Prayer the Bible Way - Easy Practical Quide

All You need to know about theory and practice in prayer. The Christian God. The Bible Way.
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WHAT is prayer
WHEN to pray
WHERE to pray
WHY to pray
HOW to approach God
About Praying Spot at home and You'll see mine I just 'made'
How to create prayers
How to use ready to go prayers
Personal prayer categories
DO-s and DON'T-s in prayer
Some Theological insights on the Biblical God


  • Open mind to Christian Doctrine
  • Basic English


This is a small, beautifully made, easy to follow course on Prayer and The Biblical God. You will learn about God from a different perspective. Jesus behind bars!

You will learn how to avoid non sense in the process of prayer. And also how to skip complications or... Being PROFANUS (Latin) - non Sacred.

It is a course for everyone. For uninformed and informed people. You will taste the very essence of what we call Theology.


Who this course is for:

  • Theology students
  • Non believers
  • New believers
  • All believers who need freshness in their prayer life

Course content

2 sections12 lectures1h 15m total length
  • Definition of "Prayer"
  • WHY Praying?!
  • WHEN Praying?
  • WHERE Praying?
  • Know-HOW
  • HOMEWORK: 'I lied! I am a Count, not a Saint!'


Theologist, Leadership Skills Mentor, Self Help Tutor
Vanya Stoykova / The Artistic Joker Coach
  • 3.5 Instructor Rating
  • 14 Reviews
  • 1,501 Students
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Born and raised in Bulgaria, Eastern Europe.

√  Having early interests and achievements in Philosophy and Physiology.

√  Certain interests in arts - singing lessons, modeling course, graphical drawing, puppeteering - certified courses.

• Graduated:

-  Ivan Vazov High School, Stara Zagora in 1996.

- 2 years Rema Leadership School in Sofia in 1998.

- 4 years Bulgarian Theological College Sofia-Tenessy (Cleveland) - Bachelor's degree/ Counseling and Teaching/ in 2002.

- Organization of Business Projects, certified course in 2000.

Having experience in management, administration and reception as an everyday job. Editor for Birth World Canadian Organization.

... But really passionate about Tutoring, Self Help and Finding All The Secrets to This Thing Called Life.


And I mean... All.