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Step-by-Step Practical HTML | HTM Free Crash Course for Beginners | HTML Web Development Crash Course
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You will be confident on how web pages work together
You will understand how things are being used in HTML
You will realize that you need about 20% HTML knowledge to create 80% of your website pages
You can better understand whether you should continue learning more in web development or not


  • A Computer with Microsoft Windows
  • A Text File Editor
  • A Web Browser


If you're interested in learning web development, HTML is the first language that you need to learn.

And the best way to learn is actually learn by doing.

HTML is the basic programming languages for web development and design. It is beneficial to learn for developers, marketers, and people in many other disciplines.

Knowing HTML can save you hours of frustration, precious time with your design team, or even money dealing with an external contractor.

HTML is the foundation of the web.

HTML—“HyperText Markup Language”— is the language used to tell your web browser what each part of a website is.

So, using HTML, you can define headers, paragraphs, links, images, and more, so your browser knows how to structure the web page you’re looking at.

Easy, right?

But you’re probably still wondering: How am I supposed to use these coding languages in my job?

Well, you only need to learn about 20% core essentials in order to understand how HTML pages work.

Having a handle on the fundamentals will make learning another programming language (like JavaScript, Ruby, or PHP) a whole lot easier.

And the more you know, the more job opportunities will open up for you.

So Take this FREE course, and transform yourself in 85 minutes with practical.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is for beginners - no prior experience is required
  • This course is for students who want to learn practical HTML
  • This course is for entrepreneurs & hobbyists
  • This course is for those looking jump in web development career

Course content

3 sections16 lectures1h 26m total length
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Hi, I'm Zeeshan from Pakistan with 40 years of combined experiences from various fields and a self-taught serial professional.

My students can produce results because I don't just teach theories instead I like to demonstrate by doing it myself so my students know how to start it from point A and reach to point B or how to replicate.

I create and provide straight to the point, hands-on, practical and result-oriented DIY (Do-It-Yourself) courses that will lead into proven result by the right students when finished.

My Background and Experiences:

- 18+ years freelancing experience with international clients
- 25+ years gaming experience with consoles, pc and virtual reality
- 10+ years research experience on God's existence through nature

- Experiences in online earning from blogging, affiliate marketing, adsense, online courses, YouTube and various other methods through my earning experiments.

- Experiences in helping freelancers, coaches and experts recover from their emotional traumas, overcome their limiting beliefs, conquer their fears and get mindset clarity within 2-hours through my spiritual powers.

My Fields of Experiences:

* IT Software & Hardware
* Web Design & Development
* Video Editing & Film Making
* Research, Writing and Curation
* Teaching with Drawing and Illustration
* Sports & Martial Arts
* Gaming & Virtual Reality
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* Existence of God in the Universe
* Spiritual Experiments for Miracles