word or sentence?

Learn what Excel macros are and why you might need to know more about them

What are Excel macros?

Keep others from changing your data or your formulas by protecting your worksheet.

How do you protect a worksheet from changes?

Find out why protecting your entire workbook might be a good thing

How is protecting a worksheet different than protecting a workbook?

Quickly change the formatting of one cell to match another

What is the format painter?

Data didn't sort? Find out some reasons why your data might not have sorted correctly

What can mess up a data sort?

Make the text in your cells look different by changing its alignment

How do you change a cell's alignment?

Change number formats to make numbers more readable

How do you change number formats?

Move data around to quickly make column headers or rows of data

How can I convert a row of values into a column of values?

Break those strings of text into multiple columns

How do you change a string of text into multiple columns of text?
+ Interview Questions Part 2
20 lectures 56:43

Make the values in your cells look a lot better

How do you format data in a cell?

Add comments so others know what you are really doing

How do you insert a comment in a cell?

Can't see everything? Can't see anything? Change the zoom value on your worksheet so you can actually work on it.

How do you change the zoom on a worksheet?

Using an Excel cell for comments? Learn how to put each comment on its own line

How can I make text in a cell appear on multiple lines?

Stop looking around the ribbon for your favorite commands. Make your own command tab

How can you group your most popular commands on the ribbon?

Print an Excel worksheet and actually be able to use it by printing the gridlines

How can I show the gridlines when printing an Excel sheet?

Find that value you just know is there

How do you find a value in Excel?

Find out all about those mystereous dates and why a number often pops up.

How do dates work in Excel?

Save a file where you want it and not where Excel wants to put it.

How can you change the default file save location?

Learn all about the mysterious QAT and how it may help you when working with Excel

What is the QAT?

Make your spreadsheet show in multiple views so you don't have to keep moving up and down or left and right

What are split panes?

Find those formulas someone stuck in your spreadsheet

How do you find which cells have a formula in them?

Why does that box pop up when I try to save Excel for my coworker?

What is the Compatibility Checker?

Print in landscape mode so you can see everything

How do you set a page to print in Landscape mode?

Add tab colors to help group your worksheets together

How do you change the worksheet tab color?

What does that weird little button do?

How do you find out what a button on the ribbon does?

Stop wasting paper for those quick print-outs. Print everything on one page.

How do you print a worksheet so that it all fits in one page?

You'll have to use this tab sooner or later. Might as well learn how to add it to your ribbon.

How do you show the Developer tab?

Get that 1 little column or row to print with the others by changing your page breaks

How do you change a page break?

How many days are left until I retire? Find out how to calculate the difference between dates.

How do I calculate the difference between two dates?
+ Course Wrap Up
2 lectures 00:00

Review time. Help me out by leaving a review of this course so I can make it better.

Help me out my leaving a review of this course
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