Practical Game Development in Unity 4: Level 1

A beginner-friendly, pragmatic approach to building video games in the Unity game engine!
Free tutorial
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5hr 41min of on-demand video
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Learn how to build a complete game in the Unity3d game engine!
Understand Unity's component-oriented architecture to create reusable assets for our levels!
Tie everything together in a complete package that can be deployed to Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows and the web!
Learn the basics of Unity's particle engine to create effects for our game!


  • Beginner-level understanding of C#
  • Unity Standard (the free edition) available on Unity's homepage
  • Visual Studio or MonoDevelop (which comes bundled, free, with Unity standard)


This video series is all about the practical approach to using the tools made available to us in Unity 4 to create our very own video game! We will be creating a Missile Commander clone; which allows us to explore many of the techniques we can employ in our own projects: such as collision detection, asset management, level management, basic GUI implementation, particle effects and more!

The purpose of this series is to lead by example; and as a result, everything we discuss will be put to immediate use in the form of completing our game.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner-level programmers who want to learn how to create games using Unity
  • People who have never even touched Unity before
  • People who have used Unity to some extent, but want to explore new techniques for authoring games


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