Basic PowerShell commands

Best course for Beginners and intermediate
Rating: 4.2 out of 5 (942 ratings)
17,702 students
Basic PowerShell commands
Rating: 4.2 out of 5 (942 ratings)
17,702 students
Students should be able to write and demonstrate basic to fairly advance Power Shell scripts.


  • Students need to know the basic operations of Windows and Operating System
  • It would be advisable for the students to get hands on Windows operating experience

This powershell course is specially crafted for beginners and intermediate who has little or no knowledge of PowerShell. The course has certain great concept(Check the Preview) which would act as a refresher for even advance powershell user. 

The course guides the students from installation to navigating help, to different important commands. 
This course would take the user through smooth path with each commands and steps explained in detailed, so as to make student an independent explorer in the field of powershell in future career.

Since Powershell is a vast field so I tried to crack open the concepts by explaining in details some of the concepts as below:

A) Different type of commands/scripts/cmdlet, which can be run from PowerShell.
B) Object Handling and Piping i.e where-object, foreach-object etc
C) Object sorting, manipulation and formatting i.e sort-object, format-list, format-table
D) Navigating the Help for unknown commands using just the get-help and some keywords i.e. navigating get-eventlog
E) Helped student to get the idea of virtual driver letter for environment variables and regular partition i.e get-psdrive
F) How to set the Execution Policy set-ExecutionPolicy, get-ExecutionPolicy
G) String Handling i.e Like taking string length, getting a unique string from an array of strings.

Who this course is for:
  • System Administrator or Automation Engineer. Powershell can also be handy general purpose windows system administrator.
Course content
1 section • 16 lectures • 2h 33m total length
  • Introduction
  • Start-Transcript and PowerShell Version
  • Execution Policy
  • How to get and set Alias and how to use pushd and popd
  • get-childitem and formatting the output of command
  • get-command and how to navigate help, measure-object and count
  • File Handling like New-Item, Get-Content,remove-Item, rename-Item, Move-Item
  • Sorting the object and grouping
  • Selecting an object and iterating using foreach-object
  • Filtering using where-object and some more examples of group-object
  • get-process and how to stop a process or kill it
  • Important PowerShell commands like Stop Process, convert data to HTML or CSV
  • String Handling in PowerShell
  • Navigating Help In PowerShell to look for event Logs
  • Environment Variable Part 1
  • Persistent Environment Variable in Registry

Senior Software Engineer
Shakil khan
  • 4.2 Instructor Rating
  • 4,217 Reviews
  • 91,599 Students
  • 9 Courses

Over 15 years of total experience in software development, focusing on C/C++/Linux/Symbian C++, different flavors of UNIX (SCO, HP-UX, SunOS, AIX and RedHat Linux). Knowledge of LINUX Internals/ System programming/Inter Process Communication  and Shell Scripting.

Worked on Symbian OS features like TLS/descriptors/ threads/ semaphore/IPC/ Active Objects/ Dynamics Arrays/Cleanup Stack/Client –server/Binary Compatibility.
Experience in all stages of development of large project using C/C++/ Clearcase/Subversion/GIT  on Linux and LynxOS platform.
Worked on Linux Device driver and System programming.
Worked on HP bootloader, Board Support Package and grub.
Knowledge of Virtual File system, ext3, I/O Scheduler.
Good knowledge of Socket, TCP/IP and routing protocol like BGP, RIP.
Good knowledge of porting and cross-compilation. Ported FreeBSD-libc to Symbian Platform.
Worked on Linux Device Driver(Parallel port Control panel, USB mass storage driver), System programming, ELF32,DWARF, binary optimization.    
Worked on GNU Tools chain like Cross-Compiler, Makefile, Auto Conf.
Worked on drivers for SPI, UART, I2C, GPIO Bus as part of board bringup.
Good Knowledge of Multithreading, Semaphore, Message queue, Shared memory and other IPC mechanism.
Bring up of Board and enhanced product for power star energy consumption by implementing various sleeping mode in Devices like scanner, Fax, Hard drive etc.
Knowledge of GNU tool chain and cross compilation
Participated in Code reviews, Risk management, design document as well as implementation phase.
Good knowledge of Object oriented Analysis and design.
Good Knowledge of Xen/ Qemu and virtualization.
Worked on Malware Analysis and disassembly
Very good and through knowledge of Hypervisor like Xen, KVM.