Poor to Pro Pronunciation - American Accent Basics and Tools

Learn the Basics, Make a Study Plan, and Test Your American English Pronunciation Skills Today!
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Take a Self-Assessment Test to measure basic pronunciation skills for American English
Background knowledge from Linguistics so that you can use other e-learning tools
Basic differences between Spelling and Pronunciation (and how they are related)
Ideas to design a Study Plan to improve your English pronunciation
Build your understanding of mouth muscles for clear and natural speech with 1enyu


  • Basic understanding of English vocabulary and grammar
  • Headphones and a way to RECORD your speech
  • Use the Lesson PDFs and the Resources


This course will give you a basic understanding and vocabulary from Linguistics so that you can use other e-learning tools and material online. First you will take a Self-Assessment Test to evaluate your own pronunciation skills (See the downloadable PDFs), followed with background knowledge and some basic practice techniques.  

If you are serious about improving your pronunciation skills, please consider my FULL Course focuses on 22 of the most commonly misunderstood and misspoken sounds in English, the vowels. The course uses a system of video lessons, extended practice through music, and online assessment tools (software/app). You will be able to plan your studies (sample study plan included), record your voice, get instant feedback, and measure your improvement in real time.

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***American Accent - English Pronunciation FULL Course [Vowels]***

How will you know if this course is right for you?

If you need to improve your English pronunciation quickly for IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, business communication, or simply because you love English, this could be the course for you.

What’s special about the course?

1. The lessons use side-view drawings and front-view videos to help you see, hear, and understand how the sounds are made

2. There is a color-coded system of symbols, in IPA (the International Phonetic Alphabet), to help you remember the different sounds that you will learn

3. This is the only course that gives you a complete understanding between Spelling and Pronunciation (Spelling vs. Sound) for American English Vowels

4. Advanced speech recognition software and an app are used to measure your speech, identify mistakes, and assist with developing clear and natural pronunciation

Thank you for considering this course! :) 

Elliot at 1enyu

Who this course is for:

  • Teenagers or working professionals who need to improve English Pronunciation ASAP
  • To achieve a higher score on Speaking Tests: IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC
  • To enhance Business Communication: Interviews, Telephone, Presentations
  • For Chinese, Japanese, and Korean speakers, this course was designed for you!

Course content

1 section10 lectures57m total length
  • Common Mistakes and Starting Simple
  • Full Intro on Vowels, Syllables, and Stress
  • /ɑ/ vs. /ɔ/ Tricky American Vowels that become 1 sound /ɒ/, i.e. 'hot'
  • Practice Lesson: American /ɛ/ vs. /e/ in Spanish, Turkish, Arabic, Japanese, etc
  • General American English (vs. British English)
  • Pronunciation Practice: /ʌ/ʊ/u/ 3 Vowel Sounds with similar Spellings, i.e. 'u',
  • The /au/ sound (harder than you think!)
  • More on Spelling vs. Sound, Advice, Quiz
  • Designing a Study Plan (Expectations?)
  • Simple Vowels Quiz (17 Questions)
    17 questions
  • Self-Evaluation Quiz (17 Questions) 70% to Pass
  • More Links and Please Write a Review
    1 question


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I believe that a student can learn more when he or she is engaged and having fun. As a trained linguist (UC Berkeley), a language learner myself (5 languages), and an English instructor (12+ years' experience), I offer students fun yet challenging practice activities that focus on the pronunciation skills needed to be successful. 

Let's get started!