Practice TDD with Node, Typescript and Jest (checkout kata)

A practical exercise to practice TDD using Node Typescript and Jest
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Introduction to TDD using Node and Typescript
Jest testing framework
Practice TDD with exercises (katas)
Inside-out approach a.k.a. classicist a.k.a. Chicago school TDD
Outside-in approach a.k.a. mockist a.k.a. London school TDD
Test doubles, mocks, spies, stubs, fakes and dummies


  • Familiar with Node and Typescript
  • Basic understanding of Testing in general


This is not an actual course, is an exercise showing how to practice Test Driven Development TDD using Node.js Typescript and Jest as a framework library.

How we will work this out is, first, we will present a problem to checkout a list of items and calculate the final price, but we would add some spice on it adding some discounts to some products. Later, we will implement this problem writing the tests first, starting for the simples functionality and growing our design and our functionality until it matches all the requirements provided.

While we try to find the solution for this problem, we will remain disciplined staying always within the red-green-refactor loop, that will guarantee that we will make it until our final design assuming no risks, working the solution iteratively and in small increments.

This exercise is a sneak preview of the other courses published about getting to know TDD in Node Typescript and Jest and building a REST API in both approaches Outside-In and Inside-out. Students can decide after watching this "course" if they would like to take any of the other three. Do you want to develop software like this? Check this out and get to know this practice!

Who this course is for:

  • Developers with certain experience writing code
  • Developers with certain experience writing tests


Software Engineer/ Software Crafter
Josep Mir
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Spent quite a few years at University getting a:

- Computer Science Degree

- Master in Informatics Engineering

- European Master in Software Engineering

Before that, during, and after also spend some time doing:

~15 years writing code

~10 years professional experience

~ 5 years XP practitioner

Managed to collaborate from early stage startups to world wide companies, as well as international consultancy companies offering services to multiple customers. Also, in the meanwhile, did several pet projects.

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