Posturecise (Level 1) Create Healthy Posture Habits for Life
4.6 (550 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
5,568 students enrolled

Posturecise (Level 1) Create Healthy Posture Habits for Life

Create a simple daily posture habit with 21 simple "techniques" - and all without living at the gym!
4.6 (550 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
5,568 students enrolled
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Last updated 5/2020
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What you'll learn
  • The opportunity to complete the Posturecise Challenge (21 minutes a day for 21 days)
  • You will learn how to deal with common pitfalls that can sabotage your success
  • You will master 21 posture movements (8 floor, 8 seated, 5 standing)
  • You will be skilled at performing quality posture movements that make you feel great!
  • You will feel more flexible and less stiff!
  • You will stand tall!
  • You will very likely look and feel more confident!
  • You will have developed a healthy Posturecise habit for life!
  • Posturecise is gentle enough for all ages and abilities.
  • 21 minutes a day for 21 days - That's the Posturecise Challenge!
  • An exercise mat and a chair or stool
  • Comfortable clothing - not uber sexy spandex; that's not this course!


Updated March 4, 2020



"I like the very high quality videos. Easy to see all the parts of the exercises and examples. They go at a good pace -- it's all value content, so it moves right along. At the same time, it's a nice easy pace, so easy to follow along. The exercises help me a lot to regain my lost flexibility. And they are helping me with my digestion --every time I do my posturecizes I get a swift and positive response from my digestive system! This course is one of the best, most value-packed health investments that I've ever made. I highly recommend it!" Linda Carroll

"Hi Paula, regards from Prague. I purchased your Posturecise 1 some time ago and just wanted to tell you that you are doing great job. I have gone also through dozens of similar youtube videos but frankly I prefer the way you put it together. I enjoy your exercises - simple, clear and effective. So now  I am looking forward to the Posturesize 2 - I just purchased a minute ago." Evzen Cekota 

"I have a small spa in the mountains of Panama, where I work as a massage practitioner; many of my clients are retirees who come here to enjoy the great weather and variety of outdoor activities. They also come with tight necks and backs and lots with forward head posture issues. This course is perfect for them: the exercises are very well explained and presented in the videos, and they're basic enough for a person who has little or no fitness experience. It's never too late to start!" Kitzie McKinney

"Well thought out and very well explained. Paula's enthusiasm is infectious." Peter Mihaly

"I am enjoying her style and the quizzes are great." Bettina Zel

"Posturecise has helped me release my upper back tension in a short time. It was amazing to see how a few simple, well structured and targeted exercises could make such a difference so quickly." Sabrina Colvin Sterling 

"I've been looking for an easy to learn system for improving posture for a long time. And now I have found it." David Ed Wilkes 

"I've had posture problems for a long while now and much as I have struggled to correct it, I just havent found the consistent technique that you taught here. Poor posture always left me feeling tired constantly and just doing a bit of your course helped boost my energy. I will endeavor to follow your 21 Day Challenge. Thanks again!" Abrl Pglng 

"As a desk worker I am always worried about my posture and health; and as a tall guy it is even trickier. Lots of fun exercises in here and already I can feel my spine loosening and dare I say it. I seem to be getting taller!" T Rudkins  


In the early 90s, frustrated by years of pill-popping and chronic daily headaches, I took myself to a chiropractor. I was so amazed with the results, that I moved to the UK (from Toronto) to study Chiropractic. 

Several years after qualifying, I was horrified by a picture of myself. I had developed horrible forward head posture - I was embarrassed to be a healthcare professional with bad posture. I become obsessed with how to improve my posture. I spent years studying x-rays and trying new products and exercises. I later qualified with a fellowship in the physics of posture correction. I fell in love with posture! 

Posturecise is the result of nearly 20 years of personal and clinical experience correcting my own posture and helping other people regain their posture confidence! 

The 21 Posturecise movements in this course were designed to target your whole body and are safe and gentle enough to do every day. 

  Every single technique which I reveal in this course is easy to put into place in minutes - and can give you instant results: 

  • increased spinal flexibility

  • boosted energy levels

  • fewer aches and pains

  • improved body image

  • renewed confidence


While most exercise programs are rigorous, this course is so humane and realistic that many of the 21 Posturecise movements can be done while watching TV, sitting at your office desk or even in your car, waiting for the light to change! 

