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Understand the most important aspects to pregnancy to help you take control of this amazing experience
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Understand the changes of the body during pregnancy
Understand the medical checkups that are recommended, what they entail and what to expect
Prepare and plan for the process at the hospital when going to give birth
Through understanding create a strong connection with your partner during pregnancy


  • Being pregnant is a good place to start :)


Pregnancy can be a tough and sensitive time, and it is too easy to forget the beauty of the miracle that is transpiring inside of you.

This course has a number of sections to help you throughout the entire pregnancy, and properly prepare you for birth. Pregnancy deserves a multi-factorial approach to make sure that you and your baby are healthy physically, mentally and spiritually. As the baby grows inside of you, there is an incredible opportunity to connect, and provide them with an environment which allows them to grow and thrive in this critical time. Give your baby what they deserve and need, and do this by taking care of yourself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 

This course was put together by an extensive team including medical professionals, as well as consultants from a variety of related fields. This team got together to create a course which brings you the essentials of pregnancy from every direction that you need. In this free version you will get enough to understand the basics, and get a good feel for what we are trying to do with this course.

What's in this course?

- Pregnancy Education:

While pregnancy can be new and exciting, often physical and hormonal changes can be scary and unknown. In this guide we take you through all of the changes that you go through, and what to expect. We also provide tips and tricks to minimize the discomfort, and keep you healthy throughout. In addition to this we go through all of the medical check ups that you might go through, talking about what to expect, how important the test is and to help you understand the importance of some of the results.

- Preparing for Birth:

When you get to the hospital it is too easy to let the medical team make the generic recommended decisions for you, and it's too easy to be passive in this situation. Giving birth how you want requires understanding the process that you go through from the medical side, and understanding what you need to ask for ahead of time. This way you can create a plan that's right for you, taking control of the birth how you want it to be. This can only be done if you are informed, and this section of the course will guide you through that. 

- Meditation and Yoga:

Although the meditation and yoga guides are not provided in the free course, our paid version provides these complete guides for you.

What you can expect:

This course will introduce you to topics that you may have not heard of, but are essential to understand in order to take your own fate into your hands. With our course you can expect to be much better prepared for the pregnancy, and for the birth itself. Our exercises and recommendations will give you the best chance of staying healthy, preventing complications and providing an environment which is best for you and your growing baby. Along with the lectures, we have many additional resources including articles, studies and Q&A support throughout. 

Take control of your fate, and the fate of your baby with this course. Click the enroll button, and we'll see you in the first section!

Congratulations and see you soon,

The MedScreen Team

Who this course is for:

  • Pregnant women
  • Women who want to get pregnant
  • Partners of pregnant women

Course content

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