Exercises to Improve Posture | Dr Paula's 9-Course Sampler
4.6 (85 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
778 students enrolled

Exercises to Improve Posture | Dr Paula's 9-Course Sampler

A collection of the most popular exercises from 9 of the Posture Doctor's best-selling online posture courses
4.6 (85 ratings)
Course Ratings are calculated from individual students’ ratings and a variety of other signals, like age of rating and reliability, to ensure that they reflect course quality fairly and accurately.
778 students enrolled
Created by Dr Paula Moore
Last updated 3/2020
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What you'll learn
  • Reduce forward head, round shoulders and headaches.
  • Improve spinal flexibility and balance.
  • Remove painful muscle knots.
  • Improve your posture at work and when you travel.
  • Download easy 5-minute workouts you can do just about anywhere.
  • A fitness/yoga mat, theraband (aka resistance band), fitness ball (Swiss Ball), tennis ball (or Hacky Sack) a chair, a towel and a commitment to your health. You can skip the lectures that require equipment if you wish to.

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Awesome!  Clint Jones

Easy to grasp. Mary Pritchard

She is so knowledgeable! Love this course so far!  Teresa Wahmhoff 

All of Dr. Paula's courses are great -- she presents with superb emotion and great knowledge. thanks .. keep sending them to us. Michael Singer 

"This is great, I never thought that sitting posture in cars also matters as I have multiple pain points in my shoulder blades and painful neck muscles, so driving car for more than 30 minutes also contributed to elevate my pain. I will ask few question regarding sleeping as my neck is more painful and stiff when I wake up. Instructor seems knowledgeable with this topic. Great course and keep up the good work." Muhammad Ahsan Pervaiz

"Excellent information in short segments. Easy to understand." Carlyn Martin


Hi there, I'm Paula Moore and I've been teaching Udemy courses since September 2014, and in that short period of time, I've created 12 best-selling courses, with 12,000+ enrolled students and 100s of 5* reviews - we are having a blast!

The problem with most posture programs and gym workouts, is that they are taught by someone who has never examined a body (hands on), never taken or analyzed an x-ray of the spine and most 'instructors' have only a certificate of qualification and not a professional degree. This is a BIG PROBLEM.

I've been helping people correct their posture for 17 years and the biggest mistake I see fitness instructors make when addressing posture, is they use a functional approach (generic) to correct a structural problem. A functional approach focuses mainly on pain and symptoms and the outside of the body; but rarely has the ability to actual alter postural alignment, because the underlying cause of bad posture hasn't  been addressed – the structural alignment of the body and spine. And that's the  reason I left a successful private practice as a Chiropractor. I was frustrated by this approach to posture and health. I realized I could help more people, more effectively online. 

People with bad posture typically worry about looking unattractive. Is that you? They often develop early arthritis and premature aging and can reduce their  vital lung capacity by up to 30%. They want to be active but it hurts when they try. They have typically tried several different types of treatment and various exercise regimes but when they look in the mirror they see little difference. This is a BIG PROBLEM.



So quite simply, I’ve taken a few of the most viewed/most popular posture exercises from each of my best-selling posture courses and offered them right here in this course. You’ll find a Best-of Posturecise section, a Best-of Posturecise (Level 2), a Best-of Sit Less Move More, a Best-of Balance Exercise for Beginners, a Best-of Neck Hump, a Best-of Scoliosis Exercise, a Best-of How to Get Rid of Headache & Migraine, a Best-of Text Neck and a Best-of Travel Exercise. Basically, this course includes a Best-of section for every posture course I’ve ever made!

You'll even get several 5-minute workouts that you can download and print for easy reference. I've NEVER offered that before!

This course was a lot of work and I truly hope you find it engaging and fun. 

I invite you now to join me – go ahead and click on the red button that says: ADD TO CART.  Thank you and I really look forward to seeing you inside the course!

Your posture doc,

Paula Moore

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone interested in healthy living
  • Anyone who likes to workout at home
  • Anyone who has taken one of my best-selling posture courses
  • Anyone who wants to regain attractive posture
Course content
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+ Early Bonus Lecture
1 lecture 05:31

You will learn the 3 steps needed to create a new posture habit:

How to Hardwire a New Habit
+ General Knowledge: Questions & Top Tips
9 lectures 26:28

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Your center of gravity is an important factor in the stability and balance of your body.

The Key to Fixing Your Posture

Text neck is what happens to our posture when we put our head and neck in a forward position for a prolonged period of time. 