As well as the Udemy 30 day guarantee, you have my personal promise that you will be wowed and delighted by what you'll learn in our time together. I keep it simple, because I don't believe that exercise needs to hurt to work! In fact, there is plenty of research to show that pounding your body is the quickest way to wear out your joints and permanently alter your posture.

What this course is not: 

  • A bust your gut boot-camp for fitness slaves that feel the need to pound their bodies and sweat profusely. 

  • A quick fix - I can not stress this enough. Good posture is not a quick fix and Posturecise is not a miracle cure. Good posture is a life-long commitment and one you can learn to love and enjoy! 

I will not look at your posture on this course and tell you what is wrong, as it would be reckless of me to advise you and that is beyond the scope of this course. 

I can not tell you how long it will take to correct your posture because there are many factors that contribute to your rate of healing: past injury, nutrition, emotional health, fitness levels, age etc. 

But if you want my personal experience with posture - remember I have been doing posture for almost 20 years and I have helped thousands of people improve their posture and regain confidence, then you may just love this course. 

I emphasize that you need no prior experience. Posturecise is gentle and safe enough for all ages and abilities. 

You'll Receive: 

  1. 21 video posture tutorials

  2. 8 floor posture video tutorials (REAL ways to target your core)

  3. 8 seated posture video tutorials (includes forward head)

  4. 5 standing posture video tutorials

  5. Instruction from a qualified health care physician (not a trainer)

  6. A 21 minute daily routine

  7. The 21 day Posturecise challenge

  8. Advise on how to deal with common barriers

  9. Warning: Posture Confidence may cause extreme attractiveness!


I invite you to join me now – go ahead and click on the red button that says: ADD TO CART.  Thank you and I really look forward to seeing you inside the course.

Your posture doc,

Paula Moore

Who this course is for:
  • No prior fitness knowledge
  • Posturecise is gentle and safe enough for all ages
  • Anyone who wants to age well!
  • Anyone with a desire to ooze posture confidence!
Course content
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+ Take The 21 Day Challenge
3 lectures 05:55

This course teaches you a totally different approach to regaining good posture and health. Moving your body every day with a committed program like Posturecise, is the only way to maintain the maximum flexibility needed to improve posture!

Welcome Posture Pupils!

Psychologists tell us it takes just 21 days to develop a new habit. Find out how you can enroll yourself in the 21 Day Posturecise Challenge. Posturecise is the very routine that I developed using the last 20 years of private practice and personal struggle to correct my own horrible forward head posture. I'm happy to say that I was successful! Let me share with you the very routine that I do each and every morning, seven days a week. Learn to re-love your body!

The exercises in the 21 Day Challenge, have been carefully numbered for you throughout this course.

Preview 04:25

Most of the exercises in this course are safe enough even for a healthy beginner, but do have a listen to my safety advice before starting the rehab section of this course. If you are anything like me, you might be tempted to jump straight in, and I don't want you to injure yourselves. If you are unsure if this program is suitable for you, talk to your healthcare provider before doing ANY of the exercises on this course.

Woah There Tiger - Safety First!

Do not consider missing out the Posturecise quizzes as they provide the quickest way to remember the important points of each section. There is probably even a little fun mixed in! 

Section 1 Review - Test Your Knowledge
6 questions
+ Common Pitfalls - How To Prepare In Advance
4 lectures 11:39

By the time most of you begin to have pain, the chronic problems associated with poor posture will have set in. Even if you already have pain, it is still possible to improve and correct your posture but it is going to take longer and be more frustrating. Please don't wait for the pain. Start today - start now!

Preview 04:47

When you seek to achieve success in life and particularly, as we get older, with exercise of any kind, barriers will often stand in your way. What kinds of new habits can you create to replace the barriers that prevent you from reaching your health goals? Listen closely as I give you creative new ways to tackle four common barriers.

Negative Self Talk - Replace Emotional Barriers with New Habits!

When you start Posturecising, you need to begin with the 1-minute warm-up and even better if you have a hot shower, so your body is really ready to go. This isn't a cardiovascular workout as such, so a really long warm-up isn't necessary; as the Posturecise movements are safe and gentle. Ready? This easy 60-second march should be all you'll need. Let's go!

