PID Controller with Arduino - Masterclass

Learn and understand PID Control system in a very practical way with Arduino and with demonstrations
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For those who are new, a brand new way of thinking about programming and electronics with Arduino
Basic understanding of Control systems
Differences between open loop and closed loop systems
Learn some exciting possibilities with Arduino and Microcontrollers
Master the fundamentals of PID control
Tuning methods for PID controller
Ideas to design your own automated PID control systems
Practical knowledge of designing, building and implementation of PID systems in your hobby projects
Ways to control Position and Speed (and other controls) precisely and intelligently in your DIY projects
Hardware software to build a control system
Tips and thought provoking ideas to build systems from scratch
Power of using programming and electronics together
Power of using Arduino and Microcontrollers in a yet different way


  • Be excited about learning and understanding the possibilities with programming and electronics
  • Who wants to expand their knowledge of ways to use Arduino and microcontrollers and know their capabilities yet in another way
  • Simply for anyone whose interested in learning IT and engineering concepts
  • Who likes to design and build things on your own
  • Knowing Arduino can be an advantage
  • Be excited about electronics
  • Be excited about programming
  • Be excited about Arduino
  • Be excited about Microcontrollers
  • Be excited about engineering concepts in everyday life


This course is focused for those of you who are interested in programming and electronics, who are trying to expand their knowledge base in this field.

For those of you who are familiar with Arduino, microcontrollers, and electronics this course can give you yet another idea for new possibilities if you haven’t used PID in your DIY projects. You will find out how easy it is to implement this control systems to make your project very intelligent, sophisticated, and advanced.

For others, you will enjoy learning something new.

This course can also be exciting for someone who would like to know what PID Control systems are and some possibilities using it in your everyday projects.

This course is structured in such a way that we start from the result and then walks backward to figure out the solution and implementations with enough details that you will be empowered to design and implement PID controller in your own systems in almost no time.

My goal is to teach you closed loop control systems and how to implement such systems by using PID controllers using Arduino and microcontrollers in a very practical way (You don’t need to understand the maths behind the algorithm to build these systems)

With experience I know that if you do not have proper understanding of this amazing and very famous control system, it can remain a mystery for you. As I am targeting this course for beginners of all sorts, to give you a better understanding, I will touch on control systems in general and explain everything in a very practical way so you will get to understand them with ease.

This course covers live demonstrations of PID control systems which can be easily duplicated, improvised, and implemented by you. This course also covers some theoretical background about PID controllers and how it relates to real world system.

Rather than delving altogether in theory, my focus is to give you a better understanding and enough knowledge to empower you to immediately put your brain at work. This way you can come up with your own systems almost in no time. I have replaced the theory with lot of practical demonstrations to understand the whole concept behind PID control system.

Once you go through this course and have a better understanding of the crucial aspects of PID controllers in a closed loop system, the confusion and mystery behind PID controllers will be gone.

For all of you out there, you will enjoy learning something new and exciting.

Thank you

Who this course is for:

  • Curious DIY learners
  • Makers
  • Beginner students in the field of Electronics and Programming
  • Students of Arduino and Microcontrollers
  • Who likes robotics and ways to design and build systems
  • Basically for anyone who loves the field of programming and or electronics


Electrical & Electronics Engineering Maker Hobbyist
Ameer Adam
  • 4.5 Instructor Rating
  • 28 Reviews
  • 737 Students
  • 1 Course

Ameer is a maker hobbyist who did Electrical and Electronics Engineering for the love of learning and to be more hands on with the amazing world of technology.

He has worked in the communication and Electronics Engineering department in the army, and as an entrepreneur developing Apps and softwares for more than a decade. He has been a maker hobbyist ever since he can remember and at the very tender age of 7 he became the happiest person to own his professional multimeter as a gift from his parents (hint: 1997 where he grew up, a gift like this is more than gold).

Ameer believers the real fun is where the software and the hardware meets. He believes real innovation happen in our hearts. Empowering as many people around the world with the fundamentals, in an intuitive and affordable way, ensures the right discoveries and innovations which matters to everyday life of billions around the world happens at the right pace.

He has done Electrical and Electronics Engineering in 2005 and finished his Executive Master of Science (MSc) in Strategic Marketing -Strategic Brand Management in 2013.

He is an advocate of reusable energy, conservation and affordable technology for all.

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