Power of Prayer - Christian Prayer

A look into the power of prayer and its benefits.
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Develop a better understanding of the power of prayer
Examples of power of prayer in the bible
Identify answered prayer types
Prayers as it relates to healing
What to do before you set out to do anything


  • Desire to know and grow in prayer life and walk with God
  • A Bible & supplies for taking notes


A look into the power of prayer and its benefits. The quickest path to an improved prayer life is knowing that prayer is essential, powerful and beneficial.

Prayer should be an important part of your daily life. Even though prayer never goes out of style, we can struggle with it.

There are many things that have been birthed out of prayer than you can imagine. This is why you must know and be reminded that the enemy will constantly try to fight you in this area as best as he can. Why? Because if you ever got a hold of the truth of the power of prayer and apply it to your life you can do excessive damage to his kingdom, how would you like that? To be able to pay him back for all the evil deeds that he has done in the past and maybe doing now to you, family and friends. Sounds good hey?

It is urgent that you need to improve your prayer life now & even be able to help others in crisis. This course aims to help you see and know that prayer still works today.

Let me remind you that Jesus prayed and gave us a model to go by through the Lord’s prayer. Even today, you ought to have hope that God has made provision for you to get help through various means. There is no excuse to be prayerless today.

• Included with most lessons are PDF to print out for session notes and reflections.

• Free Bonus resource for your daily devotion and motivation.

Who this course is for:

  • New Christians who desire to get a better understanding on prayer and grow in their relationship with God.
  • Believers who are struggling and having difficulty in prayer.
  • People who need inspiration and hope that God still hears and answers prayers.

Course content

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  • Meet Your Instructor
  • Motivation - Power of Prayer When Prayer Becomes Difficult


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James Edgecombe
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After being convicted by God for a number of years James began his relationship with the Lord on April 11th 1993 at a family reunion. Immediately he submitted himself and became an active member of his church’s Youth Ministry. He has worked as a dedicated Christian leader for over 20+ years and still actively involved. Over the years, he believes that he has made valuable contributions in leading and assisting in the development of young people and adults.

James not only writes and develops products about Christianity and faith but he is a born again Christian living out this faith.

Success Mission

James believes that all of us are here to fulfill a specific purpose. Whether we are successful in fulfilling that purpose depends on us discovering it and then the actions we take toward it. He takes pleasure in doing his part to help people connect with their God intended destiny, enjoy life and succeed. His goals are to aid others to reach their full potential in life, whether spiritual, personal development leadership or business. All in an effort to achieve a life of good success.

He desires to make the greatest impact in the lives of others with the talents he has.

James currently serves as an Ordained Minister at his church and the Director of small groups.

"Working On Your Dreams Calls For Getting Off Your Potential" - James Edgecombe