Let's Get Started - 60 Second Warmup

Don't miss this one - make sure you read all of this! I really want you to get the most out of this course. Read it right through and get some of my tips about when is the best time to posturecise, how to posturecise and most importantly, how to get in touch with me when it all seems too much and you want to quit. Hey, and don't worry; that will happen and it's perfectly normal. In those moments, don't sweat it - contact me and ask for help. I really do love to help.

Ongoing Support
2 pages
Section 2 - Common Pitfalls Review
4 questions
+ Floor Posture Tutorials - Grab Your Mat!
11 lectures 26:14

In people that sit at work for long periods of time, hip flexors can become short and tight, and this can affect gait, posture and movement. You need approximately 15 degrees of hip extension to walk normally. If hip flexors are tight then in order to walk, you compensate with your lower back and this can cause back pain and premature disc degeneration. These simple but effective hips circles will improve flexibility, gait and overall posture.

#1. Hip Circles - Great Mobilization for Tight Hip Flexors

Muscles in the groin area can become tight due to long periods of sitting. Tight muscles in the groin can lead to injury and/or incorrect pelvic alignment and poor posture. The key to flexibility in the groin is elongating the targeted muscles passively and for an extended period of time. Try this passive floor posture, with an essential second position. This is not as easy as you may think.

#2. Groin Stretch - Two Positions

There is a large group of back muscles that work together to support the spine in ideal alignment. They help to hold the body upright and allow you to stand, lift, bend, twist and maintain good postural alignment. Stress also causes back muscles to tighten (your fight or flight response) and this deprives lower back muscles of the energy needed to support your spine.This deep lumbar stretch is perfect if you need to know how to stretch your lower back muscles and ease a stiff, achy back and maintain a healthy lumbar curve. There is a basic and advanced version.

#3. Deep Lumbar Stretch - Two Versions to Keep Healthy Spinal Curves

Short tight chest muscles and weak shoulder stabilizers cause unattractive round shoulders and slouchback posture. Arm circles performed with perfect spinal alignment, help to unlock stiff achy rounding shoulders and leave your chest feeling expanded and open. You should notice a change of breathing following this posture exercise.

#4. Arm Circles Performed with Perfect Spinal Alignment!

The purpose of the cat camel spinal mobilization is to restore healthy joint movement. People with sensitive nervous systems benefit from the gentle spinal movements found in this exercise. If you have any spinal stiffness you will enjoy this version of the cat camel exercise. It literally has you focus on your spine, one vertebra at a time. It's wonderful!

#5. Cat Camel (Part 1) - Feel Your Spine one Vertebra at a Time!

Part 2 targets the muscles in your flanks. This stretch is tough to co-ordinate when you first begin, but it feels absolutely wonderful and really helps people who experience any one-sided low back pain. When you learn to do this posture exercise well, you will feel the stretch from top to bottom. So good!

Preview 01:02

Tight hamstrings limits pelvic mobility. Limited pelvic mobility transfers stress to the lower lumbar segments, which can lead to chronic low back pain and flat back posture. Most hamstring stretches are taught in a manner that causes lumbar flexion, which can lead to disc degeneration. This seated hamstring stretch specifically targets your hamstrings and pays attention to the posture in your lower back. This is a must!

#6. Seated Hamstring Stretch - Safe for the Discs!

Is your ab workout hurting your back? Traditional sit-ups are a great way to cause disc bulging, herniations and 'pinched nerves'. The lower back can only take so many repetitions of crunching before the discs begin to degenerate and wear. It's entirely possible to have 6-pack abs and a ruined lower back! Curl downs are the best way to target your core and protect your back, and yet many 6-packers can't do them. Try all 3 levels!

#7. Curl Downs - 3 Levels

Incorrect sitting and standing posture, poor nutrition, injuries, athleticism and manual laboring can all lead to worn spinal discs. Degenerating discs can result in the loss to the natural lumbar curve. The lumbar flex is a very good lumbar extension exercise that will mobilize stiff spinal joints and restore lost flexibility. This exercise is also used as a treatment for slipped discs and leg pain.

#8. Lumbar Flex - Great for Stiff Backs and to Vanish Leg Pain!

Take the floor posture's review quiz and find out all the bonus tips for really getting the most out of your floor routine.

Section 3 - Floor Posture Review
5 questions

There are 8 floor postures in total. Download this simple cheat sheet so you can take your floor postures with you anywhere, and never forget the correct order. Pin them up somewhere you will see them for a handy reminder.