There is a Text Neck Epidemic

Looking down for prolonged periods of time when texting, can lead to chronic spinal pain, headaches, jaw pain, worn spinal discs and osteoarthritis. 

What Texting Does to Your Spine

A Dowager's hump is not the same as a Neck Hump. In this lecture you will learn the difference.

Preview 01:51

In this lecture you learn how to adjust your posture and CAR while driving.

Correct Driving Posture

Are standing desks the solution to prolonged sitting?

Should You Sit or Stand at Work?

Heavy travel bags can harm your back. In this video I review 4 different types of bags, and suggest which is the best.

Best Travel Bag

Sadly, there are no short cuts or quick fix solutions to correcting your posture. Have a listen . . .

How Long Will it Take?
+ Whoa There - Have a Listen Please
1 lecture 00:19

Safety first - please watch.

Before Doing ANY Exercise
+ Best of 'Posturecise' (Level 1)
6 lectures 08:19

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Quick Instructions

Use Pelvic Circles to unlock a stiff lower back. It's fun!

Pelvic Circles

This total body stretch offers a fast easy way to lengthen and build flexibility in your chest, shoulders, back, arms and legs. 

Hip Hiking

Spine Shifting will teach you how to move your back as well as you did when you were a child!

Spine Shifts

Weak gluteal muscles can lead to problem posture. The Chair Squat is an amazing buttock-toning exercise!

Chair Squat

Curl downs are the best way to target your core and protect your back, and yet many 6-pack abs can't do these! 

Curl Downs for Your Core!
+ Best of 'Posturecise' (Level 2)
6 lectures 13:04

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Quick Instructions

The Hip Hinge is a movement used in traditional cultures around the world.

Hip Hinge - Golden Rule 1

A swayback is an exaggerated curve usually seen in the upper lumbar spine. In this video, you will learn how to tuck the ribs.

Rib Tuck - Golden Rule 2

Try this exercise to improve your round-shouldered appearance over time.

Shoulder Retractions

The theraband bridge increases gluteal strength to help keep your back and pelvis in correct alignment..

Preview 02:00

The piriformis is a muscle located deep in the buttock and runs in close proximity to the sciatic nerve. When this muscle becomes tight, it can irritate the sciatic nerve and cause chronic pain.

Piriformis Stretch - Glute Release
+ Best of 'Sit Less Move More'
5 lectures 15:33

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Quick Instructions

The Seated Head & Neck Routine is the perfect way to reduce neck strain and add movement to your seated work day.  

Seated Head & Neck Routine

The Seated Shoulder Routine is the perfect way to reduce the round shoulders that result from prolonged sitting.  

Seated Shoulder Routine

The seated pelvic tilt will remind you to pay more attention to your pelvic alignment throughout the day.

Seated Pelvic Tilt for Low Back & Pelvis

If you find it hard to sit up straight at your desk, there is a good chance that your chest muscles are tight. This exercise will help.

Standing Doorway Stretch for Shoulders
+ Best of 'Balance Exercise for Beginners'
5 lectures 15:33

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Quick Instructions

Conventional footwear can change the shape of our feet. Regularly spacing your toes, helps to improve this problem.

Preview 05:47

Learning to move our toes individually is a skillful little exercise that will help to restore natural foot mechanics.

Toe Lifts

Swaying is a fairly straight forward exercise but it gets much harder when you remove a vital system of the body - the eyes!


Motor skills are a complex system of precise movements, and one key component in developing the Motor Skills necessary for balance, is coordination. The arm juggle will challenge even the most coordinated among us.

Arm Juggle - Motor Skills Brain Workout
+ Best of 'Neck Hump'
4 lectures 18:04

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Quick Instructions

In this lecture, you learn how to administer self manual therapy, known as joint mobilization.

Self Mobilization - Vanish Stiff Neck!

The neck can do more than just bend and turn - it can also translate or shift. Try this ...

Neck Shifts - Challenging!

In this lecture we look at a very effective technique for melting away painful muscle knots, in order to restore the normal range of movement in your head and neck.

Trapesius Pinch
+ Best of 'Scoliosis Exercises You do From Home'
4 lectures 05:51

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Quick Instructions

When you learn to tilt and twist, you will quickly regain flexibility and may actually increase your vital lung capacity!

Seated Tilts and Twists

This exercise will help you break up the sticky joint adhesions that limit spinal flexibility and movement.

Seated Thoracic Bends - Flexibility!

Prolonged sitting leads to tight muscles and worn spinal discs over time. Use this exercise often, to help restore mobility and protect spinal discs. 

Pelvic Lifts