Play all instruments sing and write songs

Rating: 2.3 out of 5 (2 ratings)
746 students
Play all instruments sing and write songs
Rating: 2.3 out of 5 (2 ratings)
746 students
All students will learn to sing and play all instruments and write songs


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This will be a course about learning by ear and also some reading music and learning how to play all instruments in its easy for-miler we will go further into music and we will also do singing with it you will learn book 1 and 2  playing guitar keyboard singing percussion song writing and more like understand how to play just about any instrument created while singing  we use the ear the feeling heart to progress to all grades in instruments and singing and song writing the idea is to have fun and enjoy yourself while learning you can in life choose which instrument(s) or and singing you like to do or like choose song writing if you like too your choice

So as then i write Christian song most of my songs teach on GOD THINGS i have listeners in the millions and even more views all these people listening to my songs and viewing they could not all possibly be wrong my songs have the message off GOD no different to my courses therefore here is the proof

Who this course is for:
  • all levils
19 sections • 19 lectures • 1h 39m total length
  • Introduction
  • guitar
  • about the keyboard
  • sing your heart out
  • following along
  • folllowing along
  • guitar man song
  • highway song
  • song writter

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Themis Koutras
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  From the time we were the youngest of age I was being bought up in a christian ORTHODOX CHURCH I did not understand a thing we NOW all got a story to tell I have said a lot about my story in many sites but there is still something missing and it began in my young age bought up in just the common world I new no others but gangs I new no other way but violence LIKE AT TIMES fighting like for my life I had the biggest name of a street fighter in MELBOURNE AT THAT TIME at times I was injured sometimes and sooner or latter I was arrested bought up in a world of violets and corruption down deep withing me I thought there must be a better way and life when I was released from lock up hospitual a woman by the name of Elizabeth felcomer preached Christ Jesus to me from the A O G church and I did become a Christian giving my heart to the lord in the always and my brother did also WE then knew this was the better way and we never looked back since then I was 21 at the time now 54 years old and to me,  JESUS IS MY HERO FOR he also saved my life many times in history also he saved my life so many times I have had more lives than a cat ye true.  also during these days I was water baptized under repentence and prayed for gift of the holy spirit fire and tongues I continued my walk with GOD and even from my 1st birth and 2nd always HAD FELOWSHIP PRAYER WITH GOD I beleive there is one baptizem so I have not been baptized again but rather continued my baptizem when I grew up at 21 to repent and renew my disision in JESUS CHRIST the bible with JESUS CHRIST own words make it clear to practice what he teaches us ones we receive his power past on to us we are then able so I do practice all above baptizems to this day usually when I shawer we are given power also to baptize other people also AS WE PRAY UNIVERSAL AND TO BE ALSO CONSTENTLY FILLED UP IN THE HOLY SPIRIT TRUTH FIRE AND TONGUES to bare good fruit gifts works of the holy spirit walking daily with him for him to clean all our walk with him as I pray universal pray with me for cosmos salvation blessing healing perfection so on for my duty as a witness for our lord is to do so comperison to how he will judge the world he sends us out to preach to all of it so likewise I pray universal then please look into the holy bible if you have not yet done so even more look into the gospel and become a faithful Christian from now on you can do this by finding a faithful Christian church and asking them to tell you what you must do to become one faithful Christian as we pray you find that church as we believe you will then beleive with us who pray for you