Floor Postures - Crib Sheet (Print Me!)
1 page

Here are all 8 Floor Postures together with background music. Now you can Posturecise with me! You can even use the 8 standing postures as a 10-minute mini workout if you don't have time for the full Posturecise routine. 

Floor Postures - With Music!
+ Seated Postures Tutorials - Grab A Chair Or Stool!
10 lectures 16:58

The head and neck are often the most neglected part in most exercise and fitness programs but it's an important part of this Posturecise program. When you are hunched over (slouchback posture) you limit the motion in your neck. When you try to turn your head, you can't do it without moving your body. Poor head and neck posture is often the cause of headaches and jaw pain. Before you can rehabilitate your slouch back and forward head posture, your neck joints have to be flexible. The neck mobilizer helps to improve the range of movement in your neck. Try this exercise right from your office chair!

#9. Neck Mobilizer - Try this Exercise in Your Office Chair!

Mobilizations are gentle rhythmical movements that “massage” your muscles and joints. Neck Rolling is a mobilization that involves moving your neck joints through their entire range of movement, without any resistance — an enjoyable exercise. Neck Rolling will warm you up gradually and relieve tension and even remove some muscle knots. Rolling your neck in this particular way will help you to break up sticky adhesions and restore flexibility and full range of movement, so you can begin to correct any forward head posture.

#10. Neck Rolls - Restore Flexibility

When neck muscles are weak, from years of poor posture habits, the head becomes unstable on your neck. This instability can lead to irritated discs, joints, nerves and muscles. This then leads to the feeling of a heavy head and sometimes chronic headaches. Use the Neck Pump to strengthen weak neck muscles associated with poor work posture and long-term use of ipads and other mobile devices.

11. #Neck Pump - Wonder Why your Head Feels Heavy?

You can actually realign your entire body just by moving your head. Forward head posture can add up to thirty pounds of forward pull on your neck and that is enough to pull your entire body out of its ideal alignment and reduce your vital lung capacity by up to 30%! One of the most effective postural exercises is the chin tuck. You can reverse the effects of gravity and early aging by retraining your body to stand long with the simple chin tuck. Try it when driving but just at the stop signs!

Preview 00:54

31% of chronic lumbar pain and 55% of persistent neck pain arises from the spinal joints (facets). If you regularly experience a stiff back, chances are good that you have sticky adhesions (think scar tissue) that restrict the movement of your spinal joints and make good posture difficult to maintain. Most of us have forgotten how to translate our bodies. Spine Shifting will teach you how to move your back as you did when you were a child. Watch your spinal stiffness melt away.

#13. Spine Shifts - Spinal Stiffness Melts Away!

Your ribs are connected to your spine and breastbone, and they form a cage to protect major organs. Regular slouching and poor posture cause the spine in your mid back (the thoracic spine) to curve too much. The rib cage then becomes stiff and less mobile, resulting in a hunch back appearance. Eventually, this immobility can lead to a permanent hump in the midback, called a hyper-kyphosis. When you Spine Wind, you will notice it feels so good to unwind your stiff tense back, that you may find this simple exercise becomes your favorite!

#14. Spine Wind - This is One of My Favorites!

When the normal lumbar curvature becomes exaggerated and the pelvis tips forward, this is called hyperlordosis or swayback posture. Weak gluteal muscles (comprised of three muscles which make up the buttocks) can lead to swayback posture. One sure sign of weak gluts is a flat bottom. The chair squat posture exercise is the bum-toning exercise you need to improve your sway back appearance. Beware the burn!

#15. Chair Squat - Reduce Sway Back!

The bottom muscles (glutes) are essentially the largest, most powerful muscles in the body. These muscles become tight due to incorrect pelvic postures and slouch sitting; when you sit behind your sit bones, instead of directly over them.

Tight bottom muscles are frequently the source of leg pain, numbness and tingling, when tight muscle knots in the buttocks clamp down over the sciatic nerve and send pain into the leg. This muscular problem is often misdiagnosed as a slipped disc or sciatica.

#16. Figure Four - Ouch! An Intense Stretch for the Bottom!

That in fact is a quote directly from my father. He always said the top students review and much as I hate to admit it, he was right. Darn it, I said that would never happen! Take this fun little quiz - I believe that it will help you achieve greater success.

