Poetic Healing

Healing minds with poetry writing
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Exploring the meaning and significance of mental health
Relationship between mental health & writing
Relationship between mental health & creativity
Exploring and experimenting with poetry writing and learning to utilize it as a tool to heal


  • Anyone who has a zest to heal
  • and an inclination towards writing


This is a course for all those dealing with anxiety related issues and have a zest to pursue creative writing but may not be sure where to exactly begin their journey from.

This course will also explain the psychological aspects of creative writing and how it helps enhance overall mental health and well-being.

So, I am basically a medical student and I have a history of depression and autoimmune condition and this course is basically based on my experience and research and to be honest, how poetry helped me and supported me during my journey towards healing.

The contents of this course include;

1. Understanding mental health

2. How to begin writing?

3. How to begin poetry writing?

4. The various poetic devices

5. Impact of poetry on mental health

You must have heard about the benefits of journalling before and I heard them too but to be honest, I found journalling quite monotonous at times and sometimes I felt resistance towards journalling my thoughts and emotions but with poetry my emotions, they just flew out of me and I have learnt that it is important to let go of your negativity and your negative emotions rather than suppressing them otherwise they will negatively impact our minds as well as our bodies so therefore, I began with this journey and I really really wanted to share it with others like me!!

Who this course is for:

  • All those who are into creative writing, poetry writing irrespective of the level of skill
  • and wish to utilise this art to overcome mental health related issues like- anxiety, depression etc.


A medical student with a passion for creative writing
Akanksha Mahajan
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Hi, I am an MBBS student from Government medical college Amritsar, Punjab, India. I am here just to share what I learnt about health and healing because of my own history of living with depression and an autoimmune condition. Hope I can help someone sailing in a similar boat, all those finding hard to overcome anxiety and at the same time possess a zest for creative pursuits!!