Basic Process Management

Learn about Pipefy's basic key features and empower your team to increase their productivity!
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Learn what are and how to manage Pipefy's key features
How to streamline your business' workflows through easy-to-use features
Gather better insight on building and modeling processes for your company


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Through our Process Management course, you will learn about features that can help you streamline your business processes, increase your team’s productivity, and gain valuable hands-on experience building pipes of your own.

By learning about process management and the Pipefy platform’s key features, not only are you growing your resume, but you are also empowering yourself and your team to work faster and smarter!

  • Learn how to model your workflows and build efficient and effective processes

  • Transform manual tasks into automated, smart deliveries

  • Create user-friendly experiences by customizing processes based on “if, then” scenarios

  • Save time by gathering requests from different areas and organize them all in one place

  • Safely centralize the information you want and use it in your workflows

  • Combine, customize, and use your process data to create amazing reports

Join thousands of doers! You will gain valuable and practical skills, while building processes of your own in Pipefy.

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Who this course is for:

  • If you are a Pipefy user, partner or enthusiast, this course is for you!
  • Are you interested in process management tools that can help you to perform better? Enroll today.

Course content

4 sections17 lectures1h 23m total length
  • Introduction to Pipefy's Basic Process Management course


Customer Success Manager at Pipefy
Victoria Gorges Santos
  • 4.2 Instructor Rating
  • 440 Reviews
  • 12,436 Students
  • 1 Course

Works as a Customer Success Manager at Pipefy, a startup which provides a BPM (Business Process Management) system. Is responsible for customer performance monitoring; driving adoption, engagement, and growth for Pipefy's customers; development of customer retention and nutrition strategies; renewal of plans and up-sell / cross-sell; analyses and monitoring of user experience; recurring communication and interaction with customers; provide adoption, industry and implementation best practices and personalized recommendations to ensure customers maximize value.

Previously worked as an SDR at Pipefy, identifying and qualifying inbound leads around the world, focusing on American and Canadian leads. Also connected potential partner leads with the responsible of the Partnership Area. Besides the sales area, also worked aside the Marketing Team developing new material to be launched.

Studies Advertising at PUCPR leaning to the marketing area, since 2015. Was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and recently moved to Curitiba in Brazil.

  • 4.2 Instructor Rating
  • 440 Reviews
  • 12,436 Students
  • 1 Course
Customer Education @ Pipefy
Isabela from Pipefy
  • 4.5 Instructor Rating
  • 620 Reviews
  • 14,591 Students
  • 2 Courses

Hello! My name is Isabela. I'm part of the Education Team at Pipefy.

Pipefy is a work management platform that helps teams from the most various departments to gain more productivity, increase their workflow's intelligence and also improve communication among teams.

If you want to know more about Pipefy, visit our website or join our community of doers!