Seated Postures Quiz Review
5 questions

There are 8 seated postures in total. Download this simple cheat sheet so you can take your floor postures with you anywhere, and never forget the correct order. Pin them up somewhere you will see them for a handy reminder.

Seated Postures - Crib Sheet (Print Me!)
1 page

Here are all 8 Seated Postures together with background music. Now you can Posturecise with me! You can even use the 8 seated postures as a 10-minute mini workout if you don't have time for the full Posturecise routine. 

Seated Postures - With Music!
+ Standing Posture Tutorials - Ready? Up You Get!
7 lectures 13:12

Over many years in private practice, I've seen people with foot pain, heel pain, achilles pain, shin pain, calf pain, knee pain, hip and back pain. The thing that they all had in common was tight calf muscles. Flexibility in the calf muscles is crucial to maintaining good posture, as they help to keep you balanced and upright. Why does everyone have such tight calf muscles? It’s because we all do the same thing every day, for many hours each day: WE SIT! We sit to work, eat, drive, watch TV and work on computers. This Calf Stretch is done standing, with special attention given to your spinal posture. Over time, this deep stretch will improve your posture literally from head to toe!

#17. Calf Stretch - Why We all have Tight Calf Muscles

The way we hold ourselves is a reflection of the way we feel about ourselves; so good posture improves confidence. If you want to avoid shrinking due to the worn spinal discs from rounding posture, you must learn to open and expand your chest. Do these Shoulder Rolls several times a day to reduce round shoulders and improve your appearance.

#18. Shoulder Rolls - Reduce The Slouch

This total body stretch offers a fast easy way to lengthen and build flexibility in your chest, shoulders, back, arms and legs. Try this exercise at work, at your desk, while waiting in line or anytime throughout the day for flexibility and relaxation. Hip hiking has to be one of the best ways to increase mid back flexibility. I love watching Etian's beautiful body moving through this postural movement.

#19. Hip Hiking - A Posture Must for a Long Lean Appearance

While the prospect of exercising your back may seem challenging, gentle specific movements can help loosen the tight muscles that lock your back in place. Most repetitive spinal movements reinforce two movements: flexion and extension and as a result, we often lose the ability to move our joints through their full range. Professional dancers typically have incredible spinal flexibility and as a result, often very good posture. In this video, Morgana (professional belly dancer) helps me to demonstrate how to unlock your stiff lower backs, using Pelvic Circles. It's a bit sexy!

#20. Pelvic Circles - This One's a Bit Sexy!

Benefit from the feelings of weightlessness; helps to increase spinal flexibility, one vertebra at a time.

* keep knees bent

* not suitable for anyone with a history of lumbar disc related issues - sciatica; prolapsed (slipped) disc

#21. Spinal Rolling - One Vertebra at a Time

Almost there - not the time to throw in the towel. Please take 1 quick minute to complete the quiz and I promise you will find something out that may just SHOCK you!

Section 5 -Standing Postures Quiz Review
5 questions

There are 5 standing postures in total. Download this simple cheat sheet so you can take your floor postures with you anywhere, and never forget the correct order. Pin them up somewhere you will see them for a handy reminder.

Standing Postures - Crib Sheet (Print Me!)
1 page

Here are all 8 Standing Postures together with background music. Now you can Posturecise with me! You can even use the 8 seated postures as a 10-minute mini workout if you don't have time for the full Posturecise routine. 

Standing Postures - With Music!
+ So What's Next? Good Posture For Life!
3 lectures 01:33

Finish your daily Posturecise routine with a 60 second shake out. I go a bit nuts when I do this - here is a calmer version of what I really do!

Shake Out - Soft Tissue Manipulation (Go a bit nuts here!)

Everyone knows that good posture and exercise are important for adult health and aging well. Developing a daily Posturecise habit will reward you with a lifetime of good health and inspire posture confidence. We can't avoid aging but we can delay and even reverse the effects of aging, with daily movements that are gentle and safe. Go for it!

What's Next? Good Posture For Life!

Contact Dr Paula with your questions ...

Questions? Great ... Contact Dr Paula
+ Bonus Material
2 lectures 02:07
Free Posture Infographic - Download

Take your posture correction to the next level, with the advanced version of the original Posturecise (Level 1).

CONTACT US => and ask for 50% off, and we'll send you a coupon!

Posturecise Level 2