Physics: Intro to Electricity & Magnetism

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Explain how objects get electrically charged, both with and without touching other charged objects.
Set up and solve problems involving Coulomb's Law
Explain how the electric field is independent of the test charge
Solve problems involving electric charges moving through electric fields
Determine the electric fields created by point charges and charge distributions


  • Students should already understand the following math concepts: trigonometry, vectors, algebraic manipulation, and basic calculus derivatives and integrals.


This course introduces the fundamental concepts of electric charge, electric force, and electric fields, using hand-drawn animations.  This is excellent for students who are taking a physics class but need extra help understanding the material, whether it's because your teacher is hard to understand, you miss some lectures, or you'd simply like a fresh perspective.

Master the Core Concepts of Electricity & Magnetism in this Introductory Course

  • Learn the fundamental concepts, electric charge and electric field, that help the rest of the course go more smoothly.
  • Understand how charging by induction really works so you can guarantee you'll get those grades on your unit test.
  • Explain how the electric field is independent of the test charge.
  • Solve problems involving electric charges moving through electric fields.

Boost Your Grades in Your Electricity & Magnetism Physics Course

This course will boost your physics grades by clearly explaining the fundamental introductory concepts and giving insight into what sorts of difficulties professors like to introduce in exams.  Here, you will learn all about the first two chapters, on electric charge and electric fields, of a standard physics course on electricity and magnetism.  The course author uses his experience teaching college physics to highlight the key ideas and dangerous misconceptions while having some fun with hand-drawn animations and some goofy examples.

At the end of this course, you will have a solid understanding of electric charges and electric fields, and you will know what mistakes to avoid so you can get better grades on your next test or exam.

Who this course is for:

  • This course is ideal for students who are already taking a physics course and need another perspective, or who need to catch up on missed lectures.
  • This course is also helpful for students who plan to take electricity and magnetism in the near future and want a sneak preview of what's coming.
  • This course can also be helpful for new physics teachers who are looking for ideas of how to present the concepts in different ways.


College Physics Tutor and Former Professor
Scott Redmond
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Scott started his career as a Mission Operations Analyst, performing tens of thousands of physics-based computer simulations of the robotic arms on the International Space Station, and providing real-time support to space shuttle missions, over a period of more than 7 years. Always passionate about teaching, Scott conducted some astronaut training at the Canadian Space Agency, and then transitioned to teaching physics at Vanier College in Montreal. After more than 3 years of teaching, Scott retired from full-time employment to spend more time with his growing family. Scott's teaching bug persisted, and Scott soon started tutoring college physics students and creating YouTube videos to help explain concepts at the right level for introductory college physics.

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