Storage on Kubernetes - Portworx Fundamentals

Get started with the fundamentals of Cloud Native Storage Platform
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Fundamentals of Container Native Storage
Fundamentals of Portworx Container Storage


  • Linux System Administration
  • Containers
  • Container Orchestrator - Kubernetes


Portworx is the cloud native storage company that enterprises depend on to reduce the cost and complexity of rapidly deploying containerized applications across multiple clouds and on-prem environments. With Portworx, you can manage any database or stateful service on any infrastructure using any container scheduler. You get a single data management layer for all of your stateful services, no matter where they run. Portworx thrives in multi-cloud environments.

This course introduces the basic fundamentals of Portworx to a beginner with lectures and hands-on labs that can be accessed right in the browser.

In this course we will get you introduced to the basics of deploying and managing a Portworx Storage solution. We start with a basic introduction to Portworx, we then take you through the Portworx Architecture, the control plane and data plane at a high level, before heading over to the labs to install Portworx. Then proceed to deploying a Portworx Cluster,where we see how multiple nodes come together to form a cluster. We then get familiarized with the Portworx CLI, the pxctl utility. We then get introduced to storage pools, volumes, different types of volumes and finally understanding Portworx on Kubernetes. Towards the end we deploy a Stateful application – like a postgres database on a Portworx cluster.

Who this course is for:

  • System Administrators
  • Software Developers

Course content

5 sections47 lectures2h 12m total length
  • Introduction to Portworx
  • Portworx Control Plane
  • Install Portworx Standalone Mode
  • Architecture Overview
  • Visit Portworx Forums


Cloud Native Storage for Kubernetes
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The Portworx Enterprise Storage Platform is your end-to-end storage and data management solution for all your Kubernetes projects, including container-based CaaS, DBaaS, SaaS, and Disaster Recovery initiatives. Your apps will benefit from container-granular storage, disaster recovery, data security, multi-cloud migrations and more. Here we provide a Portworx Fundamentals course and a Certified Portworx Administrator course

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